Muted by Ash Sivils Twisted Tales - Alice in Wonderland by Lauren Eldridge-Murray

Open the Cage

I’m wide awake and dreaming.
Twisted - Wild Tales: Funi and the Panda by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Painting the Roses Red by reckless-buddah


He came in late that night. She was sitting on the red sofa. He eased himself onto the beige. He knew she would give in first – it was a…
Twisted Tales - Beauty and the Beast by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Cinderella by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: Mohini and the Peacock by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: Kyna and the Elephant by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Little Red Riding Hood by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: Etana and the Zebra by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted Tales - the complete series by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: MAKATZA and the Cheetah by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted Tales - Adina and the deer by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Clown by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted Tales - Little Red Riding Hood Tee by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted Tales - the Princess and the Frog by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted Tales - Wizard of OZ by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: Arinya and the Kangaroo by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Strain  by Olivia McNeilis Twisted - Wizard of Oz by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: Ayasha and the Raccoon by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Sleeping Beauty by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: Kacela and the Hunting Dog by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Snow White and Apple by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: Nereida and the seahorse by Lauren Eldridge-Murray

I couldn’t make you love me

I cannot make you love me. / I can’t make you love me. / I couldn’t make you love me. / Lionel has a new mantra. / He felt like he was livi…
Twisted - Wild Tales: Kenley and the Wolf by Lauren Eldridge-Murray

Door Ajar

Toxic-Tony I called him.The zingers he flung at me on a regular basis cut, tore and ground like broken grass into my fragility. Another doo…
Twisted - Snow White by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted Tales - Goldilocks - Tee by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted - Wild Tales: Mayonaka and the Owl by Lauren Eldridge-Murray "TWISTED TALES" by Gareth Worrall


Florentine had one hungry tear suspended in the corner of her eye. She determined if she should allow it to continue on its journey to p…

Sweet Bramble Pie

After dinner, sticky and with purple stained lips, they had devoured each other on the kitchen floor amongst the packing cases.

The Trip!

Ambling downstairs, I think of last minute details, such as the windows and doors locked up, all the powered electronics off’ed

Mama sang the Blues

Daylight had barely broken, and already I could hear my Mama out at the clothesline. Pulling aside the tattered curtains that covered my be…
Twisted Tales Calendar by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Calendar

The Frog Tattoo

The tattoo expanded and contracted like a big ol’ bull-frog.

“Smile baby…smile”

He held her in his arms wiping the fear as much as he could from his mind. / Waiting … / The distance was closing wit…

Manners Maketh Man

A few years on, with an appalling lack of manners and tact, Tristan’s wife ran off with a young, sullen, stubble-faced writer.

Picture This

He had fallen victim to another woman’s beguiling smile. I didn’t like it one bit; I thought her dangerous to our relationship. In a moment…

Choices in pink or blue

They had been lucky and didn’t have to wait a long time to conceive.

Dirty Windows

Blunt Wound Trauma by Micky McGuinness

Bad Habits die hard

‘Just dip the corners’ / ‘Do you want to do it?… Didn’t think so’. / ’It’ll take too long t…


The demon stood in front of him, robed in black; licking his lips greedily at the thought of the punishment he was about to mete out to his…


Don’t cry; don’t let them know you’re scared. That’s what they trained for. They love the power.

Still Breathing

As he awoke the darkness remained.
Twisted - Treasure Island by Lauren Eldridge-Murray

Paper Daises

A little girl has an interesting art. / copyright2009 by John Braxton Sparks

Fragile Things

Moments are fragile things.

Rhythm of Life

Minutes passed, pushing her into the beginnings of panic – that noise, that terrible noise – is that all she would remember at …

Shades Of Gray

The world can’t truly be captured in the photographic lens of black and white.

He was a twitcher

He was a twitcher – not the moving kind, the still kind.

