To Touch Someone…

You don’t have / to touch someone… / to touch someone.


I’m lying face down on a white sheet in a room that smells of organic healing; sweet floral essences undercut with a deep, earthy pun…

My Lust

…your fingers draw masterpieces on my body, / wetting my skin and my apetite, …

Passion of Love: Part one chapter 1"Left Beh…

“You really want to know what I’m grinning at?” he asked. “Yes” Jean said. “Ok, I’ll tell ya, see when you get past this belt buckle darli…


my fingers trace the veins / snakeing down your skin / luminous / they share the hidden bits / stories you keep within / each pulse / a mo…

Secret Dance!


A Mere Mortal

A simple poem that has remained one of my favourites.

Touch mine…

I touched a girl’s heart / She asked if she could be mine / I got lost in the blue of her eyes / 5’5 so fine and she smelt so divine / Sh…

Each Time We Touch…



I stand enveloped / in the stillness of pre-dawn cover, / a world of vague whispers

I have loved you.

From the moment our eyes first touched / Lost in pools of green and blue / In that moment when all else was laid quiet / I had loved you. /…


See how you made them feel

Touch Me…

Branded flesh / sizzles beneath / your touch

beg (M)

the extra tension he felt brought him so close to the edge of climax; he punched the mattress & begged her to stop…

fluttering synths

the way he undressed her / she even / forgot her nudity..

A Dream of You

Here, on the other side of things / Where the dreams gather to rest / I met a Dream of You

PAIN’S MIGHT … Oh the tender soul of it all

You gave your fists hands to touch Death’s not alone / And you unfurled your wings here to span the whole globe / But were rained on by st…

The missing touch

I see very little difference / as I wake, / this Christmas day, / the regular mountain / of unaffordable toys, / but I am happy, / for I re…

Don’t touch me.

More fragile than oldest antique, / dirtier than history itself, / angrier than stormiest night; / more delicate than frost in the hand, / …


I fly now / It is your how / I will not ask why / I like it up high

In the presence of love

When daylight dims, moves aside for veil of night and sleepless ghosts of old and fear and loneliness all drift in faceless visions; it’s t…


She blushes sweet sincere and chocolate, / prismatic in her character / reflecting her soul off every spectrum / and direct into my boso…



Embraceable Us


Human Touch

See me / with your fingertips / each curve / every line

don’t touch me

i’ve stitched my heart / with white thread / it bleed a little / each drop of blood / reminded me of the lovers / that broke my hear…

Human touch

No, not all / it’s way too much / I just need a profile, a wink / A simple human touch




where delicate whispers / copied themselves and disappeared,

A dream

I had a dream / You took me under your wing / Everything feels good now

Kiss me, want me, take me…

Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine / An erotic dance of passing time / My heart’s racing as fast as yours / My body’s craving for …

Algo tuyo en mi

There is a little bit of / me in you


… fingers encircle…

kiss me crazy

Kiss me, love / Lavish- faze me / Kiss me kiss me / Splendid crazy / Forehead / Cheekbones / Lips / And hips / Curves / That merge to …

I touch your body

I touch your body / Teasing your senses apart / Taking you gently / Honestly / Into me

Love Enhanced

I touch your lips and feel them quiver / I smell the scent that you deliver / I hear you breathe and feel you shiver / I taste the salt as …

Dark Eyed Questions

The Gift / He offered me touch / I took his hands and lips / He desired tenderness / I gave my eyes and mouth / His black pools / Careened…

First Touch…(.repost)

Let’s crawl inside each other / and let spirit , reborn find fallow ground. / Adding nutrient …with this…first touch


Just one touch / Can be the / difference between / Living / and / Dying

tonight I shall

unfold the hiding in me

Her Touch

She whispers in flowers,

I’ve missed his touch

i missed him, my muse / my handsome, sexy muse / he left me all alone / to dwell in silence / my brain was numb / my fingers raw / from al…

A Touch…

A touch of nostalgia / has spoken to me / as I slipped into / the heart of being / a gift it was / this treasure unadorned / while perusi…

First Touch

Quivering anticipation / Shivering butterflies / Trembling hands



Almond Eyes

The door to your soul / as they find focus / beautiful brown / some gorgeous green / sky blue bright / and then almost back / to simple /…

Awaken by Orange (with a divine touch )

Ultimate joy


Let me brush the hair from your face / holding it ever so gently as I do.. / Show me your eyes / bright, and so full of life.. / Hold my ha…

