Water Haiku The water is light no more hiding under the bed Tears flow / from a pain / that is still / raw. / How do I / protect and cradle / that which no longer / fits in my arms? / It burns / in … Yes. I AM a tulip under the gumtree but not longi… … has to do with how they themselves have that urge to try migration but, as they have to give up too much, they hope that people lik… Under The Bridge “I want to spend some time with you this summer too, want to spend my life time loving you!” / “I really love you and want to spend whole l… Under Cold Stars Under cold stars / We devour eachother / Cannibals / With flirty eyes / And hungry lips breathing under the water of myself I am watching you; wave. Under the same sky….. (written whilst listening to Alison Moyet-Windmills of the mind) / Part 1 / As you so pointingly said ’ the eyes can’t lie &#… Under a Velvet Moon It was a soft spring morning. The air was crisp yet moderately warm as the gentle rain drifted across the land. In the house, a warm fire b… Under Dylan Thomas Under Dylan Thomas / I am reincarnate fool in love with words Your Red Rose …Tu Rosa Roja translated in E… amor, Rosa Roja, declaración de amor wishing on a star I have been waiting for a moment like this / you snuggled your head onto my shoulder / snogging on the shore / one special kiss / under th… SHE BLUSHES She blushes sweet sincere and chocolate, / prismatic in her character / reflecting her soul off every spectrum / and direct into my boso… Under Pressure What if he wasn’t all that? He was going to have to work very hard to please her. This worried him. Under A Silvery Moon Waves tossed under a silvery moon / Madness rage in the midst of gloom / Beset the crew from tempest wails / Terror swells from beneath the… Looking for me…under a roof of “Title… I have always been someones’ “daughter” / “sister”,“cousin”,“niece”, “friend… Under A Velvet Moon Passions flow gently / Under a velvet moon / Giving rise to love’s intensity / Within the hollows of our souls / Beauty knows no boun… They Fell Fast Into Love Under A Crescent Moon In sleepy twilight / Promises between lovers / Are written in stardust / Cast across night’s sky. / Like electric confetti / Firewor… There’s a Jack Nicholson under my bed! When I was a child, my big brother used to tell me stories of horrible slimy monsters with enormous feet and big googly eyes, not unlike th… Under the Heavens Winter’s breath is still upon my brow / With frosted shivers crawling up my spine / Deep are the wounds digging my grave / Crying … Under City Lights My heart thrives under city lights, / My dreams are born on city nights, / I am a child of the golden street lamps, / I am a child of the c… the artist previously known as everything under t… hey jude(as you like it) / full contact men’s netball / Tenn (definitely the wrong number) / Emperor Hitherto (a youth in augmented a… The Monster Under My Bed the monster under my bed is here to stay…. / he has no thoughts to go away / he lives for life led astray / inside my head he likes t… Under a Maple Tree As I begin to grow old, and my youth has passed me by, / I create in my mind an alternate life that I might like to try. / What if we were… Under The Skin. We are loved beyond words,my friends. FROM DOWN UNDER A GIFT A PLACE I’D LIKE TO SEE SOMEDAY AND MEET YOU FACE TO FACE. tmi . . . too much information? i regret nothing. / rumors of bloomers. Let me be……(repost under new title ) Fall upon me…make me wet with abandon / saturate my being and let me become. / Let me be…….. With a hand under her chin the screen flicked to … a bit o silly Under a Twin-Moon Sky Even dying together would not be as bad as this death-in-life of gnawing loss. under the weather (or not) i have lived in tropical heat / caressed every day by breezes / that carry the scent of jasmine and desire falling under the spell something is in the air / impressions connecting / invisible lightening / striking the heart / alert eyes visually effected / smell becomes… Under my hat I kept it under my hat / as any good woman should / those thoughts and screams / that were no good… / A smile of kindness / a grin … Freedom of speech for church officials? what abou… newsmax , I was ABHORED ,made me sick abuse that certain church people THEIR right speech….these other groups have EQUAL SPEECH AIR T… She murmured like a stream under my surface She murmured like a stream / Under my surface / And for long the needle / Of my rictor scale never stirred / But in the summer when I call… Six Feet Under the Ceiling. © Six Feet Under the Ceiling. © / BY: Hector A. Encinas / “…..I want to be internal bliss; / In silence…..” wow Today i have a wedding to shoot,and after yesterdays horrific weather conditions,i was a little daunted by it all.but the sun is shining cr… DANCE UNDER THE RAINBOW Dance Under The Rainbow / May the colors fill your soul / Brighten up your day / And let you never grow old / Take off your shoes / Feel th… Under a Painted Sky Under a painted sky / I did spend the last days / With stories of old / As my only company / Who will remember me / When at last I pass / W… Unfolded Down-Under spring is the rising of the leaves / the thinning out of Steves / jack and jill lying on a roll / sofit for the uranium pit / licking up th… this is also under my name annieannie Can this be our last embrace / Never more to see your face / Will you leave behind no trace / How then shall I go on / No word no sigh / … Under Promise, Over Deliver… A service credo. A very good one… I see you under the leaves my heart skips as i feel your gentle taste upon the scented breeze / your excitement lights the deepest shadows for me between the trees / … Under the Tree – In the Rain no body saw / you kissed me Under 40? You wouldnt remember this. If your under the age of 40 , you wouldnt be able to relate to this, but I surely can reflect on this.I found this and whoever wrote this w… stand with wings tucked under like a languid exhale / from a giant’s mouth Down Under Yarn Cant get this out of my mind so will share and get some Peace, I am sure that Jesus said somewhere that He is All People or God did(But whi… under your star under your star / there is a sweet shadow / more white / subtle heat. / let your star shine down on me. Mermaid Oh, to be a