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Obscurity in the twilight hours

it’s a rainy night / on the streets of your heart / dark angel / and I am a vagabond / wandering its boulevard / my unclad feet slide / f…

Twilight Moments

Serene is the twilight hour / when I wait for you to wrap me up / in wordless conversation


I sit / in my enclosed garden / watching / the seasons pass by

Edward Cullen Is Not Real.

There are no blood-red roses and moonlit walks at midnight. / There is no dude out there whose deathly-pale skin sends chills down your spi…

If Jesus Were Born Black

If Jesus Were Born Black / would white men still worship Him today / Would He still Be Lifted Up As The Son of God

With You…


The Witching Hour

I hear those voices that come just before sleep / They chant

The Blue Hour

The dancing wave is pulled by a new moon, sending glistening ripples of a darkened silk echoing toward me- not even stars could consume suc…


Autumn paints / The receding sun / As I stretch / Yawn / Scratch / Shaking away / The emptiness / The lonliness / Of a late / Fall night………

Bent of Twilight

Open to intultion.

until we meet again

in the sweet breath of morning / your scent will dance on my pillows / waking me from my dreams of you / i will lie between our silk sheets…


this moment is eternity

drinking a twilight with red trails of sunset


Fairy Favours (Flash Fiction)

An odd flower found in the woods; strange fairy-touched events follow…

Black Hole

There is a hole inside me, / flickering shadows / like tattered moths / rim the outside

my Icarus baby………………

Johnnie had grown to love his new friend

Dusky Moon

Upon this twilight, in songs of Eve, / Transformed by Sun and Moon,

Twilight Gives Birth to Love

Twilight has grown upon us / And it begins… / With me / Licking up a mouthful / Till it floods / An orgasmic tsunami


Yes….it was a Friday Afternoon, / I just finished my shift. / What a week of shit!

“Twilight Prayer”

In Remembrance

Twilight Zone

There exists a timeless view of a city / Somewhere, anywhere / An historic old church off to one corner / Keeping watch over the new / Unh…


Inside a marvel red cloak / you whirl a teasing parody / for the familiar and bystanders / I breathe in your sultry laughter / I watch you …

At end of day…

twilight comes / daylight fades / slowly / creeping / across the landscape / in an ever flowing / unfolding wave


Who will hold my hand / as my twilight / fades / into night?

Missing moon

To see her was to feel it again / whatever followed me as a child

In the night.

Never. Ever. Look. Back.

The Darkest Kind of Twilight

My life was like a moonless night, / The darkest kind of twilight. / But there were stars to aid my sight, / Points of reason that gave …

annies twilight zone entry

They were twisted all right… twisted and gnarled, like an old tree trunk and in repose he saw a kind of beauty. Those had been the h…

Shall We Meet?

petals purple / petals sweet / petals soft / shall we meet? / ’neath the boughs / at end of day / as twilight beckons / and sunlight …


Could you take my fantasy / Make this always real to me / Lost here in your arms surrounded / Seems your love has

Sungold Twilight

I stare at the fox. It is an orangey red, with white feet and a white tip to its tail. It is almost as if Mei’s tattoo has come to life. It…

Crepuscule for Calliope

I am dragonfly light


Snuggled into blushing clouds …


he could hear the music playing / in his twilight sleep / she was dancing next to his bed / dropping her robe / scantily dressed in purple…

Twilight on the Fishing Pier

I would like to thank the hosts of Beginner’s Corner for featuring my image “Twilight on the Fishing Pier”. I am delighte…

Twilight Drips

Twilight drips / Like dew upon empty hands

moving waters still

smooth green carpet sits / upon moving waters still / reaching for the light

(In This) Twilight Hour

in this twilight hour / fictional depictions of reality / fill my galaxy with harlequin images


I am but a human, / A mere target of your predation… / So why do you resist… / Such temptation?

Nature’s Allure

The soothing wind / Of August twilight / Caresses our skin / Licks our wounds / Dances upon us / As we roam in bliss / Smile / Rejoice / R…

The Circle

Coming from the exit / Leading to a new entrance.


soft hues / this morning / whispers in ears / unheard / light shimmering / blazing sun / empty, burning / full sky / cotton clouds / floati…

‘The Sound Inside’

Twilight wrapped her sultry arms about the land, and something in the configuration just clutched at my soul. Of course at once I realised …

dancing to twilight

As i dance to the music / of the world as it sleeps / as it readies for slumber / from the days awful truth / as i sway to the cooling / as…


we hold a position in the twilight: / two sentries sent east to protect / the fabled frontier of a connection / that shines a fine light on…

SoulRider The BlueLight

Falling from grace reborn in to a world unknown somewhere between heaven and hell the blue light burns with in my heart pure my soul memori…

Twilight Love

The stars shine bright and clear love / I hear the wings of a peaceful dove / The look in your eyes shines through me / My heart and my sou…

The Photo


Liz on the twig

You get on with liz? / Dunno / Well you must have an idea / Nope / You saying you don’t get on with her? / Nope / Nope – what kind of answ…

Time Worthiness

May I learn each every moment; / Give thanks, make full its portent. / Let each moment be divinely spent / Blessings to which my time is le…


A darkened place lost in time / An endless forever that fills the mind / A parade of bright colors dancing on end / Entangle themselves in …

The twilight zone

I’m in the twilight zone…. / Racing fast and wide / My head is in a spin / Whizzing down the slide / This relationship I’…

Dream Love

On the other side of twilight / Where dreams so rule the mind / I’ll find her there just waiting / For her love to surely find


The seats are empty / The trees, silent.

