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The Evergreen

I wrote this poem in conjunction with a photo I took for entry in a “Poetree” contest sponsored by the Kamloops Art Gallery. I …


They stand shameless, / Braced against the wind.


not my language. / I speak as the tongues / of rich / pomegranates do. / I speak as / cold winds throu…

Human Forest

Reach your branches out.


I wrote this poem when I was 12, living in Germany. We lived in front of a forest where I would spend most of my days daydreaming and wande…

One More Day

The sky was almost mute and empty, as if a Hawk were coming in for a kill – silent as a soft breeze. / Trees with beautiful flowers,…


I’ve so long been standing still…

Self Entitle, Part One:

To say there is more than what truly is, may be the greatest downfall we could ever hope to be. The lack of discretion is only proof of lei…

A Top Ten (Three Trees)

a big thanks to all for voting in the Sept. tree challenge …there were some amazing entries and to get into the top ten is an honor,…

Footprint in the forest

So many seasons circled in your jagged / Footprint

Brown Spring

Others walk a long brown path under the dark trees.

Fresh, Chapter 20 (beginning)

I gazed around at the nearby pines, their lofty heights ending with pencil tips writing clouds into the sky and thick trunks announcing the…

Gaia – The Living Planet

So much beauty in God’s creation / His handiwork spread throughout the nation

The Trees Are Wise

Growing green / Then to Gold / Telling stories / Growing old

My First Challenge Win

What a surprise! My photo “Solitude” was the winner of the “Snowstorm of November 2010!” Challenge in the Group:Pac…

The Moon Through The Trees

Is today the day, / A few hours away? / Who will I be? / When the moon falls through the trees.

Came To Me by Ozzy Skateboard

In a car / I think of your eyes / seeing the trees / and fields go by / and all the wonders / of your mind, / all is green / and no sea / s…

Poem: The Connection With Trees

I am the secure host / of the cosmic totem / alive inside my star traveller jeans


languorous, laid back leisure

Fall for Her.

This is what I see. / A beautiful young lady ‘neath a shade of trees. / Her eyes downcast, her thoughts on life. / Oh, what a strife. / The…

Snow Storms Wake – Version 2

Snow clumps in branch forks / Churning slushy thrumming mud / Syrup-drinking roots.

Painting Sold!!

I was really excited to sell my first acrylic painting “Freedom” to a friend of mine in Texas!! I had put it in my artwork fol…


I spend my life under a load of stress and a security blanket. / The slight smell of ammonia travels in and out of my nostrils. / These bla…

The Dues

pluck the trees / ton by ton and / life on earth / won’t be so fun / exposin’ the soil / to the sun / washin’ the mountai…

Shoe Trees

… / No collarless dog / try’ner gi’ me / ‘is fleas. / There’s folks / and there’s life, / But no shoes …

One more feature – Trees

In Trees group

The Modern World’s Fate

In this modern world of technology and pollution, beyond the cities where nothing but egos grow, a forest lives and breathes. As humans hav…

Like Leaves from Trees

broken bones heal faster than broken hearts / let me tell you a story, from the start / i gave you the world and all / i took you along wit…

The Sun Didn’t Rise

Today the sun didn’t rise / But to my surprise / There was still something to see / Like the trees / With their colorful hues / This didn’t…

For Rod McKuen

The drip from overhangs / the dribble from edges / the patter at the glass / as sure and soft as fingers on flesh

The Pines-simple and true

Tall lanky pines lurking about my house, / With shade and honest trembling they do lurch out.

Forest Of Starry Trees

To show lies / Of unfed secrets / And gluttonous rumours / Shadowed whispers

A recipe

Remain trapped / Inside / Myself / Unable to see / Or / To properly be / Amongst the / World / A grown / Woman. / Who is / Free.

Fallen leaves.

Fallen leaves.

What the trees do not realize

The trouble with these old, gnarled trees / Still standing upright in the earth and air / Is that they want to remain homes / To the many h…

Would or Wood?

His crinkled,knolled eyes, distant, as he makes his masterpiece. / CHIP-CHOP, SSSCRAPE andsnap. / Hands gnarled from years bent, curledcar…


I could walk these lanes untroubled / For each day that remains of this life, / And let my feet feel the ruts and grooves / Until all I am,…

Obstacle Course Of Love

Trip me up, a cobble road cemented with desire, / Long… winding… curiosity

Remember When you carved your initials in trees&#…

it’s a great thing to be wanted / sentient to the wonders of love / it’s a fine thing to be desired / sensuous to the touch of …


this ones an oldie. / we had candles / and fire / and weeping white light wicks / the simple things / where eternity / turned ancient tree…


May trees are bent on the avenue / my heathen has no shoes


releasing the innocent flood through head and hands, lips and eyes

The Wind

She sings her song to me, / So sweetly rustling through the trees, / Like angel’s voices calming me, / She’s soothing every pa…

I will make earthly trees

I will make earthly trees take root in your crotch. / Nighttime paradise / Where songs shout and gods play, / and the chaos is shaded by sh…

The Forest Walk

As I walked with closest friends / Beneath the forest of the sun / The strangest feeling came to haunt me / Calling me to turn and run / To…


The tree branches will snatch / wisps of your hair

Memories That Are No More

Rain dripping off the trees, / brings my memory to rest / on days that are no more.

peach trees

i remember the smiles / like ice creams in summer / dripping down our hands with truth

the warming of the trees

this warming is fleeting / even as you’re watching, already it is leaving / look away and it will be gone

Haiku 89

twilight stretches / above swaying pine boughs - / applewood smoke


I can’t sleep / without you beside me..