Harmony Take One

Harmony knew there were thousands of actresses that would be more than willing to change places with her and be in that icy swimming pool…


Mariella had aged before her time; she’d had a hard paper round as we say back home. / Her silky skin had taken on the look and feel of lea…

Cold Target

They were all expendable, but that did not mean they were suicidal, and the longer they stayed in the open the greater their losses. Reachi…

The Perfect Catch

“She’s the perfect catch! Smart, beautiful, talented! How did you get so lucky?” / Adam heard the same phrase over and over from his family…

The Disposal

“I had to kill her, and now you’re telling me that I’m the one that has to dispose of her. It’s just not fair.”

Tucked Safely Away

My nails bit and I could feel my heart smashing painfully against my chest, while my face felt nothing.

The House Always Wins

Silas was very good at his job. Being a cop was something as subtle to him as a mother’s instinct
Twisted Tales - The Little Mermaid Tee by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Twisted Tales - Wild Tales Calendar by Lauren Eldridge-Murray Calendar

The Wall

they each jumped away just in time for me to twist into the wall of the stone tower and break my fall with my shoulder, the crunch was sick…

Never dare another bubbler for a prompt on a twi…

I must not dare Alison to make twister prompts. / I must not dare Alison to make twister prompts. / I must not dare Alison to make twister …

Dino and Sauce

In the background was the sound of Dean Martin’s latest album, cool sounds to snap your fingers to. Dino’s tunes were so hot, they were ube…



Arcadia Street

Mrs. Zolton baked her weekly batch of pies; the smell so tantalizing, that Matt and Mark dramatically moaned in ecstasy, / (A tale of 2 Twi…

The Wedding Planner

“Listen, I know that we’ve stuck by each other through thick and thin, and I wouldn’t want to hurt you for the world…especially with …

Race against Time

Jim strained to listen, every muscle in his body prepared to flee from possible danger. He musn’t be captured. People’s lives depended on …

Blue Rain

The man pulled his coat collar up ineffectually against the sudden torrent of rain falling from a perfectly blue sky. He felt it stream ins…

Writer’s Block

Maria wondered if she was suffering from a case of “writer’s block”.
Twisted Tales by helene ruiz


Annie had been highly emotional, dramatic, a waster of his money. He threw her out in the end. Gloria was different.
Tales of the twisted tree.. by Yorkspalette

Sweet Release

He trembled as he picked up the needle. Such a simple device, such a beautiful gleam it gave.

Bed Of Leaves By: Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sp…

He should have felt more comfortable. / A story written by Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sparks

Steiner Street

His eyes were like the hands of two industrious morticians: They sucked the warmth right from the vessel of the young girl’s body. / copyri…


Curtis was his best friend and Attorney, but turned his back on him when he needed him the most.

Sunday Morning

“Easy as Sunday morning.” / The words of the song rang through his head. / He had to lift a hand to his mouth to suppress a derogative sno…

Underneath The Mistletoe (A Holiday Tale)

The amber glow of the candles warmed Alicia’s heart like the gracious glow of an Angel’s Halo.

The Appointment

‘Hello. My name is Isabella. How can I help you today?’ / You can serve me best by returning to your fancy smancy college to learn a bit of…

The Prima Donnas

As she helped with hairstyles and makeup she marveled at their flawless faces but the girls were becoming prima donnas and frankly, Carly w…

The Gift

“You have the gift.” my Grandmother used to say to me proudly, peering into my face and smoothing back my curls.

Gone Fishing

Then one Friday, without warning, Dad went fishing and never came back. Later that night mum got a call and it turned out he’d been fishin…


Sometimes you have to think out of the box when you have to beat the clock


Outside, as far as the eye could see was a blanket of white pinned down by a dull grey sky. And yet, there it was…the sound that had …


On the hottest day, she sat in the bare front room of the house, facing west, looking into the ball of the sun. She wore nothing but a silk…


Knit one, purl one, and the soft folds of twisted rope appeared.
Twisted Tales - Repunzel Tee by Lauren Eldridge-Murray

One Last Shot At The Big Time

“I just need one more chance, Joe. One final shot at the big time. One big payout for Annie and the kid.”

Face of Fear

Lola caught the flicker of a shadow out of the corner of her eye. She turned. Nothing was there; again. / Lola wondered whether this was th…

Traffic Light

I saw her neck first. It grabbed my attention.

Dirty Water

Dirty Water by the Standells
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