I Understood that Reference by Selflicky Another miss-understood world by Amalia Iuliana Chitulescu Hello my name is Miss. Understood by Tammy Soulliere Another miss-understood world II by Amalia Iuliana Chitulescu Yes, it is understood, please by Deastrumquodvic My Wife never Understood Me by GraphicMonkey Captain America Sticker by rwang If Only I Understood by Tim Serong Abruptly Dieter Understood  by Ted Byrne APPEARING  by Karo / Caroline Evans (Caux-Evans) Call of the Canyon by Elise Palmigiani he never really understood how his absence made her feel by ShadowDancer I Understood That Reference by Jayne Plant Nothing Else Matters by Elise Palmigiani understood I asked an old poet in the park who was more seasoned than me / “Sir, why do we write? In your experience what do you find the reaso… i understood that reference (white text) by konman96 I understood that reference! by annbelleproject Ok, you understood this is the flood time, watch my glasses and your stuff..grandma fuzzy! mow...On 2 Featured Works by Kornrawiee i understood that reference (black text) by konman96 Miss Understood by ShopSTARO Miss Understood by Kevin Bergen Miss Understood by Mark Hughes “When you've understood this scripture, throw it away. If you can't understand this scripture, throw it away. I insist on your freedom.”  ― Jack Kerouac, The Scripture of the Golden Eternity by Kornrawiee I never understood the frequency... by annacuypers 'I no longer seek to be understood, but to understand' by StarKatz You never understood......... by Clo Sed Although she never really understood the purpose, Lynn always made sure to irrigate her crops. by Susan Littlefield No Phones In My Music Class Understood?  by supernova23 Body Language. understood everywhere in the world   (Trailer Park America Series) by Isa Rodriguez St SEBASTIAN/DON'T LET ME BE MIS-UNDERSTOOD by John O'Dal With Eyes That Understood It All With Eyes That Understood It All / She sat there in her rocker by the window. Her thoughts were deep, as deep as the crease on her brow &#… If You Truly Understood the Seriousness of the Situation You Would Not Be Asking Me That Question by Corri Gryting Gutzman The loves badly understood by sir duck and of madam decanter by ganechJoe Typography Poster by Matt Edson by Matt Edson Women are meant to be Loved not to be Understood - Oscar Wilde by rainbowflowers I never understood my life I never understood my life / With all its ups and downs / I try to do my best / With both feet on the ground / But even with the best of tr… I have never understood foreign languages Foreign languages are beyond me…. Typography Poster by Matt Edson by Matt Edson Miss Understood. She writes intently, her words taking the part of her anger, raging through her as her fist clenches an old number two pencil complete with… No Phones In My Economics Class Understood?  by supernova23 No Phones In My Math Class Understood? by supernova23 it's not what you saw or heard it's what you understood by wormink Understood Rolls The blouse slipped over the shoulder seductively. Her lips began to quiver as he came near. She loosened the tie in an almost frantic frust… Miss Understood by Galen Valle No Phones In My Sociology Class Understood?  by supernova23 What a trade! Poor painters!...They always wish to be understood, and they are analysed instead. (Pablo Picasso)  by Denis Marsili No Phones In My Spanish Class Understood?  by supernova23 To Be Understood. Once I met a girl, / A woman, if you will, / Who wore a smile of gold, / Though plated. / Her life seemed so good, / Friends often envied, … miss understood by rebeccah fries I have never understood foreign languages “…somehow Mitchell has managed to score and amazing 10% – the lowest mark I have ever given in all my years of teaching….” LEAvE ME ALoNe Alone I’m left without any hope / Leave me alone / For I washed away my mistakes with soap / Leave me alone / Away From your heart… Miss Understood ... by Danceintherain If Only I Understood A poem is something with meaning / Each word chosen with care / Something on different levels / That the poet wishes to share / Unless it i… to communicate and be understood by Ashley Peppenger i want you. ^i want to see your pretty eyes change colour / (even though i love them how they are) / just to tell me secretly / that you know all abou… Home is where your understood... by troy gregory Solitude He sits alone, / the hermit man. / In his dark world. Understood by Jean Gregory  Evans "The Light Has Shined in the Darkness" by Brummer44 Understood I only know what I have learned, / I have learned only what I understood. / I have only understood some of what I have learned, / And some… If I only understood. by Michael T What you’re missing But what if it disappears / Before you get to it? / What if you don’t get / Don’t get a copy? miss understood by Taylor Hogg Read and Understood And to you / I speak nothing words / In a something pattern / You never notice. / Empty sentences / Stand alone / Under street lamps / Glo… I Understood That Reference (.jpg) by Simone Anderson I Wish I Didn’t Have to Wish I Understood Y… I wish I could understand / Why you do the things you do / I don’t understand why you have to be so mean / And get so angry over dumb thing… Miss Understood by Thomas Stevens Message Understood by Janie. D Life Can Only be Understood Backwards by Deb Maidment Miss Understood by Stacey-Robin H. Johnson Understood by Len Thicklin i never understood the point in fishing. by ckdsf1970 Onwards we go. by lilliesandroses I understood that reference - Captain America by Chipuliara Women are to be loved by Xhex115 ITS UNDERSTOOD whenever I look into her eyes / I need not wonder why / why my baby never says a word / whenever i’m in her arms / I never hear alarm… No Phones In My English Class Understood?  by supernova23 No Phones In My Biology Class Understood?  by supernova23 No Phones In My History Class Understood?  by supernova23 No Phones In My Chemistry Class Understood?  by supernova23 No Phones In My Political Science Class Understood?  by supernova23 No Phones In My Physics Class Understood?  by supernova23 No Phones In My Geology Class Understood?  by supernova23 No Phones In My Art Class Understood?  by supernova23

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