The Wizard of Who? Like some forgotten little wizard, / behind the curtain hiding / He keeps speaking of a life / that they both feature in / She’s hung… ~ When the wee tin cock did spin! ~ tis the funniest sight I’ve ever seen / When the wee tin cock did spin! The Tin Man I know the wounds have cut bone deep., / You have flung parts of your soul to the cold winds / Tried to blow the pain to the ends / never t… rain on the tin of my heart my poor heart laments / like a banshee wail / it feeds my addiction / i wander at 2 a.m. / like grey / shadows / in hope / of you / fin… THE LABEL COLLECTION The label collection was compiled during the period 1950 through 1955. I was, at that time, employed by the Australasian Jam Coy Pty Ltd, … Tin Stars A man climbs the sky, / holding fists full of tin stars. / He is night’s would-be lover. / Her nameless handyman, / a man with bandaid han… The Tin Man Taking the straw bundles / He stuffs the straw inside his shirt / And his black pants / Polishes his black clown boots Tin Pan Alley I look forward to Friday night. It’s the end of the work week; quitting time! I get home to score a quick meal, clean off the dust from the… The Tin Soldiers The tin soldiers in such a perfect line, / Marched in order up and down, / Their faces gleamed and their uniforms fine, / They would march … Tin Foil Today I fell backwards / Into pillows from the past storm in a tin cup now and a full moon / that old wound breaks open / blood spilling red and sumptuous / like silk down into my lap An Ode to Tinned Meat The carcass carved of all the best, / What will become of the rest? / Bone and sinew, eye and brain, / That is all that does remain. / Fear… The Tin Man. Shadows of the fallen, / Of the lasting wounds, / And forgotton pain, / Past seemed distant, / Brought back with love, / The tin man has a … Tin over Tile I’ve never really “got it” you know / the sound of rain on tiles / It just doesn’t seem to have a heart / Do you know what I me… Haiku (3,5,3) Treacle tin / green and sticky tin / filled with glut / ---———————— Beneath the tin roof I remember laying beneath a tin roof. / The rain was the loudest, most penetrating sound I / had ever heard right in that moment. / I was s… The Paint Tin and a Strokes Brush I long for you / Like tears in a Rain drop / A sentiment lost by the tea kettle / Drenched in blue. / Death she plays on her violin, / With… Tin Foil i hide my little lines / and put them anywhere / but where they belong / looking over my shoulder / will you see / the lies omitted / the m… ten tin fingers ten tin fingers / stab my woolly mind / jarring me to seek out / what I forgot to find, my life / in the falling leaves / reflected in poo… A Tin Of Lips. I could collect a jar of hearts / But from all those fragile beats / It’s only yours I want next to me / I could gather 2000 hands / But fr… Far Apart I miss every breath you take, / Every laugh and smile. / And the way you hold my hair from my face, / When you kiss me. Shut up There is no inspiration left / There is no shining light / It’s gone / You used to be so bright / But it fell apart / When you used t… Glynda and the Tin Man his nose was just right / conical and penetrating / and between her legs / she’d oil him / at specific places The Hermit My heart is broken tin / I have to bear the grief / of the outcast and the lonely / of the shipwrecked on the reef TIN WOLF THE CURVE KID Every moment is now in the future, / Every moment is now the future, / Every thought is now in the past, / Every thought is now the last, /… Made of “TIN” With a sudden twitch, the tin figure’s eyes shot open, a look of shock and exasperation spread across his face. Tin cup Tin cup / Simple pleasure common treasure it has its worth by it connection not everyone but many found this by an / On old pump by itself … Copperheads Don’t know what to about picking the snakes up,

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of tin writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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