A Solution for Soxy? If you don’t eat toast for days / They say your brain will shrink Jennifer, likes, marmalade on her toast…. The daylight faded into grey, stepping back into the house, its quietness disturbs. / I check the phone, that it still works, connected. Un… I am not an Animal I just love the way she stares me down / Like she wants / My blood / Thick / On toast Not Safe For Work ;-) (Mature) endless nights as we toast the norhtern lights its hard / to lay on a bed, / of comfort, / watch the sky, / black and silver, / kiss the moon, / above a world, / embraced in a blanket,… A Toast For The Future Here’s a toast to the future, / A toast to the past, / And a toast to our friends, far and near. / May the future be pleasant; / … eggs and toast i must be the luckiest slug in the world / to be handed by fate such a wonderful girl / she works, and cleans, and feeds me well credo prove me wrong FRENCH TOAST Who was there at Nomandy / As bullets tore our flesh / We stormed into a storm of lead / But we did it none the less Outer outer Space I saw an old women yesterday / She shivered / With recognition / When a rat the size of a dog / Stole a rattle from her pram To Wallace! See the freedom / Hear the freedom / Smell the freedom / Touch the freedom / Taste the freedom / Know the freedom sleeping patch on toast in a trunk call, Long John / pack me with your memories / in the state of realty, / i’ll pop up in / the interim; / the necessity of … I spy with my beady seagull eye… a feathered opportunist / reflected / in the glass Good Wine for 3 toast! …drinks on me *=) Toast and avo She stared at me as if I were some foreign creature out of her worst nightmare. ‘Toast’ by Beatrice Ajayi From the moment a child is born he or she strives to be accepted in his or her society. But what if he or she was not accepted? A new day i… THE GROOVY WEDDING TOAST May the Groovy Couple live as one / Always be happy and walk in the sun / Have little groovies one by one / Little boys and girls who will … MARILYN MONROE Her name was really Norma Jean / She was a beauty queen / Marilyn Monroe was her screen name / She knew how to play the movie game / Exudin… A Toast! a roof made of lollipops, / betwixt and merry I will sit, and / sip my scotch. “a toast, to your continued and restless et… The police investigation was just so inconvenient, but luckily for all concerned it was classified as a self inflicted wound. The policeman… Snake bites, Marshmallows and French Toast –… A relationship to remember A Toast The Nightingale perching / When highest love / He sings… / May always your hearts be / Light enough to fly! / Ah!—there is the weigh… a toast to We drank to darkness, / holding our glasses high / and gulped another regret. / Empty air was all it was. A Toast Realised Toast toast A Solemn Toast You only led me to drink more. / This being said, / I promise I’m not mad, / in fact, Id like to propose a toast, A Toast For Us Guys Here’s to the ladies that quick caught my eye. / Here’s to the parties I never passed by. / Here’s to the many that cause… Wedding toast Don’t give up / For every problem, / There is a reasonable solution / with two open hearts / Don’t give up / For every dark clo… Toast to those I love I want to pour a glass / to toast you my friends / hey, I’m so glad to be sharing this / before it all ends / with us all together, … golden melt – (haiku) melt exceptional / golden coat oozes soogy / cheese on toast for lunch Raise Your Glass Raise your glass to a toast of the ages / To friendly people and to friendly places / I’m still alone, but with me that’s fine … A Toast… Let us raise up our glasses, / Towards Infinite Skies, / Open our Minds, / And swallow Our Pride… My New Year Toast A New Year— / Out with the old / In with the new: / Born again in heaven / While on earth / We celebration a new child. / It is breath. / … Toast — A 30-second Monologue …I had four-and-a-half months sober last time… ruddiger and the meaning of toast conflicting constricting ideals of the pulse / all ever loved hopelessly pitifully false / as now homes the host / of bitter sweet memories… lifting a toast to sausage lint and monty’s phlegm monty pulled a / couple of / sausage links / out of his / pantspocket / sat them on the / coffeetable / and said / “shit / all we need now … A Toast Napkins rip like laughing / Kids – abrupt, embroidered / And clean. Glasses glazed / Or gleaming shake the / Poet’s eye; visio… A Royal Toast Now the coronation bells are silent, flags are furled, and tears dried, / Lords and Ladies have departed, from our gracious, sovereigns si… The Toast Eating Ghost I am a little ghost and / I love toast with plenty of butter on / So when you go to bed remember the dead / For it will not take you long. … To Mums (unofficial ones too!) Everywhere May the tea in your cup / not need a big straw. I ONLY WANT SOME TOAST! …. I wanted to catch the news but it’s too late now. / Open the power box. Oh, meanwhile I smell something had burnt, .. / … …

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