Break Up I did it / It killed me Everything is tough Every thing is tough / I sit quietly, / In the heart of the raven, / As the sparrow circles my head, / Black bird, black bird, / I beg of y… The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … Tough Crowd… Don’t get me wrong I’m not being arsy I’m just throwing my thoughts out into the redbubble skies and seeing what comes pl… A tough cookie… A sweet biscuit… / Good enough to eat. / A tough cookie… / Is what you see. / Have a taste of me… / And you’ll want… WAITING AT HEAVEN’S DOOR Life has not been easy for me / I’ve had it real hard / My heart sometimes hurt / As if sliced by a glass shard / I’ve been thr… She’s a Tough Little Cookie She’s a tough a little cookie. / Never again will they see her cry. Depth Dweller I sit in my basement / melancholy to the dawn. / I promise, I’m a kind heart; / just a bit of a loser. / Tried but can’t hide m… Tough Girl I am more than the sum of my body parts / For I carry in me tremendous smarts / Just when you think you’ve pulled the wool / You̵… Leather Couch The smell so sweet. The touch just right. / You linger on all through the night. Spare The Rod; Spoil The Child By nipping his belittling words in the butt / I gained a higher education of not much use / He became perplexed as a spoilt man-child / I b… Fencing the drought. She brushes away the flies, shovel-head cracks to ground… ZEBRA LADY FROM THE PLANET ZOG The Zebra Lady From The Planet Zog / Is so agile she can jump like a frog / Her skin is striped blue and black / And when she is mad fire s… WISDOM Eyes are the doorway to the soul / That’s what I have been told / I was never really sure this was true / Until I had the chance to l… Life can be very tough !!! The down sides of moving away from the country you were born. walking in the rain …we’ll stay up all night / in the morning we’ll fight / and play with trains… / …we’ll borrow love / fr… On becoming tough when you love someone / and spend all your life / loving, teaching, and / nurturing them / you are so vulnerable / to them hurting you / u… Tough Times Remember when the times were tough / When you didn’t have enough / food to feed your wife and kids / When you thought your life was on the … You’re Tough Yeah, it hurts. / but you’re tough / you can take it / keep it coming / it’s never enough / You swallow / it trickles down… THE SMOKER There he goes, Cigarette snuggly in hand / He is what is called a “Man’s man” / Always so sure of what he will do / He is… ENOUGH When do you say I’ve had ENOUGH / How do you decide to get tough / Weeping has gotten you no where / You know in your heart he doesn… They breed ’em tough in the land down under… floods.. Words are a tough master Words are a tough master tough, hard, difficult It is tough / when the sea is rough / when you wish you were on your back / catching some sleep in your rack. / It is hard / when you’… wait forever. yes, the morning came in, thick as honey, studded with beestingers of shadows: the unlight from the trees’ stagnant fingertips. / last ni… Tough Love ’10 The Fragile psyche…….. Intervention You can say what you want / Of religion and faith / The contentment it provides / The truth-relief to pray Failure When you’ve been told your best is not enough / No-one else will understand / What it was that made you rough Tough Day This day had been a hard one. / This was evident in the slump of her narrow shoulders, evident in the way she lifted her feet as if each tr… Untitled “Yo, John!” A single pair of eyes turned towards the call as she jumped down from a large tow truck. She was wearing large dark sunglasses … Love. (Mature) Soul Mate. Always not good enough / This shouldn’t be so tough / I hate fighting with you / My love you have no clue / I would do anything / To … Young, Good-Looking And Acting Kinda Tough I can see the future pushing a trolley at Asda, / with a red face and a paunch and corned-beef for lunch. / Peering over the wrong specs to… Tough Old Game It’s just I’m very sensitive / Being an artist and all how much tough you are……. THe heart has two corners, a soft one and a hard one and between these two your life moves on. that is why you react differently at diff… tough decision the agony of this decision / if it has to be made / will break my heart / it will leave me a shattered woman / for a while / but all you c… When times are Tough It is so hard to feel a sense of worth / When all doors seem to close / You know you have put your best forth / And new ideas to propose /… It’s Tough. it’s tough living here nowadays / swimming in clothing and “cooler” ways / what do we do, smoke the drugs? drink the drin… Crooks There’s a part of me / that wants to curl up in a hole / stretched to the core, / dead bolt the door, / and never come out again. / I… Seeking Lifes Beauty It’s never too late to change your life, no matter who you are. tough bikkies every second drags its weary feet / time slows to a crawl / knees buckle under the pressure / of a bowing spine / momentarily close my dust… The Cause We won’t follow the yellow brick road / cause we built it, / go ahead and talk shit, / but we’re done with it. We Are Tough For the days you have stood by my side, / For the nights you’ve laid next to me / For the mornings you’ve held me close, / For … Love Rollercoaster Sometimes it’s really hard to see the forest through the sleeves. / She is the blood that I pumped, and the air that I breathe. / We … Art is a Drug (Tough Break) Art is a drug. / Producer of dopamine, / you know what I mean, / I can’t ignore you / muse of my muse / most of the time I can’… Tough Choice to Love / or / to Hate / for what you did / you deserve / Hate / but / Love / is all / I want to feel / your breath in the night / to Love… party boy. beyond a bottle of Jack / a laced blunt / or a couple pills. STRONGMAN COMPETITIONS 1970’s STYLE! Rocks, Planes,People – yeah I’ll lift them! Regardless I will show them the wind / does not stop blowing, just because / you cry out you are cold / A scar will not disappear / even though, you&#… A Tough Decision Her life was getting too complex / As she is feeling more perplexed / Holding that sharp razor blade / A tough decision must be made / If s… Peace in the Hardest Times Its these moments of calm in which we can clear out minds / And deal with the most struggling times ahead of us.

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