The Pain of Touch

the rivers of sweat flying through the air, eyes crushed deep in sockets, nostrils flaring to grasp at air that his mouth could no longer t…

The witness

The air was thick and humid, / A black and starry night.. / The clouds had not returned since winter, / The summer it was dry. / We sat tog…

This space they cannot touch

Dreams can be found even without sleeping


I feel good that he takes care of us / us, with speckles in the eye / not golden / but blue / or green


Forever you are within my heart / You who’s smile is a thousand stars. / Tonight we walk along this shore of memory / And relight the candl…

A touch. (erotic)

What is in a touch, / A light and fluttered dance, / Of hand on silky skin, / So light to tickle arms, / So soft upon your breast, / A life…

(Love) You can feel but never touch.

The sands made out of coral / A castle for my heart to stay / But everytime I found a love / The sands of love slipped away. / A dove as…


Her eyes move / like wild ponies, tremble like salt shakers / on a thunder rumbled table.

Title of the day

except / perhaps / a symphony / of your smile / I am drawn to

You are There

you are there / still, as a rock / traveling in the vast water of waves / proving eternity to the world…

His hands

You sleep with your hands above your head / Like a young boy / Afraid of waking you, I carefully slip my fingers into yours / As if it was …

d r i v e n t o d i s t r a c t i o n

I can not speak to you / but conversation lingers on my tongue

It Takes An Artist’s Touch…

… to draw a smile. / ;)

I’d Love to Make Your Hoobs Bounce


Shape of my Heart

With your gentle touch / My Heart now has the shape of the Heart / The edges are smoothen

My Sweet Toxin

The reality hits like a bullet to the heart / we can never be. we are bound to others.


Please, play…

Life within the living

To rock aware why / we rise to human matters

to many hands that have touched my skin

yes to many hands have touched my skin / trapped to see them / crawing along the walls and on my skin

Touch somebody’s life

It won’t cost a thing.

Embraceable you

let go / you won’t fall / you’re not alone / there’s me / my arms around you / my heart next to your heart / there’…

Touch Me

Souls in their warrior’s sleep / Find places where men wash wounded men / And welcome hands / Of filtered light / Settle warm on da…


Turn your head in time / Only to find no rhyme / Under a spell so mysterious / Casting it’s web within / Hands on skin with eyes …

u n h i n g e m e

as if being loosened / quarter turn at a time

Our Walk ©

Hand in hand we walk along the shore. / Sailboats drifting on the water like phantoms in the night. / The light of the moon directs our pat…


Don’t hold me, / I want to close like the daisies at night.

The Five Sensuals


your touch

your touch like the sun

I Miss You

I miss you in the evenings, the softness of your lips, the breathless sigh that filled me as you embraced me with a kiss …….

simple as this

all i want is to feel loved… / to be felt by someone again / and kissed / like my lips / were the last / she’d ever / taste.

Your faintest touch……

Your faintest touch / Sent raptures of red velvet / Pumping feverishly / Around my body / Stirring up a dormant frenzy / Driving me crazy /…

Your Touch (Erotic)


Right now…




Touch of Autumn

gulls pulsate insistently… / a beckoning cold touch… / autumn…fallen leaves / frail as humanity pausing / on the horizon …



a single embrace

as pieces inside of you / are ebbing, are fading, / you learn how to be alive

The Memory of You

seething with desire

The Lesson

I don’t want you / But I want you to take hold of me tight / Tug my hair / Kiss me with thee utmost care / Then rough handle me / Ever fair…

You Better Touch IT…

… by barely touching IT. / :)

Esophagus Knot

I found parts of you still in my body / at the same time / I found the familiar lumps in my throat. / If only I could iron them out / cares…

Our healing world

To touch / to soothe - / to heal / to respect / to play / to be there / to be part of / to be loved / to feel wanted / to feel emot…

The Act Of Love (WARNING: Erotic)

This drug you call love…. / This longing you call desire… / I feel your passion filling my veins. / Pumping lust through my swe…

whisper words

don’t / refuse to whisper words

feminine touch

with just a flick of the / tip of your / delicate tongue / my blood is rising to such / a degree

You touch me and I’ll make it. ©

You touch me and I’ll make it. © / BY: Hector A. Encinas


His voice is definitely gruff / There are times / People think he’s tough / I don’t think people know / Why I love him so much …

The Human Touch

When my narratives are cut off, please view the photograph in the art section. Looking at this pile of wood, I saw two pieces that reminded…
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