Today I take responsibility for tomorrow At the beginning of the day we wake to a world of endless possibility / And as the day progresses we go through obstacles that challenge o… Forgiveness not forgotten I forgave you yesterday for hurtful words / today, I compromised for affection / I’ll forgive you tomorrow / and lose more faith in m… There’s not a person in the world… . tomorrow in a sacred lullaby we adore / both / good and bad me / a ceremony / true to our loved selves / born / of ages / swept up in the moon / i u… Sensing the Skin of Tomorrow The texture of her frame is too soft for her breath tonight / She must dream of iron and alchemy to fashion a new will of life ALWAYS TOMORROW [Video] / SOME OF US WOULD LOVE TO CREATE UTOPIA, / BUT REALITY GETS IN THE WAY. / IT WINDS ITS’ STIFLING TENDRILS / AROUND OUR DREAMS AND … unknown souls i walk the path / of unknown souls / where by day / all their faces / blend into one / where by night / they disappear / into the vast dar… Heart of Stone My cold heart of stone / bleeding tears of ice / cracked by forever-winter / held in shaking hands of bone / twisting, turning / ready to d… Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow too… An insight. wings of love Wind whispers empty words / air lies / tragic melody .. Happy mothers day to all fabulous mums for tomorr… mothers day this side of tomorrow. Black rain descending, / silver skies so blue, / little red angel, / my lies surround you, / lilith beware, / a storms on the horizon, / th… The Sun’ll Come up Tomorrow! One of the hardest things for a mother to endure is to see her child suffering, whether it’s physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Every… Tomorrow I’ll… Ohhhh, man my shoulder aches. I must have worked out hard last night… / I don’t feel like going to work… / She left the top of the shampoo… What Will Tomorrow Bring – Knowledge Knowledge is / Happiness… / Sadness, / Knowledge is understanding… / Cloud nine; is inside; home / Always vertical, / Undergrou… When If today had never come, / tomorrow we would never see. / Yesterday would last forever / and no future would there be. Better Tomorrow A better tomorrow is in each of our hands / within our grasps, if we choose to understand / Everything changes and will come to an end / in… Kiss this There was lipstick on the rear view mirror. Judas as Death Deferred How often does it happen that time reaches beyond time / Into the yawning, toothless maw of the infinite / Where there is no now, no then, … Bunions in the heart Wet sunshine a slippery emotion Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow……̷… Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. / Cherrish also those who from time to time will let us down, without letting it, get you down…̷… A Song of Loss For a thought has just now landed; / Love is a Dream, grasping for Reality / Which comes back Empty Handed. Dreams of yesterday….and crooked smiles of … the keyboard is stuck / I am motionless / transcending / into yesteryear / backspace oh please / no dont enter ! enter! / backspace oh ple… maybe no tomorrow I have reached post panic / stage / whadda ya got? / * / I have few skills / and even less ambition / my one desire is escape / as a vassal… Shall I see tomorrow? Let that last breath on that fatal shore / rise over the winds and carry me / beyond hurt, beyond tear / and in your memory / bear me home. it only snows between now and tomorrow? it only snows between now and tomorrow? / I got lost / In the underbelly of the / city of death, / on a cold January evening, / in search o… Today-Tomorrow Today is the day Yesterdays tomorrow All I do Is try to please and It just seems like a tease. “When tomorrow starts without me” When tomorrow starts without me / And I’m not there to see; / If the sun should rise and find your eyes / All filled with tears for me; / I… credo prove me wrong Procrastination No tomorrow… Yesterday No matter how good you were to me they say I have to let you go. / No matter how much you loved me and held on to my every word they say I … Tomorrows Keeper she who holds hope for the future 6 words for today and tomorrow This moment. When tomorrow comes. What will you do? / I ask, / as I sit here, / oh so alone in this world of blue, / will you leave me be, / set me free, / leave me alone? /… Our healing world To touch / to soothe - / to heal / to respect / to play / to be there / to be part of / to be loved / to feel wanted / to feel emot… Dorothy has come home There’s sand in my pocket and a seagull passing by in the orange sky as we watch the dandelions of tomorrow waltz in the wind. Translation – Excerpt from Tomorrow we’re i… He jabs. / —Stop it! / He jabs once again, and again he hears a bell, louder and clearer than the first. —Stop, someone screams. Goldrot It’s quiet. / My thoughts go unguided. / I’m as free as a riot, / I’m free to you. / There’s peace in the airwaves,… Voices of tomorrow We deserve a life that is worth living / And not to be abused / We demand to be treated the way adults treat their counterparts / With some… There’s a petal today There’s a petal today / In my bed, / I feel its texture on my fingertip ALWAYS TOMORROW SOME OF US WOULD LOVE TO CREATE UTOPIA, / BUT REALITY GETS IN THE WAY. / IT WINDS ITS’ STIFLING TENDRILS / AROUND OUR DREAMS AND HOPES / AN… Lest We Forget Tomorrow Lest We Forget Tomorrow / I live in a World sad / Full of hatred and fear / Anyone different seen as bad / Prejudices old shed a new tear /… Today, Tomorrow & Forever Today, tomorrow and forever I want to walk life’s path with you, Seeking Tomorrow …(thoughts on “Overb… “a beginning of newness stretches / transforms the vastness into a marvel / the eye, and all other senses celebrate …” tomorrow…… Her tomorrow had finally arrived….. What will tomorrow bring? What will tomorrow bring? / Will it bring happiness? / Will it bring sadness? / Will it bring mixed emotions? / Are you on cloud nine? / Ar… Yesterday, tomorrow, today… In