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GOD’S TEARS He is sad for the souls / That will never go to Him / Sad for the fights / No one will ever win / Man against man / Prejudice and hate / L… ENTER Come hither and ENTER / We are the ghosts of the trees / That once stood full and tall / That offered you a beautfiul breeze / ENTER, thro… Lief Bome kan in prentjies praat… she sits on dark grass she sits on dark / grass, / like a migrating / bird with a broken wing, / calling his name. Who cares? The following was inspired by my photo of the same name. / Please view and read the notes. / Who cares? / Once a Friary, filled with brothe… dancing trees on a particularly windy day see the trees dancing More Features Featured Photos on Bits and Pieces Visionary lungs of the evergreen trees Visionary lungs of the evergreen trees / Lungs of society providing oxygen / Soaking up the carbon dioxide / Branches of alveoli / Providin… four fold as one sublime by the tree that is in the center of the universe…four folds spirit spins in silence as One spirit My Irish Ash A woman for duty, / A boy for pleasure, / But a melon for ecstasy. / It was taken from an old Turkish proverb and somehow it makes me feel… Leaves Light-catchers flutter, soaking Sun and it’s rays. / Drinking Light, clean and bright, offered during the days Holy Rain The water streaming down my skin / A powerful embrace / The trees blowing in the wind / An invisible force, His face Song of the space between There is a place that I go where I see, that in the silence it’s I that I meet…. Sights to see on a Road of Trees A stark angel is split right down the middle with the strike of the cymbal. / …hidden choir sing Dido’s Lament Trees trees communicate they must / They cant be here just for us / humans can give them birth / for their very own mirth / But take pleasure in … WITNESS There are witnesses / To crimes that no one else sees / Standing tall / They are the trees / They have witnessed wars / Turmoil and pain /… Features Featured Almost Christmas It is the happiest time of the year once more / Christmas is almost here with all its cheer / Everyone is in good spirits and singing so de… Pine Trees Pines Trees standing straight and tall / It is a sight beautiful for one and all / The branches have been the home for many birds / All sin… My Constant Mentors ’Twixt mortal and immortal realms, / as all of Life hurries by… AN INTRODUCTION TO ARKANSAS THE NATURAL STATE Introduction / Arkansas’s landscape is a diverse one. The Spring I am Waiting and Wondering / When will it be here / The Spring / Then happiness will fill the air / No more shivering / The snow will end … On the path… There is nothing a head but roots of trees and the light of the haze and the sun. / And still it runs… Snow Snow feathers flakes / Into the thick air / with sudden brightness. / It catches at the ground / in patches and edges. / In drifts / t… Card sale !! Thanks so much to Trudi i hope and feel you’ll get great pleasure out of this card, Noojee is truly one of my favorite area’s t… Ley lines of the whispering trees… Secrets of the ancient tribes / An earth energy provider / Within Earth’s own grasp / Trees have knowledge and power / Power of elect… The Meadow in the Pines Your soul knows the tune, but your mind / Could never write the notes / It’s you and God and the forest and the snow beginnings I wonder what it looks like, / this forest that is too far in the distance / to distinguish the shape leaf or / number of trees. I wonder … I am a Forest as life began to evolve / plants and flowers started to grow / then along came the many different / species of bugs and birds / the sounds … Fountains of life, Trees of youth The Earth, / So it was called, / Had sprung to life, / And created us all, / To be its children ever so, / Until the day comes, / When it c… Frozen Hearts Frozen are the trees as I walk on the road of life / My road is different than the those that are in strife / Frozen are the hearts I met a… ~ Magnificent Harmony ~ Look up into the entwined boughs / shelter neath magnificent canopy trees you don’t have to focus on sex to be sexual / you don’t have to focus on creation to be creative / you don’t have to focu… SUMMER FOR AWHILE The leaves of the trees are flowing in the air / Summer wind is going through my hair These Are My Trees On an island in Spain, I was drawn to the trees / Their song joined with the sea and sang on the breeze The Shadow Trees The shadows / Amongst us day and night / Each connecting their own individual black hole / An immense gravitational pull of energy / Spiral… Christmas. Yes I enjoy Christmas. Only Softly You kiss me / Only softly / This is when we’re at our best. A DAY IN THE CITY…AN OBSERVATION Bitumen pavements, roads and tram lines crawl with impatient traffic The Dance of the Pines I seethe tall swaying pine trees dancing and laughing… / news of a tornado….. love, one of the forest I mostly want to water the rejuvenation of our evolution. / Instead, with my thumbs not so green, I drown the seeds. The Saddest Death She smiled, / At chirping birds / And each of those / Blissful tunes, / At scuttering mice / And each of those / Endearing jolts, / At wins… imitating trees she’s hiding in the forest / imitating trees The Dream I open my eyes / To a cool breeze blowing on my face. / The view from my home / Is a remote highway that unravels, north. / There is a frag… SAPPHIRE MAGIC in the bayou / beyond the trees / beyond the bog / beyond the hanging moss / through the thick brush / there is a little shack / where Sapp… An Old Haiku, About Trees Too, A great wanderer / Despite your restraining roots / Your soul’s ever free Whispers of Love Every gentle breeze that brushes your cheek… / Every Songbird’s beautiful melody… Someday I’ll know your name I do not pretend to know your name / But I profess, I will someday / While one hand points / And the other