I like trains I like trains and the tracks people make in their lives, understanding fascinates the watcher. / Thoughts about life, the picnic, the cl… Conflict I didn’t think of you for last few days / It seems memories have forgotten home / your heart have forgotten my heart’s door / I… Beyond those tracks The introverts are travelling backwards A beautiful dream, once more Drinking in the morning sun… / …What made me behave that way… / …using words I never say tracks “Yeah, i want to run under the moon, ride the wild winds to your door.” / “Sounds good!” / “I think it will be good fun and maybe cheeky!” Breathless In Her Tracks What a grand time we had, the two of us, sentient beings, wanderers, infants suckling at the tit of some stranger, for all we knew. ~ Soft the Water Flows ~ Where do these paths I take lead me / through bends and bush and plain Railroaded If you closed your eyes, you could envision a bald, fat hairy guy who watches football in his sleeveless undershirt, drinking beer and belc… Greatest Hits performs at the University Art Gall… Greatest Hits also features the very personal work of award-winning animator Van Sowerine in Clara, 2004, which uses stop-frame doll-animat… what will YOU do? …brutal attacks – on the other side of the tracks / - we all just turn our backs… two tracks one at the left / and one at the right / two tracks / reflected back / into your sight. / you asked me to dream / or, to dream up a dream,… Winterbrook Falls, Tasmania. A review of the Winterbrook Falls track, Tasmania. of camel tracks and ivory cats and o to drink of … silver wheels and golden calves / whirl and spin a dervish dance. / a black eye sunset / bled out red from a slit sun then poured / as if s… Wrong side of who’s tracks I keep looking up expecting the scenery to shift… / and one day it does.. same trees .. same gravel / but instead of a dirt road.. th… Halloween Alone In A Crowd Of Thousands a ghostly evening and story perfomance celebration palooza, remaining quiet in the kitchen illusory tracks we crafted mazes in other people’s fields. / we shouldered the gentle bride of loneliness. / lie patient my brother. / no money and … Without Looking Back You enter my mind / Like a freight train / Speeding down the tracks / A one way destination / Without looking back Changing the Tracks to a New Destination The Universe responds best to feelings. And think about it, so do we as human beings. Someone can say the words ‘I love you’ but if they … A Second Feature for Sunrise Tracks …WOW… thanks to the AS IS Group …now this is how you start a weekend ….your humbled photo-truck driver Steve He Walks he walks at night / pacing the cold steel / checking his watch time to time / worried / wondering if she managed / to slip away / without d… How To Stop Time ‘In Its Tracks’̷… Appreciate it. Tracks of My Tears each of us / has a dark / and a light half / we walk a tightrope / everyday / not to fall into / the darkness / all the while / reaching fo… The Tracks Run in and out of town The Tracks Run in and out of town / When you arrived the glory rested and was well established the combined ease and effort of life / Prod… Reset: (Drama Rehearsal) as seen in active dreams Tomato Man Makes Tracks Making tracks / On tomato tops / Bouncing along / While singing a song / Every ‘mater / Gets a track / Tomato man’s / Romping secret plans Tracks staring up into the light i could tell that it wast the “heaven” I was expecting when I passed but more like a sign that everyt… Railroad Tracks Railroad tracks, / Walking by my side / As I head towards an unknown destination. / I smell the hot asphalt under my shoes / As I take each… 11:42 P.M., Somewhere Among Chains And Tracks We took / to the subway car like bread / to mold, silhouettes of breath staining / the white-tinted windows, laughter stroking / the seats … forbidden tracks I walk though the darkness searching for the light, / scared and frightened I wont make it out alright. / I turn my head and listen hoping … Tracks and rails Tracks and rails / make several trails / Through the forest we have. Will / those tracks and rails / and several trails / All be used for t… Warm Tracks on Snow Tarmac chilled by icy winds / Snow clinging tight as tired tyres slide / The headlight reflects what mist / We might have missed, had the s… Tracks and Arrows Standing on the bridge / by the tunnel / next to the park / where I go on Saturday mornings, / I began to lose myself / in the schooled bro… wrong side of the tracks silence hurts me / changes / converts me We’re there hours ago “At first glance, curious fascination overlooked childish reality of what had actually been found…”

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