Haiku 137

wildflowers / in Jackson Pollock strokes… / cool twilight

New Moon

But I still feel your icy touch… / And long for the transformation, / Your glittering teeth may bring.

Take me In

Take Me In / I knew, / Day by day, / Night by night, / That you were, / My only one. / You always tell me, / What I wanna hear. / What I n…

Casting Twilight

Weaving light and shadow…

twilight tales

looking up to the starry skies and feeling the lush grass beneath my skin / a single tear streams down my face and into the earth again. / …

Tomorrows Twilight

I daydream of strange trees / like ivy staircases climbing upward to nowhere but day hidden stars, / and so goes the hours measured in br…

No Re-Entry

it’d be nice to could keep in touch

The Way

The effects are a timid glow resting atop the world, rising to faintly guide me, showing only the next few feet… if that./Skin heals…


I arrive nervous. / Everything seems the same - / no, not quite everything.

Velvet Dusk

As my day does draw to a close, / I know the moon and stars are / but a heartbeat away.

Life as Paradox

Every ending is also a beginning, and every beginning eventually culminates in some state of change and fullness before moving to its finis…

i shouldn’t be here

he changed his mind

The continuation of SoulRider bluelight.

The continuation of SoulRider bluelight. / With the cold as steel concrete beneath myself I manage to degrade my corpse like body 3 miles a…

A hoarse whisper into the sky

If you steal a glance toward heaven, and the moment is ripe, / the symphony of flight in the cool Florida autumn breeze, / may bestow up…

Life as Paradox

Every ending is also a beginning, and every beginning eventually culminates in some state of change and fullness before moving to its finis…

Haiku 13

past the crescent moon / softness of twilight enters / through my open door

Twilight Laughter

Dreamlike ring-around-the-rosy, with ashes falling down. / Encompassed in twilight laughter, a star lying on the ground. / Neither near nor…

I Would …

I would love to show you / many things , he said. / Like the flight of birds at Twilight / before they go to bed. / A flaming orange sunset…

as twilight settles down

you should live to ripe old age / to sit on the back porch and complain mildly / about your achy arthritic hands / while you watch your chi…

The Darkest Kind of Twilight

Then like a meteor you shot across my sky, / Suddenly, trails of fire passed me by. / There was brilliancy and beauty, / And the absence of…

Not Finished

As the rain dripped softly down the side of the barn, the windows began to shiver.

Haiku 89

twilight stretches / above swaying pine boughs - / applewood smoke

‘Gunfighter (Chase the Sun)’

Far above the cloud-bank, ‘pon the twilight high, o’er the saphiric sprawl, / staving off the night. Phasin’ to the West …


simple prose lot of alliteration

Heartbreak One-One

on this night, on this night / i sit in this empty room. / nothing but shadows in the artificial light / nothing but shattered , tattered r…

Twilight Invite

Twilight beckons the weary soul / to take part, / to lose the blanket of no hope, / of despair.

‘Versions [.220609]’

She plays with the seagulls, / on the shores of the sky. / She feels her ambitions, / walking on down the line. / Right out of her heart; /…

Beyond Twilight

Each step I take disturbs the fog / sending it swirling / chasing me into the unknown / clinging to my clothes. / Ahead the fog drifts undi…

Twilight Serenade

the pale moon’s glow / reveals all to be dreams / realized in the fields / with softer shades now seen / exposed in the light / yet c…

‘The Loop’

Something from somewhere much earlier. / I sing it now as it was then. / There are times i’m so completely posessed; / That it’…

Pix’ish Play

If in the stillness of the night / My lucky eyes should chance to light / Upon this dainty pixie sight / And widen in surprised delightR…

Wild Geese Fly (in the twilight)

“pointed to our destiny… / with flashing eyes!”

twilight shadows

i like dolls that walk to the beat of a different drum / i like the way they pay attention to the plight of the immigrant’s son / but as fo…

Haiku 8

naked sycamore / clothed in twilight kimono / owl whispers to moon


orange singed mountains / wishes winking from heaven / Candles in windows

Twilight Dreams

When the big hand paints / with twilight colours / the end of day vivid / in rainbow hues and shades / of tranquility / whilst the stars pr…

Twilight We Danced

Twilight we danced, river below / music now a memory / ringing in our ears / flowing through our steps / spinning, skipping / “how soon is …


Night falls with a crescent moon on the rise. The Creole gents sit in their easy chairs, smoking thin black cigars…

“Twilight of Steam”

‘Twilight of Steam’ / Dinosaurs headlight of bright / Seething scary steam delight / Cared for by many nation wide / ’Tho…

Haiku 65

twilight… / a field of barley / in her hair


The humans do their own thing, / Never to obey, / They rape, pillage and plunder, / All of life away,

‘Twilight of Insomnia’

That thinking map is laid out in front of you / An unmapped land in the twilight of insomnia / The clock ticks to the musical fridge / Betw…
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