Taoist on a Train Taoist on a Train / From one grain of sand / there begat more / until a desert there / enveloped the scene / could one grain of sand / but … On the Train A spent mattress lay haphazard in the dirt, tagged with black spray paint, and yet another billboard read, “You’ll be back̶… The City Sleeps the city sleeps / yet I cannot / I toss and turn / in the darkness of my room / counting sheep futile / the pain brutal / as I long to hold… Observed on a train 070508 MKI Clifton Hill, 7:51am express to Preston, came on time, sat down… / Poster on the wall reads: / “Connex supporting VIS athletes … I only wanted you to love me . Letter from the madhouse / I have come to the station on a day pass with a sign with one word on it. / But train after train passes me by … The Old Lady And The Train. I first posted this nearly 18 months ago and, as it is one of my favourite pieces of my own writing, I post it again just because I want to… A black train wakened feeling like my head had just been smashed by 5’ inch steel core column. A Commuter Void Of Form Shouting into a communication device, throwing their verbal laundry around the carriage. KEEP READING Every evening / When riding the train / There’s so much action / You can go insane / There are candy wrappers / On the ground / Peop… Crazy Train We sometimes take a ride / On that train / And it circles your life / Like a noose / Next stop…. somewhere / Passing hysteria / Goons… THE JOURNEY He sat on the train / With his eyes closed / Thinking of a new poem / Or perhaps prose / The train jolted / And with it’s stop / The … On the Edge, and back again it’s like staring into the sky, and falling / that feeling you get when you know what’s coming WE TRAIN SMART ANIMAL; BRILLIANT ANIMALS TRAIN US It is often said smart animals are easily trained / They are, but: / I have come to the conclusion / Brilliant animals train us Halloween Alone In A Crowd Of Thousands a ghostly evening and story perfomance celebration palooza, remaining quiet in the kitchen Signal Failure all those aboard, don’t have a clue / they’re all a bit nonplussed ‘Train Journey’ ‘Train Journey’ / She was just a wee One, didn’t have a ticket / Curious fear evident, She approached wicket / Nonchalant… The Blues Train Travelling by steam / Pioneer of empowered people moving / An adrenalin rush for the adventurous Taoist on a Train From one grain of sand / there begat more / until a desert there / enveloped the scene / could one grain of sand / but be held in the mind… Last Train The midnight rain follows the train all the way to New Orleans / In the valley of desolate dreams / There’s work to be done but the w… Train Window I’m seeing the world with my own eyes, / and my heart skips for a tick, / because those eyes are looking right / back at me from the reflec… High Street Haiku – The Train Station Train Station Depression. One Breast Train On my way to the city and out popped my breast, julia the woman in cheap clothes… yes… she was julia’s favourite – did anyone else notice the Dior perfume, the rock on h… The Platform The crowd shudders occasionally, shivering in fear and exhaustion. The movement forces people at the edge off the platform and onto the ho… Who is Driving This Train? Being motionless is death or non existence. / No matter how slow life appears to be moving, / it is moving just the same. On A Train Platform We sat like strangers on a train platform, / waiting for our train to be announced. / Though I sat at your side, I didn’t know / what… Trains I / The train is where I just exist / No school / No friends / To please / To comfort, / To lie to. / A place where I can write / And list… the train heartbreak quick and short Train of life… In my life I have found… Train Ride – Original I felt as though I was about to be shot in the back of the head. That’s a very odd feeling I thought. Goodbye Again The clock is ticking / Its time to board the train / I leave you there / Standing in sorrow / Crying in the rain Train Ride – 2nd Edition “Well you see I have always had a fascination of death, not in a cult like way but speaking philosophically." “Circus Train” Worrisome my thought refrain / Those departing on the Circus Train. Perfect morning commute Standing jam packed on the peak hour train I see him across the carriage. A new face on this daily journey. He has his sunglasses on but I … The train journey Together we need a respite from howling / In the inner depths of the train’s night, / Clackety clackety , inside full with feeling / I stir… “Rails to Obscurity” Tourist cameras click at will / Ignorant of north life still Train 139, Track 1, 6:20 P.M. New Haven / Stains the snow white sign in red / Like that letter I send that time, / The envelope sealed with a scarlet kiss. / But that… “The Train” I listen to the sound of the rain / beating ferociously against my window pane. / Darkness contains my distress, / In a room of uncertainty… Hope Train We’re stow-aways / on this Hope Train, / plowing through / the cerulean night. / You and me, / the moon and stars, / and incandescent… Soul Train no matter what age / zero to one-hundred and ninety-two Train Ride – 3rd Edition “How haven’t you been caught?” / “Not many people can remember a reflection.” I am nostalgic and seasonal They don’t love the way we do.) / They bless the roads and intersections / And J-walk into the .עולם הבא / (Who better to judge than a ד(י)… Over the Hill You never know what could happen, / Don’t want to say goodbye just yet… Get On The GloryBound Train Chorus: / I’m rejoicing in His Name, / JESUS CHRIST / Forever reigns. / Hallelujah don’t be ashame, / Get on! Get On, The Glory… Train Station Train station / the ballet of the cleaning machine / around the sleepy tramp. Postcards from Purgatory: Tuscany Incognito Flash—a farmhouse with a calico cat sleeping near a whirlwind of feathers. Flash—a pond dotted with white swans diving into their own refle… Without Looking Back You enter my mind / Like a freight train / Speeding down the tracks / A one way destination / Without looking back Camden ‘Steve? Steve come on, pick up,’ said Dave into the phone needlessly as it rang. He jumped up the steps of the underground stat… There’s A Train Wreck Inside My Chest There’s a train wreck inside my chest / People missing limbs / Severed arms and legs / Children separated from parents / And lovers split i… A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (30) Train to no-where. I was a lot more fun as a traffic accident then I was a lover. Once there was pain Here I go, afraid yet relieved / Somber yet warmly received Train Night parting at its passage .. Train to extinction Trusting / Blinkered donkeys we / Carry the weight of / Greed and avarice at / “The Man’s” bidding. / Caring not for the… Fire On The Train At Broadway-Nassau Feel the hush of the train / Rush of the sirens. / Feel the carrying on / Of us breathless tyrants. “Midnight Special” ….extract? Who wouldn’t want to ‘board th’ midnight special?