shades / I’ll speak to who ever … A Whistling in the Trees Are there things in your life that you think strange at the time but later on you have forgotten all about it? Lust Storm (Mature) Extinction ~ A Tanka Quietly standing / My heart longed for lonely howls / But they were No More / The forest mourned their passing / The branches bent in sorro… If Trees Were People If trees were people / Then a tall, wea… Trophy But feeling like a piece of brass, melt me down fast, cuz I’m not a trophy anymore. / I’ve been scorned and now I’m forwa… Random Story #1 Mouthfuls of apple juice falling from the skies, and too few oxygen molecules…… clothes had become wet with icing rims and freezi… Spring Time Birds are chirping in the trees…bees are flying past those trees where bunnies / sit and play while deer are by the bay man of trees walking amongst them, their arms stretched / out to embrace the air, / that flows unseen, / i am nothing and / winter has disrobed them / o… Two trees featured in three groups!! Well as a newbie here in redbubble and mostly just messing around with photography (ok let’s call it a serious hobby) I have been del… steps it is a fragrant wind that is meeting me / when i step outside. / rich and soft, / this is a living breath. / scattered around are the late… THE GROOVY ARTIST Colors fill her head / Blue, green, yellow, red / Magic wand in hand / Paints something unplanned / I could never wait / To see what she w… Angels Unaware How many times did I play on the ice? / Robby and me and Marky made three. / How many times did the river entice… / the boys on a ty… Disturbing Tranquility quivering quietly in the breeze IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS TIME I miss Washington State Planting trees Where are the faraway trees in my garden? A cry for help…. Cutting / Burning / Fallen trees / Crying of despair / Dispersed into the Universe / A cry for help / A communication link / From here to t… AUTUMN ENCOUNTER and the squirrel jerking this / way, scimp, fwrimp, around the tree, / pip, up to peer, making me out to be a man, / and upside down twirli… Faeries fix it? If we pollute the breeze / Could the faeries fix it? 50 Things About Trees green, black, brown, white, Burnt Umber and Raw Sienna / burnt, blackened, bent, bowed, branched, blown / beautiful / grey, silver, blue, m… Changing Clothes for Fall Changing clothes ’TREES DO TALK WHEN YOU LISTEN ’̷… I was outside with’ Maxx’ last night . Where we live in Bush ,La. [ actually northeast St. Tamanny Parish , Louisiana] we are f… Featured in ‘’ Trees ’’ Thanks so much to the group ‘’ Trees ’’ for the feature of ‘’ The Red Woods Forrest ’’. / … Innocent Tears by Ozzy Skateboard it was years ago and so far away / young Billy would come over to play / with Tonka trucks and climbing trees / soon we found some magazin… Russet leaves rustling in an autumn breeze, Russet leaves rustling in an autumn breeze, / Red and golden, orange, brown, dancing from the trees. / Crisp and light they flutter, soft a… Our Very Special Place ’10 You took me too a special place arthritic arms the trees creek with their arthritic arms / the rusty garden chair invites me to the view / looking around feeling the winds energy / measu… On Understanding Trees That Don’t Clap Thei… To no more or less has God given / each creation under Heaven… TWISTED TORTURED ME Where is this place / Of twisted fate / Fear excruciating / Cannot relate / To a barren / Twisted turning mass / I am carrying / Torture in… Lost Aunt Relaxing slightly and looking softly into the green eyes of her ‘daughter,’ she said, “Samantha Jennifer have you ever wondered why it is t… POEM- BOTTLE TREES (NORTHERN TERRITORY) BOTTLE TREES (9) / Ancient monuments / You sprout around the countryside / Your bloated trunks / Like drunken nine pins / The sun&#… Limbo – Part III I looked up into the sky and inspiration struck. The high winds forced the clouds along the edge of the valley. The thick scent of rain and… The Trees again the trees, desolate, / vulnerable, leaves scattered / like wasted years… / limp dead branches tangled / in chaotic clutter̷… Killing Hummingbird Valley The property was beginning to be livable, but what was happening to their parcel / of land? DANBURY WOODS – FOR THE LOVE OF TREES CALEN… ! ! / ! All the i… The Crooked Tree One of my favorites! Surrender As I stop and watch the trees / dancing with the wind / The heaven’s above open / and rain down tears upon my skin Poem: The insurmountable weight This fashion dies / On a lonely road / When spirits whisper in the trees / And time stands still once more Walking Down the Path of Tranquility The squirrels ran up and down the trees, and scurried across the ground with heavy paws….I watched as they picked up the pollen with their … Eucalyptus trees in the park As Athens held me / high up above it’s ears / it showed me the world. / Eating honey and doughnuts / I planned my itinerary; / The m… One more sale… :) Thanks… :) UNDER APPLE TREES She lay beside you / under the apple trees / the bees and butterflies overhead / the glimmer of sunlight / through the branches / and sh… Survivors Summers’ garb velveting the lands’ swellings’, / luminous cloak… protecting earth Consider the Trees Consider the trees / Put them back there in your mind / Where the wind blows / And the careless time flows / You’re the river of inte… The Evergreen I wrote this poem in conjunction with a photo I took for entry in a “Poetree” contest sponsored by the Kamloops Art Gallery. I … Naked They stand shameless, / Braced against the wind. Irish not my language. / I speak as the tongues / of rich / pomegranates do. / I speak as / cold winds throu… Human Forest Reach your branches out. Germany I wrote this poem when I was 12, living in Germany. We lived in front of a forest where I would spend most of my days daydreaming and wande…
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