mermaid / and live deep beneath / the sparkling water / in the inky depths / of Poseidon’s kingdom / dimly lit only by t… Under a hazy moonlit sky ………… As i sit gently rocking back and forth / under a hazy moonlit sky, / Listening to the strings of an orchestra / my eyelids gently closed, I… Reoccurring Disappearing Acts / Under-Qualified S… not so much of a read anymore I Was Under The Weather… … then I thought of you, / and I got over it. / ;D The Under Cloak In anemic fire I bask / A Gothic dollies dream. / All the melted plastic tastes divine / O’ how I love to scream. Under My Dress Under my dress is wear my lust lives and dies / where my soul pants and moans and begs for more / under my dress is where my drum beats / w… Under Water Information I bruise. / A fire through the night / not able to burn. / I discuss how I feel what / your battle means to be. / I thrill or… Under the Sea Down, down, down we go, / To see the fish we do not know, / I see a starfish, / I see a shark, / I see a jelly fish swimming in the dark, /… Under The Sea The sea is as calm as it / can be / What’s under it, let’s go / see / Colors vibrant in one’s / head / More than words ar… Down under I want to stay / A while / While my tongue / Whispers secrets / To your velvet blossom under the wet blanket under the wet blanket. / by Alec Furgason Under The Butterfly Moon I gathered Irises in the moonlight / Their color welcoming me in A Weather Stripped Mountain and Caves under Trees… (Mature) One night under the rain One night under the rain © / By: Hector A. Encinas Under This Gravestone Here I lie Under This Gravestone / No one cares I’m all alone / They left me here and then forgot / Probably because they hated me al… Under My Skin I bent my mind that scared night,broke my head memories undefined / Flowing my life / its a disaster but ill make it by Under the Dark Green Pillow © Under the Dark Green Pillow © / BY: Hector A. Encinas / “Nothing.;Never mind.Break the door down.Im Ready.” THE VOW Under the stars / In my organdy dress / With flowers in my hair / And you in your tie-dyed shirt / And blue jeans / You made a vow / To fu… under unlikely umbrellas in rock gray corner crevices / of my own mind / where rigid beliefs stand guard / like sentinel shrines…. Under the Pale Glow And so through the trees he watched the flames of the fire die down. under the last stone we took turns on the wheel, / made tracks and gulleys, / hard worn lines into the soft earth. / in the gulleys the rain stood, / idle littl… An Aussie Adventure, “Down Under” the… Took a trip to the Underground Brisbane CBD today / tried a bit of light painting … / this however was not just a “simple”… Under a RED glow that ate the night sky © Under a RED glow that ate the night sky © / BY:Hector A. Encinas / “This ones for you love where ever you are..” and get lost in the sorrow for you just when i think i understand / these tears i cry for you / and i think i know / where they come from…. Nothing New Under The Sun “My mind takes me back to a time / Far into the past. / Tribes, living off the land / At one with their Creator, / In harmony with Hi… Moments under the Lights Moving along the paths of concrete, / Step by step closer to my destination, / Looking straight ahead without eye contact, / Knowing I will… Under demolition Amid his intoxicated anger, / like an ebony volcanic haze – erupted; / insanity strikes, trust disolves. / Quaking, as an army of str… Under the ’net It was a Wednesday and there were recruiters down out on the football pitch. That surprised Cat. Not the fact that they were at a school – … Under the Weight of Origin There is earth still under the ambient / Shadow conducted by a solitary candle / And the woman who studies its dancing / Like the subtle m… UNDER THE CANOPY iT IS A JUNGLE THE TOPS OF TREES YOU SEE Under your eye-lids Mind resembles stomach. / Aching and turning. / Your words are piercing, / And hit deeper than that of it’s meaning. / Repetition, / You r… This Time and Forever was an instant experienced … draw what you see, not what you think you see the under cover job Gordon took to the streets once more intent on tracking down the guy that posed as a reporter. He hated this undercover work more than any… Under Under / Under with the ghosts / holding tight. / One sock hangs from / my hand. / Under with the dead / holding proof / there’s a god… Dream Shot #01 Reality and words Grass Catcher wearing the ribbon’s ink on my khakis Under the weather The water would fall / in this opposite of seasons, / in any direction it felt. / It persuaded the wind / to join forces, forging, / betwee… under currents the candles / the fire in your eyes / hypnotises / rises / fire / in your soul / lose control / the body relents / to each sense / in a se… Under the Cherry Tree We lay in the grass as the ants trudged their weary path across our toes on their way home. / The sun’s last rays filtered through th… Alone Under the September Sky Away from the world, alone / With naught but cricket’s call / Cutting across the cold morning air / Riding the winds as they sweep ac… Under Dark Skies Breaking the rules / as I feel these / skies begin to burn / Torn from my soul / as I feel it sinking in / It’s time,it has come / un… Under A Spell dangle pretty dreams / all sweet and delicious / mixed with eurphoria / oh so salacious / drop in some diamonds / a dash of moonlight / dan… Under The Lonely Blackthorne Tree Love, dear, fruit of my emptied womb, blessed be your name. / Endlessly the sighs emerge from the dryness of my throat. Monsters hide in the sheets, not under beds. Run baby run. The lyrics that repeat in my head. I can hear them. Just me. A private tune playing just for my own, selfish, indulgence. Under The Gun?… … get over it! / ;D Under a Shadow Tree I transferred my life to your name / like I spent my life under a shadow tree / birds go to back homes in evening / but i transferred all … Storm. The further I get / the easier it is! / Till the storm’s a murmer in the distance. Under the Firstwinter Moon (the incorrigible Rave… Incorrigible our teacher called you / Yet he made you Merlin.. / before you danced to the wonder of whales & ravens On relinquishing control Under. / Over. / Through
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