Starvation of our intellect interests beyond the latest gadgets / gizzmoes / flat screen / wide screen / Wii a life away 9/11 “America could feed the third world with the amount they spend on nuclear weapons. Yet they don’t?!” / “It’s just hunger to gain more, just… TV, Internet, Media Bad Influences to Society TV, Internet, Media Bad Influences to Society An ordinary housewife Her face is clean, Sunlight clean / And digest the dirt and stains / ordinary faces leave behind Six-Word Narrative Catharsis …vision healed. That we met That we met. / By coincidence or fate or fortune or whatever I don’t know. / But I do know it was at a café. A shared interest…… TV tea The TV crackles into action / Spewing it’s contents into the room … The Soap Queen Assessing T.V. damage, / you have to play a role - / it’s a novel form of language / but it sure does take its toll. Jesus H Christ – Script, need some helpful … EPISODE 1 – The curse of the fig tree / Scene Internal Jesus’ Bedroom / The phone rings continuously as a bearded, 29 year old man rolls ar… Filth Getting ready for my day, / I viewed the television. / I surmised that tv in general, / And especially commercials / Promise good times, / … eInquisitive We strive to provide questions as well as answers to real life questions and conditions. The proposition is that you, the reader, will thin… OPRAH AND I I used to watch the Oprah Winfrey show without fail. However recently I read a scholarly article that said that people who watch afternoon … Screw News TV News debate: adults having sex versus a doctor mutilating a new born he brought into this world. This isn’t fiction. It’s today… Is the TV watching me? Should I wake in fright? So I sat down to watch the ABC, after turning off the computer and they promoted the 7:30 report and a forgotten Australian movie. / Of cou… and so comes Christmas (Mature) My World My world is made up of / Coloured dots / And plasma pulses. / My world measures 42 inches / Diagonally / And is HD for realities sake. /… Too much TV So satisfying to watch, my head is swimming. / I don’t trust myself around you, but I don’t really need to. / Why can’t things just stay li… Infamous Always knew I’d make it to the big time – one way or another. No easy task in the one hundred years since reality entertainment had reshape… Show Me The Way To Your Heart Violent Night Rockets fire, / homes alight. this, then, is the night. this, then, is the night, Children’s TV of the 70’s and 80’s has a lot to a… flat mates who include a furry pink homosexual Hippopotamus, a large camp naked bear and some sort of furry orange bondage creature with a … Where It All Began… I wanted that job so bad I could taste it. Like a mouthwatering dessert you can’t help but devour, I couldn’t get my hands on i… Made for TV “Where are we?” Angel stood in the middle of the steaming jungle, weighed down with her backpack. OLD BILL and BABY She shows me to the TV… and says, “Don’t be afraid of Baby. . . she likes people and she’s never hurt anybody.̶… Nothing is as it Seems Nothing is as it seems / perfection from a brush / hides the beauty from within / fairy tales and clichés on TV / make our lives seem lack… black babies time makes heaps of / earth, / covered with / flowers / in shapes of the / starving. Blood for Static How vividly we remember everything we see, / From the numbers in our cell phones to the pixels in our TV screens. / And how we think we’re… The Professional “Yeah. Well, I’d like to talk to you about that. Uh, this heist I’m kinda doing on the fly. I just saw you here, and uh, I wanted to talk t… THE TRAP Turn on the T.V., switch off your brain! / Agony and ecstasy and commercials. / Skipping channels.. car-wax, tortured bodies, / Shampoo, fl… I like my reality with fantasy on the side We should have police who can’t enter a room without a diving role, forensic scientist who work alone to perfectly syncopated music t… six word story Gilligan… The Blond Weatherman is God only the weatherman knows Breaking News (#167) our moods decided for us as we fumble with volume controls and cornflake bowls THE TRAP Turn on the T.V., switch off your brain! / Agony and ecstasy and commercials. / Skipping channels.. car wax, tortured bodies, / Shampoo, fl… Songs and Words ch 3 – TV EYE … “SEE … IF PEOPLES EYES WERE THE WINDOWS TO THE SOUL, THEN CATS EYES ARE THE WINDOWS FOR HEAVEN TO SPY ON US WITH…CELESTIAL TELEVISIONS… IS THAT TR… As seen on TV Whilst shopping in a Manchester supermarket some time ago, and as I picked up an item I saw the legend: ‘As seen on TV’ / ‘What could this … The Incident – 26 The Incident – 26 / + 12 Days : 7 Hours : 26 Minutes / …you Kerry / Prime Minister, you have recently been thrust into your role due … Punk or Monk? Just an ugly deep sea punk. late night tv can someone tell me / where my life ran to? / it feels like im watching from the back seat, / from a picture frame prison, / a helicopter v… TV is the Temple of Low Men Sitting alone again and again / The Temple of Low Men TV Dinner I am anxious,there is an unsatisfiable appetite for domination and wealth in our individualistic society The Shitterbox Part 2 – (T.V Guide) Featuring: CELEBRITY CUM BRINE WITH ME, MANKY GENITAL SUPERSTORE, MUD RAPISTS, LIVE BAROMETER ACTION and MORE! Surreality TV: a Pop Culture Diss I saw Miss Hilton’s soul walk out of her lithe body / It looked like a cellophane bag filled with pink cotton candy A Sexless Marriage Isn’t So Bad 40 years of wedded bliss? Before TV Remote Technology has given us 3-D, / But sad to say and see; / Quality of today’s prime time / I would hardly give you a dime Thoughts On A Thursday Bottom line is, if you start to resent what you do, it’s best to move on down the line and spare everyone else your misery. I say thi… BE VERY SCARED of What TV can DO 2 U [Video] Newspaper killed the Twitter Star After a time of