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Photographer’s Guide: Eden and surrounds, N… For photographers who enjoy landscapes, fauna and photojournalism styles, you will be spoiled. MAD WORLD-9-11 Courtesy of C.N.N the horror will never end. / Those images indelibly etched in our minds eye. / The endless repeats of that plane slamming… THE ARROGANT TOWER [Video] / WE FAILED TO HEED THE LESSON / OF THAT FIRST ARROGANT TOWER / SO MANY DREAMS AGO………… / NOW WE BUILD SKYSC… TWIN TOWERS DEATH CAME FROM ABOVE. / TWIN TOWERS 9-11 / PRAY FOR THE LIVING! / PRAY FOR THE INNOCENT DEAD! / PRAY FOR AN END TO TERROR! Call of the Star She will infuse your cells with the glow of a new dawn / She will flow through your veins as would a mountain stream / She will open your m… open windows in the void, lights from the rubble … Surrounding the pillar of red ocher dust with just / the one blighted window / three-quarters / of the way / up— / where flocks of white… Faerie Tale – Chapter 2 – The Unicorn He needs to be free…. and so do I…. Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Ph… Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Photography & Writing Rapunzel’s Lament You stole me from the / Only home I almost knew / When I was just a little one / Crying in my mother’s arms. Towers We look into each other’s eyes and see the truth behind them. The loneliness, the pain, the unshed tears; it’s all so obvious s… The Qualities of Quast – “His dresser… _His dresser, Stewart Halbisch, as always, was a tower of strength. “He kept me sane throughout the whole run……” I … City Hall, London, United Kingdom 1.998 – 2.002 / Cliente / Client: Autoridades Locales – Local Authorities / Arquitecto / Architect: Foster + Partners / Tipo / Type: Ofici… Featured on Homepage. Featured on Homepage of Redbubble / I never thought that one day one of my photos will be featured on the homepage of redbubble. / I never … Tower of Shadows Red river burning / Bubbling / Boiling / Bursting through my veins When He’s Chiming, When He’s Chiming,… Touches Heart & Nation / Silence falls throughout London / Hope You Enjoy Big Ben / Please visit the pics too:-) The Ordinary Day You kissed us all goodbye, said See ya! Love ya! / And then you left and you never came back. / You went to work in a shining silver tower&… Fireworks Photography, New Year’s Eve (or &… She was a sensible girl tho: she wore black tights. The other two girls didn’t bother with the tights. Tower Block Vertical concrete / stretches high / Above the Liverpool sky / A symbol of the working class / For all to see / In every city in Britain / … Coming Around Again The itsy bitsy spider dutifully crawls / Up the water spout, / Verse after verse, / Though I’m sure his mood has deteriorated / By th… The Towers The towers were hit in a shower of anger / Innocent people made to suffer / The consequences of a Brutal Government / War declared on the t… Four Foot Child-woman-baby-face. I promised you the root of it all was in that saline tang… Game Tower Ravens perched on the crumbling tower of the castle, their piercing eyes watchful and wary. The castle must have been stunning in its heyda… The Tower of Shittim In the time of my indulgence / You look after and before / With the inclination of / Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde / Wicked winds whisper secre… Tower With No Stairs A tower built from ruination, reaching high into the clouds that float unhibited through the skies…A place in which to hide away̷… Rendez Vous a Paris As the sun rose over the city of Paris, casting long shadows over the Arc de Triumphe, the best detective in Northern France, Linda Noir, w… MY TOWER Send them against me / Your dark angels / On Wings / Burned / By the fires / That were to be / Your punishment Tower …Spacial Awareness… Beauty Over the sweet grass wafted darkness that in spiraling eddies danced so nimbly / Across the sward, toward the tall, ivy festooned tower whe… “All along the watch tower” I can’t help but to imagine my past life… / It’s a black, grey, and white scene, / An overly large apartment in the hear… The Tower Ancient tower built in vain, / Washed away by brimstone bane, / In Shinar did this Tower stand, / Erected on the watcher’s land, / The Anak… Strong Tower When the storms of life are raging / When there’s no rest for me to seek / When I’m fallen down and broken / When my spirit feels so weak The Tower Running through the city, people look and laugh at my disfigurements. I start to cry, tears falling down, mixing with the blood to form a w… Please draw me a picture Dearest Jenna, you should draw me a picture. / A picture of a princess -living in a castle with walls of shiny white tiles. The sun shines… the tower It was no longer my protection, it was my help to see me & the world around me A tower of the mind. In a window, / Miles from the ground, / Stare at the world, / As it spins around. / Cold walls of brick, / Mortar and stone, / Quiet to the… ‘Fractal’ Sick and fuckin’ tired bein’ ever torn in two, at a loss for Love and thinkin ’bout the likes of you. / Interstitial. / I… Breadcrumbs International Flyport Hello reader, you know that Fly (a) and Fly (b) are two different flies. The control tower does not know this. Flyport’s radar is out of ac… Paris without the Tower [Video] / [Video] / [Video] / [Video] the Tower can you really translate your brain / haggle over deviancies or pre-conceive / your responses / how intrigued by the romanticism / but, do… Boy in the Tower i’m the king of the castle / and you’re everything / i wish i could be / so low so perfect / a servant a god THE HANGING OF JESSEE JOHN TOWER Vigilante sunsets rise and fall with the decadent storms / That sweep across the Kansas Plains / With thunder whispers, rain pelts in small… Today’s Blue And Gray record timing, owing instant. striking as female hands, alive and scent a while ago. our personal forward The Songstone, Canto I: The Tower But Kora sat unmoving, in great magic. / The walls, her home, faded about her. Warmth / went; all alone and on a freezing plain, / dress… Such Is The Way A blade stabbed deep into the snow, / Near vanquished hero’s hand, His foe / absent of life’s tender glow: / Such is the way I love. the Fall of Civilization If our civilization fell, it would do so in such a way that no one would notice…poets would prophesize with their pens, unaware that their … High Street Haiku – Clock-tower Scowling down from high / A municipal time-piece / You’re ten minutes slow Tower I’m gona build a tower / a tower to the sky / and when I’m finally finished / you’ll have never been so high! Princess in a tower Denied by me daunting her somehow / What sights I dreamt of showing her / All those secret places of mine / Just caught by the catching of … Ivory Tower Heres this curious situation, Where all things are exempt including mental masturbation, A stimulation of the cells firing rapidly to creat… Towers Diesel powered almighty creator The Ogre You knew that I would find my dreams again - / Rescue them from the tower you locked them away in. / You only needed to keep me away long e… The Blackbird and The Tower of London A blackbird poem The Tower by the Sea Once, upon the rocky shore, / A mighty castle loomed; / Though wondrous to behold, / The keep was ultimately doomed. The Dog, The Bitch and the Christmas Tree Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a skinny female figure appears swathed all in black like an avenging giant ant. A shrill, high pitched voic… Long Time Ago Minds all in quite the simple sign of back and forth. hello, as space alludes the filling of itself. a body waits and practices for coming days. Tower of Stars On a passage through starlight / I’ll find my way / climbing these poetic stairs / imagining my steps to the skies / Bleeding shadows… Local Child’s Nightmare Red / Blinking eyes / Fire / Through the skies The Timeless Box The dark, cynical, and contemplative thoughts of an Israeli soldier on guard.

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