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‘Beginnings’ End’ I sat upon a simple stone bench in the garden of change, watching as Death stepped in to close the distance; wrapping his arms about Life&#… ‘Submit’ Don’t care to be an inmate here, imprisoned by your silence. The key to this a simple thing, I need you to give in. ‘Far Away’ From beneath ornate arches in the flowering gardens, on the southern banks of the river of light; to the gentle slopes of the regal memoria… ‘One’ Could it be that I am found / in the path of duality; / leading to union? / [External correlation follows.] / My darkest hour, / came not a… ‘Seamless (Part II)’ All the rest had gone to war, stars were long since fallen. Nothing you had known-since had ever kept you safe. ‘The November Transmission’ I am a vaunted antiquity. Committing this message to a language, as alien to me as the people that give it voice. Its shortcomings are so n… ‘In Triplicate’ To the concerned, / It has been forever since I wrote you, I hope that this finds you well. / I visited ground zero today. That place fate … ‘Full Circle’ Cut off. The enemy is everywhere. / There is no fight now that could ever get me home. / Right knee planted in the sand, / rifle in left ha… ‘Reign (Part II)’ Strange the way it took one spectre, to free me from the grip of another. / Haunted in The Infinitide, I carried your flag across the battl… ‘Rmembr2/4get (Part II)’ I marched out of the picture. / It remained to be said that I should be investing time into making something out of myself. I had declared … ‘DRM_Log Entry M212.26-709/9’ We were an advance recon team on the eastern shores of either an island, or a continent on the surface of an unspecified planet. / We were … ‘What I Am [Yet to be Seen]’ It took ten-thousand lifetimes / to piece this back together. / The final shard I only found / within this fleeting year. / Memories and dr… ‘INCD513_FRGMNT/13’ /TRNSM.SYNC_FRGMNT/13/ / ‘GET SOME FUCKING FIRE ON THAT LEFT HAND SIDE.’ / ‘No word from Six-onward, One through Three ar… ’ A Part’ I scrape the dust and dirt and grime, from all my seconds lost; and force myself to smile again, at what this war will cost. ‘Shooting Stars’ “..He had the letters ‘LCDR’ emblazoned across the left shoulder plate of his armour, white against black. There was more… ‘Motto’ It had been a massacre, I routed them with ease. / Storm clouds breached the endless horizon. Combat armour grew heavy as I glared into the… ‘[Post-Sentence]’ The crackle of broken glass seemed to almost stem the weight that lay in the sound of armoured footfalls, so carefully placed; atop ragged … ‘Pressing’ She is always on my mind. I am forever beset by the struggle to balance her against all other matters; that which unfolds before me. At pre… ‘Faded’ The sun is but a front for this one truth, / your beauty’s what illuminates my world; / but far across the night in depth of thought,… ‘The Transit Measure [iT.2]’ Legs braced, I leaned into the bulkhead of the dropships’ deployment bay; pounding the empty equipment racks systematically with my m… ‘G2C’ Saw Her above Luna; wore a corona of stars. Turned my gaze aside unsettled by all that I am. / Took my rifle up and marched a-way unto The … ‘Not As I Dream’ Vehemently consumed by fury, frenzied a-midst the carnage; of a battle in the upper atmosphere, of a world not so far away. / I kept scream… ‘Ruin / Rain’ I ripped my helm off with my left hand and cast it clattering aside. I doubled over and gasped; feebly attempting to choke down the maelstr… ‘Post-INCD407_SCN/2’ They frog-marched me from Her door unto the office of Death; three by rifle, moving several paces clear. One either side, their longswords … ‘Ajar’ ’How’m’I gunna know the love of my life if I can’t look’er in the god damn eye?’ / The space above what…

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