The ocean sparkles like diamonds in the sun / The moon smiles politely and grins as we run. / The hilltops are covered with delicate oak tr…

classical music

trees sing / until the sap / sticks in their throats

Beautiful World Of Flowers, Plants And Trees

Flowers of blue, red, orange and a thousand shaded in a touch of gold, / Growing in richly manicured soil for the beauty of sight and to be…

Road to No Where

…I hoped that I could end up in a better place than the end of this dark road. It seemed my life only showed true meaning in death. …

Is what we need what remains…

For all creatures living / On the other hand / Don’t have a choice as / Humans do as / Humans can… / No thought of / Nurture or of / Need…

See Not the Forest, But the Tree

When I was young, so long ago, / I fell in love with trees. / I don’t know why I felt this love. / It built up by degrees. / It seeme…

Yorta Yorta Trees

On the surface / talking is the same / Ways of knowing / in a foreign wind / My own voice / seems a little strange / Collected meanings / b…

winter haiku

autumn leaves turn grey,

the trees like tall ghosts drift

the rain is drumming on the iron roof / the tower is in the clouds today / mist wanders through the forest / the light softly grey, opaque …

Deep in the Woods

Nature is a wonderful place, walking and hiking . enjoy the smell of the tree’s. Come walk with me deep in the woods.

Awaken the Light

Cycle of life…


The silent ones among us, ever enduring

My Tree

High in the branches I can see for miles / And over the red-tiled roof tops

Love Doesn’t Grow On Trees

I don’t know if you know it too, I only just found out / And believe me when I say this, it’s been proven, so don’t doubt…

Colored the Trees

They traveled along from state to state / Time doesn’t matter when you don’t know the date

Shepherd in the Stone

In this hour / The shepherd has gone / Hunting sheep in the snow / And he calls / O’er valley and tree / Echoes call from the stone

Lemon Trees

sexy lemons and a few other things we love and hate

Trees of lifes path

I can feel an itch in my spine, like tiny twigs of a brance poking at me when the wind blows. / Its telling me to go to you, to finish what…

The Last One

At night he fell. / They came, / The trees were the first to arrive,

thank u for using my image as the example!

In the “spring” Trees Group challenge. What a shock. I was reading the rules to enter and then boom…saw my own little …

Perfection shakes the earth

I wait in anticipation for soon his powers will touch my soul

You carve my heart like tree bark

A wandering poet left his love note carved into my bark. / The note becomes part of me as it sinks into my flesh

Summer Escape

Only myself to keep me company

When I was a Child

I remember climbing up that hill, / The one that constructed all my will. / Never did I think to stop, / For I yearned to reach the top.

The Bike Ride Gone Awry

I focus my camera and prepare to press down / when I feel something slimy caressing my arm. / I look down to see a large, wet, white SPLAT!


be my poetry / words that make their way / out of dust / standing tall / to grow and bring / their wild chatter with the wind / so i can he…

Song for Tom

Now I take a walk with you

Trees In Winter

Trees in Winter / trees / in winter / withdrawn / to skeletal / shadows / sky / slowly darkening / blackbird / pulsating in the / stillness…

Irish Glow

On Stormont’s grass / And between the trees

haiku 4

porcelain teapot / plum trees amidst morning fog, / thoughts fill empty cup


Someday I want to be loved / for all the many true colors I am, / both hidden and visible.


In the stormy stormy woods of winter drenched in the / desolate fractions of ice and snow / Heavy to burden, glimpse of the shallow clouds…

The Autumn Leaves

Autumn months


The shiny blade cuts / Running with the blood of the forest


Trees Trees Trees, / So beautiful and free, / Swaying in the wind, / Adopting the breeze. / As I stare at that wonderful tree, / It makes m…

3 Colours Brown

The leaves have lost their colour, / That I picked up off the ground. / Their colours numbered three before, / But now they’re only b…

Beneath the Elder Trees

Beneath the Elder Trees / We will wish our names onto trees / Hazel Treefolk will sear their skin / proclaiming our love to the world, / th…


Watching the trees turn green / As spring unfolds its wings. / Green buds give delight / Before the blossoms unfold. / Stormy summer rains…

Jiggle Trees

Fissured bark rich in vivid core echoes gently under my skin. / Searching a burrow beneath her limbs, a protective sheath encompasses as se…

Bird Fly, Fly Away

But a home, / A nest, / In a high gum tree, / Is not for me, / I will graze the skies till I can no more, / Looking for that one place that…

Life’s All About Climbin’ Trees And W…

hey, didn’t i see you there dressed in all silent spoken vibrantly engulfing the partially attending listener.. i figure it couldn…

Tree of Life

This seed of memory is now been planted. / Covered in dirt and watered it down. / Grow up from the Earth and out of the ground.


…morning comes too quickly…

Crystal trees and broken bass lines

Through crystal trees / soft winds whisper, / chime out secrets, / hidden in the mind, / but the note out of tune, / hearts bass line broke…


the person that chose to be a thorn in my side is scheduled for a sponge-bath with an SOS Pad , and I hate to keep a deserving individual w…
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