silence they flow for the what if’s / of the maybe’s MY TOMORROW New horizons / New moments of my life, / New events / Still continues… / Rush of the days, / Struggle of my body, / Dreams of tomorrow / I… Tick Tock I’ll save the planet tomorrow The SUV went last week, the nanny has it now. / I’ve just been browsing through the rails at my dressmakers she laughed, the house of Oxfam. Yesterdays first there are tomorrows.. / then there are all yesterdays / thinking of wasted yesterdays / you wish you can change / decisions made / yo… if tomorrow never comes …so what can i give you to last till tomorrow / when all that i have here is just for today / i’d offer you something but all i… A SUICIDE LETTER SOMETIMES IT HURTS SO BAD Don’t Know About Tomorrow As I try to close my eyes for the night I wonder about tomorrow, / Today I am with tears in my peepers because my heart is sorrow. / I̵… Today Prince, Tomorrow King He was a beautiful mind Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today. All you dreamers / waiting for tomorrow / How about living for today? / Yesterday has come and gone / like a sweet song / and tomorrow is a… Astrology catch up for today and tomorrow. Get ready for drama! A total eclipse of the Sun will occur in the sign of Cancer on July 21-22. Although this eclipse will only be visible … waiting for tomorrow My grandmother was a woman / who fed crows / in a cedar shafted, coal-pot kitchen: / From here I can see its still remains. / They tore it … Clearly just a moment in my life Clearly it was just a moment in my life the forth of tomorrow today the rain like a whore / tapped our naked window / as all I asked you was what for / for love is but a swelling / admiring the view /… Tomorrow Tomorrow is a dream… If the world ends tomorrow precious jewels of sapphire,emeralds, and topaz stones Your mantra for today and tomorrow my power today lies in a crossroads. I am not alone. I intend to let go of despair or nostalgia and I choose to make peace with loss or exp… If I leave here tomorrow Everyday I sit here. / Listening to all these memories echo in my head. / Long lost loved ones talk on. / And my childhood laughs as I dim … What Am I To do? I have finally accepted the truth about my one and only you… / I at least know…I think…that you and I are really through.… More Than Yesterday Tomorrow, I tell her, is ours forever / A love letter of life, eternally writing / That hope and thoughts will keep us going / Down our gol… Some new tomorrow In death we departed, / you knew your time had come. / Your body rose to meet last breath, / then sunk again, to hold / forever’s pea… borrowing somebody elses dream until tomorrow ophelia listens to hamlets eyes / slain in spirit saying goodbye / loosing sight of the ground / apples falling without a sound / psyche … Tomorrow Tomorrow / Tomorrow is not just tomorrow, / Tomorrow is that day, / It is the day of days. / It is that day that is worth waiting for. / … LETS FLIP STREET AWARENESS WHEN WE WAKE UP TOMORROW My canvas was set / Paints were ready / My hands were shaking / Not quite steady / Wanted to paint you / A yellow butterfly / That would … Lakes and Elegance; Today and Tomorrow Lakes Seem Much a Part of Our Lives / Lakes Represent One of God’s Most Complex Creations / Lakes Play a Role in our Society / Lake… Remembrances Our time together was very good. / I regret not a single day. / I hope you feel as I do, / Though it will never again be that way. IF I HAD THE CHANCE WHAT IF WE COULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN? Forever….. Forever, today & tomorrow. / Placed in my presence of you, ……. / ….. solidified. / Like a rock, or a fossil. / The da… Mystery of Time Unborn, Tomorrow, and dead Yesterday , / Why fret about them if Today be sweet!" If this was the end If tomorrow never comes, / I want to spend my last moments / being held / in your arms. / If tomorrow never comes, / I want your beautiful … Maybe tomorrow! are we the emperors of a new dawn Lakes and their Elegance; Today and Tomorrow Lakes are A Teeming Repast / Lakes Continue in their Solemness / Lakes Abound with Quiet Chances for Reflection / Lakes Seemingly Enlight… Today, Tomorrow for some tomorrow never comes walking in the rain …we’ll stay up all night / in the morning we’ll fight / and play with trains… / …we’ll borrow love / fr… SITTING DOWNTOWN UNEMPLOYED THE EVERDAY STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE WATCHING LIFE PASS U BYE Today Tomorrow and Yesterday In the dark / so far away / I felt your touch / heard what you’d say The Girl in the Bright Green Socks Saw Tomorrow i… The diner was out of French toast / So pancakes had to do. / She drank some milk and let / The water sit. / Half way through the short stac… Maybe Tomorrow no sum of what i’d like to ask that i’m aware of They will write about you tomorrow These fingers, these fingers – will touch you today but they will write about you tomorrow and lay making shapes out of / the darkened floral wallpaper THE BEAUTY OF LIFE DESCRIBE LIFE Dust of Yester-Year – Fertile Ground of Tom… … / Expectations of old but a shadow of a memory / Purpose dissolved , meaning undefined / Washed by the the tender rain of the nigh… THE HAUNTING THE PAST KEEPS POPPING UP Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday Today is tomorrow worried about yesterday! Maybe Tomorrow © Maybe Tomorrow © / BY: Hector A. Encinas a hope in living tomorrow. and if i lived in a world of tomorrow, / and today is a day I can not see, / where possibilities lay ahead, / not met but planned to be. / … The last tomorrow What if this is the last time I see you? / What if these are the last words - / I will ever say to you? / There is no next time. / I love y… `TOMORROW WHEN U REALIZE THAT IT’S NOT REAL LOVE Strawberry Her loving, beckon chance, / Through her gentle gaze enchants, / Ensnares me, her gallow / Lifts me gently off my feet.
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