I like trains

I like trains and the tracks people make in their lives, understanding fascinates the watcher. / Thoughts about life, the picnic, the cl…

too early for trains

she doesn’t catch my drift

Ten Pound Tourists

Hundreds of migrants line the rails like thousands have before, / Wondering what awaits them on this vast and unknown shore.


This grey sky / Has been hanging around / I’m full of ideas / Another escape / Tunnels and trains / A crippling phase

The Ghost Who Played Trains With Us

There were only three people in the house – my daughter, my son and me. (Or so I thought.)

2000 DC

Touch down in speechless space sensor to sensor in a senseless stare.

A Dream I Thought Not a Dream

Even the candles / their flames seemed to dance / while gobblets clinked and silverware / were removed from their napkins


Pulling onward and over / with heavy weight in tow

Electric Surfing

The world, on top of a train, is electric


Don’t say the words / today let them rest / course of action / already taken / path trodden / singularly / no support / upon contact …

The Leaving

The boat train sways and rattles along, / The wheels say “no turning back” / As the countryside goes flying by, / “No turning back… no turn…


What are they thinking?

A Little Train Ditty

Clickety clack / And all that / Hustle and bustle / Turmoil and trestle / An urban abstract of geometry / Above and below / As trains cree…

Peter Pan a.k.a. Grandpa

Children from all over Murwillumbah were drawn like the mice by the pied piper to Grandpa’s treasure trove of a workshop…

An old familiar

An old familiar, / all too clear; / as you roll on your back / and new tempo appears. / Repeated chug / of train runs through; / no nightm…

Rebbeccas Journey- part 4

A dinner for all the local diplomats was to be held at Dr. Johnson’s home / Tirelessly Rebbecca scrubbed and shined the floors and s…

9-15 To Bristol.

Visitors to the temple carriage.

Look closely

‘Might you look a little closer .’She quietly prays as she steps off the train and breaths in the stale manufactured air of th…

A Little Boy’s Worst Nightmare

abandoned by his mother at the train station

Thank You 1st Featured Work

Thanks to everybody I have just had my first featured work, “About to Leave” on the ‘Trains’ group. / Trevor

The Conductor’s Tale

My mother used to say train whistles sang of sadness, / but to me they always meant adventure.

Featured in Trains Group

Another feature in the Trains group – Love this Olympic Park Station!

The Joy of Domestic Chores

Hanging out the washing – the magic of sheets in the breeze

A Terrorist’s Dream Mr. Finchem

There was no sound, not a single moan, only the simple sound of fire.


Be careful when you lay your heart on the line. / As trains run frequently and can come unexpectedly.



Trains cause pain

The cold numbed my hands and face. It had also slowed my reflexes but not my thoughts

“Little One”

Just a little train, spun on steel weave

Steam Engine Howlin’

…but the old man stayed / taking a gentle sip from time and again / from that little cup / called bartender’s generosity…


‘Art’ / She is beautiful expressing freely confident! / Tickling the rails, polished to smile, welcome dance / Majestic splendo…

Angels Unaware

How many times did I play on the ice? / Robby and me and Marky made three. / How many times did the river entice… / the boys on a ty…


I / The train is where I just exist / No school / No friends / To please / To comfort, / To lie to. / A place where I can write / And list…

Peak Time Delay

As I hurry through the parking lot intent upon reaching the ticket office, and therefore the train, before the departure time an unexpected…

Iron Prides

Her hair dances with passion, tossed like finest silk / Sleek desired graceful, sweet like honeyed milk



A Simple Moment

Once in the dim / Of an evening train, / a certainty, / the blue sky of your eyes / looking up at me. / Something quiet, / some slow un…


Train stations are great places for “business”. A public handoff.

the yellow line

A yellow line is commonly drawn on train or subway platforms, and one is supposed to stand behind the yellow line when waiting for a train,…

“Lil’ Dancer”

“Lil’ Dancer” / She is a little dancer, drummed to Her own beat / Skipping in Her happiness, on tiny little feet / Weighty is Her Maj…

“Dome Car Angel”

Soothing, rails movement song / Comfort, peaceful, here I belong




Fleeting quickly, passing timeless / Darkened sunlight into thought abyss

“Full Steam”

Shoveled coal to fire box, warm to release / Powered steam expel, on lightening rail grease!

