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the two of us I have dreams of flying / What a beautiful feeling to be fledged / It reminds me of the first jump I took / Off the third story ledge … what has man done? dancing in the wood / beneath the hollowed / blackened trees / their limbs bending in pain / singing them a song of healing / while tears f… Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. The Visitors A stand of trees / Swaying in the muted light / Intricate branches like delicate lace / Woven by nature’s brilliant artistry / Birds … ETHEREAL LOVE it is a tale of lovers once lost / promising never to be apart / one died an early death / the other lived with a broken heart / she never … Dawn Chorus awaken to the noisy Birds Fly, Trees Don’t… … DO YOU ! Love In Abstract, Distractingly Detracted A flow of temperence, into mercy, through veils and vale, down to the heart, and falling into love / Dark tides pool and sway, sliding and … Magic Above I have always loved the intricate beauty of bare branches. I recently saw a large tree that possessed both leaves plus some dying boughs wi… The Life of Me I am a tree and these are my confessions. / I was born in 1956 in a bustling urban area. / When I was a naive dumpy chunk of wood, I woul… I smile. I smile… / At the sun’s warmth, / At the waves rush, / At a child’s laugh, / At night’s quiet hush, / At the bird&#… A Red Umbrella Pretty days of Autumn, which bring a cooler breeze. / Birds high upon a wing, the swaying of the trees. / The clouds which look like cotton… More Features Featured Photos on Bits and Pieces Pine Trees Pines Trees standing straight and tall / It is a sight beautiful for one and all / The branches have been the home for many birds / All sin… A DAY IN THE CITY…AN OBSERVATION Bitumen pavements, roads and tram lines crawl with impatient traffic Spring Time Birds are chirping in the trees…bees are flying past those trees where bunnies / sit and play while deer are by the bay abundance languorous, laid back leisure The Bike Ride Gone Awry I focus my camera and prepare to press down / when I feel something slimy caressing my arm. / I look down to see a large, wet, white SPLAT! Bird Fly, Fly Away But a home, / A nest, / In a high gum tree, / Is not for me, / I will graze the skies till I can no more, / Looking for that one place that… A BAD DAY or SOMEBODY WHO USED TO BE A LOT LIKE Y… the person that chose to be a thorn in my side is scheduled for a sponge-bath with an SOS Pad , and I hate to keep a deserving individual w… NATURES ORCHESTRA THE SOUNDS OF THE BUSH NATURES ORCHESTRA / There’s a stirring in the darkness at the start of a new morn / Mountains silhouette against the soft grey light … Road Trip – Cairns And Beyond crystal clear waterfall pools and deserted beaches, gaped in wonder at huge 500 year old strangler fig trees and spotted birds and wildlife… Free as a Bird They wonder why I’m silent, / and never say a word / I wish my ruffled feathers would spread / so I could fly off as a bird The birds and the bees and the flowers and the tr… lavender florettes, gracing the canopy like a crown on the head of a queen – as they flit like emerald fairies – zip and hide a… 19 years of spring. Even in the early springtime / when the trees have been so dead for so long / Little lost birds still find reason to sing.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of trees birds writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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