The Portrait of Evil by Richard Davies. A Scary … (Mature) Returning The Key The bag is not irrelevant but it’s appearance, size and purpose is. Masks of Dramatic Veils Stepping behind the faces of Dramatic veils / To disappear through a hologram. / A camouflage of Fantasy, / Creation by illusion / Enchant… Frozen Aisle Magazine Interview: Bradley B. of Th… playing shows & writing together in our wild & crazy Army days at 101st Airborne, Ft. Campbell. Playing music was our escape from t… Epidavros Someone is singing. A German woman is singing in the centre of the orchestra, the theatre’s acoustics carrying the sound to me despite the … She’s funny, when she’s drunk. HeR… …. relating and thinking back to being in my mid-, to late twenties when I was going for first promotions and … relationships w… It rings a bell! It connects. It’s not only… That means that a lot of people who take the time to visit the Old Fitzroy Theatre are having a laugh and spending a few hours, in our busy… Ambition, love and the seemingly irreconcilable d… So, go and help young Australian performers, writers, designers, technicians and directors to grow and develop and make some fathers proud!! Sleeping Pill By Lidiya Filipova / SCENE OF ACTION: Psychiatric Ward (Sanitarium) / CHARACTERS: / DOCTOR VERNAN aged about 45 / TER… theatre It’s something I can’t describe / A feeling I don’t know / The words are out there somewhere / In a place id like to go / It’s a feeling of… Icy diamonds ………Samantha’s high powered job ensures that not only countries are supplied with fuel to keep their existence alive…… TheatreWitch…Larraitz (The Poem) You look at me… / trespassing my feels. / And I stand clutching the weapon / that does not wound..but heals. Ace of Addiction We’re blinded by the lights, they flash and flicker and fall infront of us. There’s buzzing around, it’s everywhere. You … put it all down whatcha’ gonna say to your children as they grow / here’s a dying planet your all on your own / raise your fear now and bury yo… ADEPT MEDITATION an adept lost in the gap hears every sound / The twist of a reed as it bends in the stream / Calls humbly to the flowers to ask if they dr… The performance of life My anger is merely a disguise / Humour my make-up, face paint, a thinly veiled costume. earthchild there was a day when the sun shone in a delightful way, / long before the darkness / there was a day when laughter welled inside / now it&… Soliloquy The audience is stilled to a hushed silence and even the air holds its breath. Then slowly, gently but surely, the metaphor of suspended an… A friend in need… I´ve been trying to pluck up courage to smother George in ´is drunken sleep for years. REMEMBERING WHEN by Joe Valcourt (It was only the beginning. Joshua found himself in solitary confinement after having been drugged and tortured. His mind was focused on … Halloween Alone In A Crowd Of Thousands a ghostly evening and story perfomance celebration palooza, remaining quiet in the kitchen “The Soul in White " (Epiphany) Soul in White…. / Trembling like the shimmering snow, / muffling sounds and beatings. / Soul in White… / Epiphany of the emerg… The Theatre A man is sitting in an empty theatre. / Albeit a simple man, he was deep in thought. / The static from the speakers buzzed in the backgro… Sunny’s Great Escape – a play for school ch… Sunny’s Great Escape / Characters / - Sunny / - Narrator / - Toby / - Logger/Poacher/Bile Farmer (LPF) / - Spy/Zookeeper (Spy) / - Mum/Ruby… Acceptance Letters <i>(Henry Ackleman walks onstage, carrying (or pretending to carry) a letter, reading.)</i> / <i>(under his breath)</i… Outside the Theatre, or, Two Gentlemen of Leeds Both men now have their own space to act in. Steve fills his…Greg is less significant. A terrible punishment awaits me Only the theatre gods know what terrible sentence I will pay for expounding on this profanity. the theatre of dreams i dreamt last night / we created a stage show / in an empty abandoned theatre / no one was around to see our show / but that night we creat… The Devil’s Aftershave – a 10 minute … Every step a SWAT team of putrid aromas leaps out at me with guns blazing. I soak up stone stairs and greasy metal railings, passing the tu… In Pursuit of Reason BASED ON TRUE EVENTS TO A VERY LARGE EXTENT. On Hypomania ‘When I laughed, I could see tears rolling / When I ate, I couldn’t get enough / Making love was just so painful, gorging / on … The paths lead us here, / And we will have to present, / What we have seen and felt… living beneath a blue moon it’s no choice at all when the only thing that makes sense is the blue hall on the right. it’s completely out of focus and enti… Stage Fright ©Pete Malicki 2006 / ‘I… I really don’t know. At the time I didn’t know what had really happened, you know? I think everyone just thought i… Theatre in the Round The birthday girl is from Mauritius, and my ears are cold. I’d been so close to going to sleep but then, at this last impasse, there … Theatre. Our growth is the theatre, / she’s our refuge, / our home. / She dares you, / beckons you, / gives you a taste – / so that yo… Theatre Redness / blackens my senses. / White tears / ebb and flow. / Heartsick fears / fill my gut, tense. / Absolute occupation. / Sorest desire.… City Walls Silent streets abide / Flowers fed with fears My Nephew From Moss Side Imagine having a crazy Aunt, like something from a Dickens novel. Now imagine putting her with a chav for a nephew, could they really see e… The haunted Theatre In the city of France, lived a ballerina named Christine. She was so beautiful and amazingly talented that everyone who watched her on stag… Remembering You, In the Theatre I remember thinking, / Who is this man? / I thought I would / recognize him / after seven years / of talk, / … (Beat) (Beat) / Hear them beat / A beat in the script / Beaten to death / Beaten arms / Beaten legs COIN THEATRE Now and again the penny drops, / And there’s a ghost in my dreams, / And a lost rope pulling at the seems, / The hangman knocks at your doo… Stairs. Steps. Windmills. Dutch. Dizzy. Deakin. Lost in The Rocks, last night, I looked down the “Windmill Steps” and grabbed the railing, feeling slightly dizzy but, by now, … Chekov’s Gun nothing awesome but slightly cosmic, / and the microcosms of Heisenberg put all my problems in perspective like equations drawn by Escher.

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