“Small Matters”

A Mogul, yes a little one, stands small and still / Uninhibited, stalwart shining, testimony of Her will

“Simple Beauty”

Shining bell with which to ring / Her sweet whistle voice to sing


“Command” / Encouraged one to wear the hat desired / Confident, in her spirit free exhaulted fired / Brass buttoned shined, and…


‘Porter’ / Silk suited with self pompous air / Strutted I to waiting porter there / Smiled couteous to my curt ‘My case&#…

“Ocean Limited”

‘Ocean Limited’ / Golden glow / Unpon the track / Pararelled in flow / Not looking back. / Orange colour greeting / Pallette ar…

The Clerk Escapes on Evening Trains

I spend much time / on crowded trains / damp and huddled / crushed in corners / pinned by crowds / I think of you. in these conditions …


Though dark of night sky, bright was the snow.

cutters, trains and heroin

3 friends in 2 years they’ll never find rest, they’re mulch and they chose that path i don’t blame them i just wish i had…

‘Strong Empress’

Sleek lines provocative sensual / Impatient with experience small

“New Journey”

Traveling new destinations excited / Day dreams rocked on rails invited

“Rusted Rails”

Lingering spirits, encouraging calm / Erstwhile creatures encourage dawn

“Miles O’ Smiles”

Was there that I experienced my first taste of wine.

“Kindred Hearts”

Her contentment, to run free and wild! / Releasing free, each inner child!

Champagne,cocaine and trains

completely stupid but fun


It was not in me to leave alone / the little ones who had no defense, or the woman / without the will or sense to leave the drunken bully. …

“Burning Desire”

Together, melodious, we rang each other’s bell! / Powerful passions, to where led in dreams of tell!

‘Commuter Train’

Daily scheduled, uncertain sure / Child like Her expression pure


Relaxed aboard, and welcome song / Expressing free, encouraged strong! / Oh what a trip, with blown back hair! / Tickets collected, no char…

In Memorium, The Grey Man Snow Hill Train Station…

Office fag smoke and station steam obscured / calendars torn by time, flying numbers / fleeing into history or next year.


Time 6.45 on platform 5b of the busy train station in Sheffield.

“Night Train”

Eerie platform ghost like bare / Black suited charge accepts the fare

Of passing trains

Impossible / Impossible / To find the truth / Between the lines / Of passing trains and colder nights / It’s impossible / To find wh…

Everyone has a December Train

She smiled sadly and mumbled the words, “I’m numb to your cold heart these days.”

“Missed Trains”

Aboard in dream silhouette / Friendships to be yet met

Tracks and rails

Tracks and rails / make several trails / Through the forest we have. Will / those tracks and rails / and several trails / All be used for t…

‘Dance with Me’

Small the caution, gentle held, racing ’round the curves / Laughter erupts spontaneous, each to other serves


There is no fire in her heart, simply replied the conductor

Trains and I

When I rust away, the world is not bereft / of some piece of me. / That is how I want to be.

by train

a flashing gusset of modernism, / through viridescent cragged country / that has seen it all.

the lovely mrs. grundy

hanging out in my moralist tower i spied something from on high: simultaneously, everyone in the world stared at the sun and started laughi…

trains of thoughts.

from one vain to another, / from one vehicle to another, / from one vision to another, / the between, / the transition.

Little Strong One

Curious the wee one, sitting still happy unafraid / Smiling is Her countenance, upon the platform stayed

‘Little Green Lights’

Winter’s cold frost fingers in fear desire succumb / Alone, stood stalwart platform, attempted heart numb

Radiobiology (Crumpled Theater Tickets)

And I wait for empty trains to arrive / Alone in salt lit stations / At the apprehensive side of my universally insecure soul / Counting da…

Tube Motion

As I lay waiting, for sleep to come, / I feel the push and pull of the underground train

pasajeros aka passengers

keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel!.

South Bound Trains & One Eyed Jacks

Merry Christmas baby / Won’t you come home tonight? / Help me make it through / This long and silent night

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