Love in my eyes I used to think, / love was handed to me / on a silver platter, / untell I one day thought, / I had no love comeing to me. / But then I … Being Thankful Being thankful is something treasurable. / It’s something most people need to do more of . / Jesus has given us more than we see, / … … emotions of love will triumph once and fo… Words swirling within the air above ,dancing / upon the outer edge of a breeze / to the left , then to the right , forming into / a zig … Heracles Triumph 20 years of practice made her into the perfect crab. / The archetype of what the stars designed. / Impregnable. / Armed with a wicked shell… PHRONEEIN … I Think…. Fear FEAR / Why did you come? / To teach? / To torment? / You held me prisoner / Without a trial / Without a judge / In my own home. / You… She Emerges Her Journey, Her Trial, / Her Tribulation She Now, / Has Become Unburdened / And Is Walking In Truest / Faith And New Found Grace I’m Always Fine Resiliency is key / Smiling back with bloody teeth / Confront to release / know / these blows life’s thrown / Won’t topple me Fear vs freedom Fear stalks my dreams / Freeze-frames my memories Ominous Dark billowing clouds / Gathered menace hovering / to Paint the sunset The Infinity no matter the consequence of pursuing it the shadows will hold no chain on the illuminations A Blossom’s Triumph Inside / where ashade / a fragrant thought / prepares a loft of freedom / rides a textured wave / leaps from its crest / and faces the su… the triumph of materialism nothing changes for the virgin inside the egg / the forests still talk spirits comune solidarity / inside a utopian brothel sores tend not … Life Small fish, big pond; still swimming! Untitled “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. / Edmund Burke. MANS TRIUMPH What a splendid picture it makes / Like a fire on a string / The sun ascends and / Life begins to forge ahead / For many small delicate liv… Triumph or Tragedy “today you hunt the lion and prove that you are a man.” Triumph Some people are mistreated as kids and use it as an excuse to become monsters. Some of us take a different road. Triumph Trumps Tragedy Hope seeks to be far / from my hearts wishes / I happen to harbor / a historic pain, vicious ‘A Picture Taken’ The midnight son, / with the haunted eyes, / and the ready smile, / that could bend the light; / is the fleeting shadow, / of a rampant fla… In The Spirit Of Reckless Triumph I don’t grow older, it’s impossible for me / and I refuse to learn from my mistakes / If I had, I would have given up long ago … One Day One day I will look at you / but my love will not be there / One day I will see your face / but I will learn not to care / One day I’… Tearful Triumph Like the boy and the girl that once lined up for class together / That will meet sense with sense as lovers often do A Triumph of Sorts It is a triumph of sorts / To find alone courage / Primal seed placed in us / Such has the foundling / A father/mother / Deep and rich in t… Reflective Current Thrusting one toward inward triumph / As she now is running barefoot on the beach I Will Overcome All my life I’ve waited, / For a hero to appear. / Someone that I could hold and love, / Who’d take away my fears. “Triumph Through Defeat” “Triumph Through Defeat” / I wasn’t strong enough. / All my fighting, / None of it was good enough. / I couldn’t h… Emotion/Soul Meet Triumph and disaster, And ̵… Alexander Pope … / IS Weakness strength?…. / You purchase pain with all that joy can give, / And die of nothing but a rage to … Morning Triumph warm glow of the morning sun / dances across my sleeping face / the sandmans gift still in my eyes / holding my breath / and i stretch the … Slowly the Lights “Each ludicrously tiny against the engulfing night / Yet / Pushing back its suffocating vanguards / Just a little…” Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror / on the wall, / I’ve searched my soul, / I now stand tall.

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