The Sad Clown by Liam Liberty Donna by L Hartley Even if There is no hope for me / He will never want me / I can scream until my face turns blue / And still he won’t hear me / Even if my blue eyed… GOODBYE In the dark cold night / I sit by candelight / Life is slipping by / Day falls into night / My heart beats slower / Than yesterday / All my… Unhappy Shopper by BMBaus Painted Soul by Laurie Search Not a Happy Bunny by TeesBox Something's Just Not Right by Laurie Search Angry Face by cadellin 'Why Are You So Unhappy?' Series; One Through Six by ArtOfE Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW Troublesome Times by JaninesWorld Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW Very Unhappy Child by AuntieJ Angry Cat by Acornflash It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. Friedrich Nietzsche... by Kornrawiee Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW Please come back.. by Glitter Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW william the (wet) cat by pjwalczak Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW The Kilt “…When I get in there, I am going to tell the first men I see I have a hot mate in the car in a skirt with no underwear!”… My Husband by Debbie Jew Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW Business M.E/CFS by Buckworth Sad & Alone by californiagirl A Mess by Laurie Search my horror-scope by vampvamp Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW Stop the Ride by Laurie Search Mother by Jenny Gunter Pug by Roxy J Timescape by Erik Brede It's Raining Again by Liam Liberty POed by vampvamp Into the Dark. by serpentwhisper Colour of my soul Loneliness is a friend / it’s always there with me / Deep down I know / This is where I want to be / Darkness is my world / this plac… Unhappy Clown by Nurhilal Harsa 4 months and 1 BIG mistake. by funkstereo The Lady Blues by Sparc_ eg Grounded by thinkingoutloud depressed derek by Wriggs Ears Back Means Unhappy by Jay Ryser Sad Minifig Face by Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW Oink is a little BLUE :o( by Sharon Stevens Be Different (Be Yourself)  by Katz Karma The Architecture of the Tortured Heart Rip it / Shred it / Slash it / Squash it / Tear it apart. depressed derek visits an orgy by Wriggs Unhappy by Snapshooter Standing Tall.. On Your Own..  by Glitter go away by mellychan Leave Me Alone by Liam Liberty Cry baby gryphon by s1lence Not so merry Christmas Labrador  by Jen Martin No eye contact by sbone Not Happy! by Tiffany Dryburgh THE CIRCLE OF LOVE So the prince set off right away on his trusty steed heading towards the tower with rapid strides. This would be so easy he thought - Jake, Contemplating the Kilt by L Hartley Not So Smiley by ShoKkaZ VERY Unhappy Hippo by Michael  Moss Petulance by Rachel Leigh unhappy sisters by madvlad Barred ( but not too unhappy). by geof Realisation by DreddArt It took one. Fast ridded you of your old friends and loves / Changed through the bright surroundings / Of life Unhappy Camper by vigor Grumpy Mascot Stencil by KawaiiPunk Unimpressed by Katie Weychardt Non-fiction’s not always an unhappy story I’m telling her story, the woman who experienced drowning - / or what she recognised as drowning when life flashed through mind withi… treatment 16x20 acrylic by eoconnor 'cause he's a bogman by Brandon McDonald unhappy soul by madvlad Little Timothys LAST Snowman by mdkgraphics So Pretty Behind the Glass by Cecelia Prairie Death by DiscoVisco Feeling sorry for himself by Andrew Bret Wallis Feeling Alone Do you feel alone? Fugue in Cyan and Black by RC deWinter Unhappy With The Camera by Rare Expressions Bonjour tristesse! by jensNP I Don't Want These Wings by SquarePeg Unhappy First by Carla Wick/Jandelle Petters Sad Soul by Maria Dryfhout Bad Day by hynek My Unhappy Valentine Today was for me, / Tomorrow do what you want, / Left me alone, / Here in this house of leaves and rain. / How am meant to feel? / My unhap… buyer beware it looked so simple, / easy and straight forward / nothing untoward / just go ahead / sign on the dotted line / but nothing’s ever ea… FunkYou Smiley by tHEAtH Threatening by Laurie Search Unhappy by Randy Turnbow Unhappy Camper by ShutterUp Photographics loathe entirely! by noelalmighty The Unhappy Jester by Virginia N. Fred Stolen my Freedom I can’t go out without with your permission / I can’t make new friends for your insecurities / I don’t have the freedom to use MY space how… She wore the toy, but she was not happy about it by Scott Mitchell Devil Goat On El Altar by Al Bourassa
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