the two of us I have dreams of flying / What a beautiful feeling to be fledged / It reminds me of the first jump I took / Off the third story ledge … A woodcutter will not cut leaves made from love “Hello woodcutter”. ashes to the wind don’t bury me / beneath the ground / in an ornate box / with silk lining / where my bones / will remain inhibited / cremate me / brin… Tenacity He may swim in murky waters and smell the fires / Burning / But he does not flee The Passion is Gone… the words of a passionate woman healing from heartache.. Umbilical Mother I hope I didn’t burn the worms… Star Whispers Sometimes, before the sultry night air / caresses the sycamore trees to their / slumber, I can hear them whispering / in the muted emerald… A Poetic Grouping Unfortunate bug, crawling up the tree, / Does not know what is now to slow his pace, / A glaze of amber, quickly trapped is he: / Preserved… One Love Shimmering leaves / under a black velvet sky… the love buttons It is often the things you don’t see which are the most beautiful Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. The trees and me Come with me to my trees / and know life and love / and celestial grove murmur “my love will never escape” / your voice dropped to a whisper / I could hear the whispering of the sea / you were murmuring in … LOVE He touched my hand / Ten thousand stars lit the sky / He touched my heart / Doves began to fly / He embraced me / And balloons flew in the… The Sisters’ Whisper She found herself beneath the snow-dressed limbs of the Sisters. Tears already welling in her eyes, her jaws were clenched tight, resistin… between life and death she wavers between life and death / her soul traveling / looking for the love of her life / she remembers the place / they first made love … Promptus Fructus I opened the door quickly, casually, as I always did. My feet finding their way over the threshold without me giving the order. ETHEREAL LOVE it is a tale of lovers once lost / promising never to be apart / one died an early death / the other lived with a broken heart / she never … Euphoric Breaths Euphoric breaths / whip like canyon winds / through my hollow frame. / I feel free / at the top of an evergreen. / I grew up loving / the … DIFFERENT WORLDS he danced to the drums of ancient tribes / sat on the cusp of the moon / wore nothing but a loin cloth / his scent was that of musk / ate … Silent Love As she lifts her head, / to bow again, / she whispers love, / that morbid thing, A Weather Stripped Mountain and Caves under Trees… (Mature) MOONLIGHT THROUGH THE TREES Look at the moon / Through the trees / Touch my heart / Feel the breeze / I am so in love / My soul is burning / The moonlight shining / I… MY LOVE FOR TREES life inside a seed Love In Abstract, Distractingly Detracted A flow of temperence, into mercy, through veils and vale, down to the heart, and falling into love / Dark tides pool and sway, sliding and … EMPTY NESTER A MOTHER, GRANDMOTHERS VISIONS OF HOW TO DEAL WITH THE EMPTY NEST! I AM I AM looking out my window / I AM breathing in God’s air / I AM looking at the blue sky / I AM overtaken by the beauty here / I AM am… I smile. I smile… / At the sun’s warmth, / At the waves rush, / At a child’s laugh, / At night’s quiet hush, / At the bird&#… the commission of my forestry existence please hippie hug me Nature’s Allure The soothing wind / Of August twilight / Caresses our skin / Licks our wounds / Dances upon us / As we roam in bliss / Smile / Rejoice / R… Song of the space between There is a place that I go where I see, that in the silence it’s I that I meet…. Sights to see on a Road of Trees A stark angel is split right down the middle with the strike of the cymbal. / …hidden choir sing Dido’s Lament beginnings I wonder what it looks like, / this forest that is too far in the distance / to distinguish the shape leaf or / number of trees. I wonder … love, one of the forest I mostly want to water the rejuvenation of our evolution. / Instead, with my thumbs not so green, I drown the seeds. Whispers of Love Every gentle breeze that brushes your cheek… / Every Songbird’s beautiful melody… Planting trees Where are the faraway trees in my garden? DANBURY WOODS – FOR THE LOVE OF TREES CALEN… ! ! / ! All the i… Eucalyptus trees in the park As Athens held me / high up above it’s ears / it showed me the world. / Eating honey and doughnuts / I planned my itinerary; / The m… One more sale… :) Thanks… :) UNDER APPLE TREES She lay beside you / under the apple trees / the bees and butterflies overhead / the glimmer of sunlight / through the branches / and sh… Self Entitle, Part One: To say there is more than what truly is, may be the greatest downfall we could ever hope to be. The lack of discretion is only proof of lei… Fresh, Chapter 20 (beginning) I gazed around at the nearby pines, their lofty heights ending with pencil tips writing clouds into the sky and thick trunks announcing the… Came To Me by Ozzy Skateboard In a car / I think of your eyes / seeing the trees / and fields go by / and all the wonders / of your mind, / all is green / and no sea / s… Fall for Her. This is what I see. / A beautiful young lady ‘neath a shade of trees. / Her eyes downcast, her thoughts on life. / Oh, what a strife. / The… The Dues pluck the trees / ton by ton and / life on earth / won’t be so fun / exposin’ the soil / to the sun / washin’ the mountai… Obstacle Course Of Love Trip me up, a cobble road cemented with desire, / Long… winding… curiosity peach trees i remember the smiles / like ice creams in summer / dripping down our hands with truth Sleep I can’t sleep / without you beside me.. Heaven The ocean sparkles like diamonds in the sun / The moon smiles politely and grins as we run. / The hilltops are covered with delicate oak tr… See Not the Forest, But the Tree When I was young, so long ago, / I fell in love with trees. / I don’t know why I felt this love. / It built up by degrees. / It seeme… Love Doesn’t Grow On Trees I don’t know if you know it too, I only just found out / And believe me when I say this, it’s been proven, so don’t doubt… Trees of lifes path I can feel an itch in my spine, like tiny twigs of a brance poking at me when the wind blows. / Its telling me to go to you, to finish what… Perfection shakes the earth I wait in anticipation for soon his powers will touch my soul chlorophyll. Someday I want to be loved / for all the many true colors I am, / both hidden and visible. Bird Fly, Fly Away But a home, / A nest, / In a high gum tree, / Is not for me, / I will graze the skies till I can no more, / Looking for that one place that… LOVE FOR THE TREES ABOVE From the river I glance up / at the trees above, / and I breathe my thanks to the Lord of Love, / with gentle winds and Blue Gum trees, / I… Gypsy Land A bird should not be caged. No, a bird should never be caged. / A gypsy should be left to wander. Yes. / A gypsy should always be left to… I Was Glad I was glad. These words were before me in a gothic font, chiseled into a wall high above my head. Albero e Nuvola C’era una volta, nel cielo limpido dell’estate, una nuvoletta piccola e bianca… a vanishing face I would drown in a moment of fear every day~color my love with your smile and say~I love you today & yesterday too~only tomorrow will k… 19 years of spring. Even in the early springtime / when the trees have been so dead for so long / Little lost birds still find reason to sing.

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