yelling repeatedly at friends getting louder each time we finished playing Pictionary on the weekend. We were in high spiri… My Planet on TV Just giving my take on what’s going on in different parts of the world a nice read it’ll take you on journey Mark I knew I had to pull back from him then, but I also knew that in doing so I would never get to hold him again. The realization was beyond w… A SOAP OPERA SERENITY A BLAST FROM THE PAST HIS ROOM There was no ceremonial salute for the child that I admired / No fancy cars or limousines, only his presence was required / The night was … Extreme Makeover a room of beaming simpletons / hold their breath / and celebrate / the mask of technology / lips, like blisters / eyes, cut and repositione… Reality TV? “Those for whom the earth moved!” / Silence / “don’t call us, we’ll call you!” TV didn’t just kill the radio star I can argue that we were better of without it Pixel Fingers As I watch here in dappled indoor light, / a moving image characterised, / the story of a life well spent, / ’tis shared by those of … Candy for the Conscripts Harvey awoke with the definite feeling that today was the day. He felt it instinctually and considered it entirely irrelevant that he had … WHEN TV SCI FI WAS VERY VERY COOL The OUTER LIMITS MONSTERS / A REAL Man is an Alien / THE CHAMPIONS MY FAVE SCI FI AS A KID / HEReS A GREAT SAMPLE OF the Champions at work… tv dreams Asleep on the couch / awoken by movement / my son by my side / snuggles in silence. / The tv still shines / on his small silhouette / arms … DEEP THINKERS TV = ONLINE Quite Amazing! Welcome to the Future again..This site will satisfy all your questions even where humans really come from…….. What’s on TV? Voices, Idol…competition or chance? / Celebs that…no,yes…can’t dance! Gaza 2009…….and all we get is “… View here My wife Rita and me on the Belgian TV. Man Bijt Hond / you see us after 54 seconds. / Its a Belgian human program after the news, one of the best. / cheers, / rich Small Black Box This is television overdose TV ROCK WAKE UP [Video] / [Video] 11:11: a brief vacation listen closely for the breaking of my idealistic heart. / the dreams are the same and my jacket is covered in dust. hanging my hat on the r… Wild and free Yes, I can live so wild and free / because before me on TV, / I can pick any drug that’s nice, / to buy at extortionist price, / to fix my … March of Time I can’t find Lawrence / Welk. Mourning Winter: A Love Story We would swim slowly in our stories / and, exhausted, / sink to the bottom of each other’s / eyes mouths memories, / confessing centu… The Trap The Trap / Turn on the T.V., switch off your brain! / Agony and ecstasy and commercials. / Skipping channels.. car-wax, tortured bodies, / … sECRETS oF a gAY p.P.V tELLEVISION PORNO fRATBOY. Hello / Hi / Its nice to meet you. Im your Tuesday night obsession. American Entertainment Morning dew glistening in the pale light of dawn. / The sun beckoning over the horizon a golden yawn. / From our dreams and sleep we ventur… TV Wooing You have the sweet charm of Mary-Anne mixed with the glamour of Ginger, You’re unusual like a flying nun or a turtle who’s a ninja. reality tv… i know a survivor, not from a TV show…from the Holocaust / i love New York, not that ho but the best city on earth / i live in the re… perpetual blue. The luminous blue from the tv lights certain areas of your body, and leaves mysterious shadows where it does not. Watching you close I see you there… / I watch you closely in a chair… / I can’t stop watching you today… / but it always makes my day&… Passage You sit there lying in shame, confused, hurt, forsaken by the game. / In the darkest reaches of your mind, lies the truth, but still you re… How promethean unhackneyed obligated lyncean the … &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&… Beer and Ice Cream I cannot think / I cannot write / All words / Absurd / I need the telly / All dumb and warm / I’ll be reborn / With beer and ice crea… Habeas Corpus (Mature) The Future War Game texting in haste to brag of the kills / as stark shiny robots clean up blood spills The Lies We Are Fed And We Are All to Blame Like a prick from a rusty old nail, the commercials on TV draw us in like this fresh cut draws in bacteria, They tell you home is where the heart is, but hearts are never content. It’s still a lesson we haven’t learned. Baggage. A lucky man / With a choice of three / Ladies to suit you to a tea / In the bedroom it’s where they like to make their move / But on … Love Music And TV Erasing that “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” / Chasing a “Runaway Love” / I’m gone “Blow ya Mind̶… I am yes The Advertiser’s Dream “Come in and sit down” / said the celluloid voice, / smooth as silk. / Cautiously I stepped / through the TV screen, / to take my place. REALITY TV (NICE AND SLEAZY) Reality TV, nice and sleazy does it does it every time… / Reality TV, nice and sleazy does it does it does it every time… / Big brother, go… Indirect TV Against my better judgment (like most bad decisions are), I succumbed to the pressure and ordered a satellite TV service. Let’s call it Ind… STRIP TV ONLY IN ITALY TV FIEND TV is the drug of the nation / Feeding ignorance and bleeding radiation / It’s a call for all to come hear and see / The tactical propagand… Tv is the Devil The TV is the devil. / I sit here watching nothing I had to see. / Just passing time, so I can make believe my life could one day be so swe… Owner in TV Wor.L.D$ V re Owner in TV Wor.L.D$, TELEvsi°N and BOOK. / V re small, and may BE: THING… / V .re Owner, and you THINK, my THINGs are B.V… tv my favorite childhood memories / dont belong to me / its there in the box you see / the good life on tv / i’m a living crucifixion / … Why watches satellite TV This article is all about
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