…. Got to get off, the wrong train Because I’ve got to get off / I’m on the wrong train / The wrong train going nowhere / Where ever i get off / I don’t car… Blocks In kindergarten, directed draw / Blocks, upon the paper saw A train journey Then the world moved away slowly under our feet; / A barebacked child mopped the floor under our seats / A fifty -paise coin glistened in h… Face on a Train Flecks of sunlight, / Filtered fragments, / Shade and shadow, / Clearly hidden / Shining moments. / Strobing contours, / Gleaming skin to… Train Of Time The light at the end of the tunnel / Is the oncoming train of time / On the front you will find the Grim Reaper / With a flamethrower, clea… Released Sensual Her form, unhidden grace / Sweet curves exciting along silent trace “Wee One” Black suite with polish shoe / Trainside there ’side train true “Wedding Train” Wedding Train / Flowered line sweet perfume / Fragance nervous of the groom / Mists of doubt creep in eery silence / Organ plays death marc… Train of Thought The train roars through the hot muggy air of the countryside… I open the curtain a crack and peer out at passing palm trees, rice fie… The Old Lady And The Train Lovely weather, nice spring day; / Forty years ago, this way, / Her son went off to Flanders field FREIGHT TRAIN Do you hear the whistle on the track? / A freight train is on it’s way. / It’s softly and peacefully calling, / As it does this… A Rant on a Train What makes sitting on a train the opening for a philosophical breakthrough? I missed the bus/boat/train/plane. I missed the bus. / I missed the boat. / Now I’ll just head / back on down home. / Watch the cars passing by, / like all the years, … Hidden Train Wreck I’m a train wreck wrapped in pretty words, / I’m everything you’ll never need, / I’m a head on collision for the world to see, / My life is… The Old Lady And the Train (verse form) 1. / Figure bent and dressed in black, / All her worries on her back, / Plods along the country lane / Whilst, in her mind, she hears a tra… train Can’t …. stop crying / seems to me / as it’s seen / sorrow won’t let me be / What’s that saying they always… The Old lady And The Train. Hmm! he thought, glancing at his watch. He called to his wife. / “Haven’t seen Emily yet. Not like her to be late and it’s not far off dusk… Hobo On A Train The Scenery; The Ride / The train travels through chilly spring sunshine today and stops now and then allow one a peek at the scenery, the … A nice train ride The lights flickered and flashed, streaking along the window. The occasional spark from the track would light up the area and objects arou… I hear the train a coming Turmoil / A wave to the brain / Nonsense / Increasing the pain / Breath / Helps to restrain / Micromanagement / Is driving me insane / Ret… Train The mist hits my face as / I climb on the train, / My baggage in hand / I seat myself near the window / A young soldier arrives / And sits … Hell Bound Train Hell Bound Train / I’m angry about the state of the world! / I’m angry about things I can’t control; / Evil politicians, bad rock and roll!… Taking the Train Together I’m indebited to you / I’ve wanted to know you / the gloss of your hair / your jawline / the litheness of your frame… train of life. Kudos to you fine people who ride the train of luxury. I am the one who pulls the plow below. I build the train you ride, with all attempts… Blue Train The midnight rain follows the train all the way to New Orleans / In the valley of desolate dreams / There’s work to be done but the w… Run-ons We spoke about / Cliched guitar-string suicides cutting our throats standing in a paint-chipped / disaster and simultaneously killing ourse… Mr. Executive The overpowering scent of stale cigarettes Hell Bound Train Hell Bound Train / I’m angry about the state of the world! / I’m angry about things I can’t control; / Evil politicians, bad rock and roll!… The Last Moment Life passes by on a 5:30 train to nowhere / The only sound is the rushing wind… ‘A Way Out West’ For an immeasurable passage, there was naught but the reverberation of the tone. / Nostalgia not commendable, for those ‘ready beset,… How Do You? How do you / Find meaning in nothing / How do you / Find a pattern in / Erratic behavior / There’s a method to my madness / That I cannot e… Train car humanity I live in Manhattan and there is enough going on on the subway to write about until the end of time. The Train Rhyme TATAN TATAN TATAN / THE TRAIN RUMBLES ON HIS TRACKS / I PICK AND LIGHT ONE OF MY FAGS / TATAN TATAN TATAN / THE STEEL TRACKS KEEP ME WAKE /… Reset: (Drama Rehearsal) as seen in active dreams Hell Train The steam train puffed loudly through the thick fog of the cold winter night, while I lay soundly asleep unaware of the happenings aboard t… Le Poisson Rouge. Its hard to write a poem / though its all i want to do sometimes… Cityrail Ride It lies there chuurrring / It’s wheels keep turning / Pathetic. Begs / On it’s back. “Train Wreck” ‘Train Wreck’ / Wrecks / Seen in the crystal ball / Stupidity’s express to nowhere / Clanging bells sound unheeded warnin… HORSE Mighty black horse I can see / From my window on the train / This horse is faster then any other horse can be / And he runs with no rein. i dream I think, she says, I think that if I could see into other’s dreams, then I would understand them, become them.. Loss Somewhere between time and space
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