Pain... by paradox0076 Tormented... by paradox0076 Torment © Vicki Ferrari Photography by Vicki Ferrari The 3 Final Screams by bikeymikey Torment, Grey Series 5-1990SFx by nyghtfalcon TOILET POLITICS/POLITICAL HOSTAGE by JaneAParis Dibbles torment... by peyote The Stones, Now Free of The Ocean's Torment, Gathered  For A Collective Sigh of Relief  by Scott  Richey Gothic Gargoyle Perch (full alpha in white) by AbsinthTears BLESSED ARE THE PERSECUTED by JaneAParis clothespin by Sofia Wrangsjo Feeding Lucifer.  by - nawroski - Torment  by Martin Dingli Twisted Wires (Mature) Silent under a sky of torment by The Ruby Tuesdays Crazed The blade it runs like a crazed animal / Sliding across your flesh fixtures It’s approaching, / The pain & torment…failure, loneliness. Ring the bell Into darkness now I turn / say goodbye to sanity / never I’ll feel warm again Guitar by justinbysma I was scared I was scared of the Darkness! / Too, I was scared of the Light! Tormented flow When darkness creeps upon you / And where day now seems night / Where in hidden valleys / Tears fall in bitter succession a bursting tear (PG) My mind is filled with thoughts of your torment. / Your absence disquiets me. PAIN PAIN / Searing / And searching to find your most vulnerable area / Throbbing / Aching / Cruel torments / Shutting down all other feelings /… Welcome to my chambers by PictureNZ 'My torment' Acrylic and oil on canvas. by artbymelody Cerebral Palsy by Adam Brunckhorst Bound in Torment by Ian Jones Torment by Scott Mitchell Just hanging by Teresa Schultz The Torment of Van Gogh by Julia  Ward Automatism ism ism ism It all started as a joke. At first I was laughing, but it soon took a wrong turn. Drowning. Can’t find up. Can’t seem to get up. Spinn… Depression. Alone and torn deep inside / too many nights when eyes have cried … Trapped in Torment...Drawing Day 2011 by Christina Rodriguez Torment. by SarahhXO Tormented by PictureNZ Tormented in Time by RichCaspian What’s Mine I’m curled up in a ball inside / Rolling around and trying to avoid / Things that keep poking me The torment of peace... by su2anne Life awaits Life awaits for those who dare Torment me by Sarah-Lynn Brown Beyond Endurance by Seng Mah Bleeding Heart by Nicolas Raymond Torment 1280 by nyghtfalcon No One Has Eyelids In Hell by Randy  Burns Time Worthiness May I learn each every moment; / Give thanks, make full its portent. / Let each moment be divinely spent / Blessings to which my time is le… Torment, White Series 0515 by nyghtfalcon The torment of peace Is it / Human nature to be / Perpetually at / War with ourselves? And / Further wreak / Havoc on the / Lands about… where is the / State ca… Living Nightmare I was eighteen / I was innocent / It ended all too soon … forever trapped in torment thoughts of you race / your the disease / the addiction / your cancer / even when i think your gone / out of my life / a small thought … Kissed It Clean Her angry palm… / Spoke sharply with my rosy cheek, / Kissed it clean, / As it left the room. / I sunk sadly into the safety / Of her… torment by eric abrahamowicz Torment of Vanity by RafikiStradley Anguish  by PictureNZ Torment Your heart lay broken, / Bleeding and bruised; / But beat it still did, / With purpose and strength. / The onslaught continues, / Hide in y… Isaiah 53 : 4 by Theodore Kemp Sandals of the Nazarene Chapter VII In any annals of the Greek and Romans which I have studied, there is no one , not even Plato, Aristotle, that spoke like the Nazarene of wh… portrait of a sober artist by Ben Pateman Black Hole by Liam Liberty Suicide, the Demon of inner torment  by Darren Bailey LRPS torment if seeing is believing then films are a worry. Box Taste my kiss, / my dying love, / feel this fist, / crash from above. Inspired Art; Industrial Disease; True Victim! Patient in Hyperbaric Chamber by leih2008 Depression I see that dog a sitting a little while away / I think for just a moment, he gets closer by the day / His black coat a gleaming, his teeth … Torment, Grey Series 5-1990 by nyghtfalcon Torment by Beckyswann Torment and Hope by primeann torment by 1busymom torment by russtokyo Her Photograph She visited -fleeting photograph / Radiant smile torment by Katherine  Bobeck The Dead by Richard  Gerhard Feel Good Pass the temple, church everyday, / On the way to tavern where enjoyment lay. / Wake up with a head of burning fire, / Look up and stare di… AT PEACE NOW The swirling torrent / Tumbled me over & over Long Ago What are these / falling from my eyes, Torment by Christopher Keough Insanity by Adrena87 So He Has a Little Lamb Artistic antagonism at its best. Sciatica by Adam Brunckhorst Black and Blue by LadyStardust This World Is Too Much My heart crushed to powdery dust, / waiting to be mended. / My pitiful life bound to rust, / could that be the way God intended? / No one k… I TRIED TO TELL THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN… So I died and they didn’t even say they were sorry, because they weren’t… "Thou art to me a delicious torment"Emerson  by fluttering Torment by jroane Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament by Adam Brunckhorst The End by TheMotiveHunter Jewish Kingdom of Pain and Torment  by ShonkyPeterson My Torment by bikeymikey After the wake... by D. D.AMO Cassandra by Anne Schwaderer torment by Loui  Jover Torment by Paul Cons geisha torment by slbphotography Struggle by Kevin Middleton the torment of Icarus by vinpez Man In Torment  by david michael  schmidt self-torment by Brianna Hausske
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