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The Wizard of Who? Like some forgotten little wizard, / behind the curtain hiding / He keeps speaking of a life / that they both feature in / She’s hung… The Witching Hour My cauldron / sings / of love and wonder… From the Heart of Endor Me lords and ladies / From the baser to the exalted / I bid you greetings with great joy / For I have come to welcome you all / To adventur… fishing …my…way/on the shores of wizard lake fishing …my…way / ………………………… / the tranquility, / the blissfulness, / the beauty / of the new born sun, / eases my mind, / as I sit in awe,… The Plot Thickens Featuring The Boy Who Lived What story am I? The Weeping Wizard Have mercy on the Weeping Wizard / The buzzards are circling overhead / Lost in the forest of these unknown lands / As the birds and mice v… Endor the Wizard Abandoned at birth by a warrior’s creed / Left unto the woodland’s elves and fairies / Who raised him in all of nature’s wonders / Giving g… The Gypsies Heading across the soft rolling hills of Eastland, Endor leisurely rides along with BW sitting beside him and TK flying above. After the ha… Mystree Deep – Part 5 – The Dragons And then she came upon the carcass. Lying right in front of her house was a mighty Black Dragon, one of the most evil creatures known to e… Mystree Deep – Part 2 – The Little Si… The street was all but barren, a couple of children walking home from who knows where, and a cart across the street with a broken wheel wer… The Wizard As the prophecy did foresee / The wizard did appear to me / As I saw him standing there / Alluring enchanting / “Come to me” he said / Toni… The Wizard Physical Words are all I have to offer… / they will never cause u pain. / Face of Love I have for u… / although it is Intangibl… Bitty Batty Betty – The Nit Nosher Bitty Batty Betty / grows hair on her belly / because she eats / too many lice, / she toasts ’em The Astral Wizard tonight my eyes gazed upwards in flight / if only for a moment / in the air / I held on like a kid with a kite / held by a string / almost … The Wiz That Was a Pimp In OZ. (Mature) The Mad-Dancing Wizard the romance has settled / it dangles like the last green apple on the tree / I’ve seen you romp through the meadow of daisies / as fl… The Wizard of Os How many roads must a man walk down / before you call him a man? / All for one and one for all / and then some / 3 in 1 for good luck / Tai… The Wizard. He conjured and he spun his magic, blind to these times of obvious beauty. All lay quiet except for a mysterious beating heart. The rythme … The Witch of Angbar, Chaper 1 “Dragons,” Alford mused, “I would have loved to see that.” A TASTE OF “THE IHMAEERAN CHRONICLES”… MY NEWEST … THE IHMAEERAN CHRONICLES PREVIEW / “BOOK” (SECTION) FIVE / CHAPTER SIXTEEN / THIS IS TAKEN FROM PART FIVE, CHAPTER SIXTEEN, AND… The Wizard of Darkness Can you hear his cry? / The thrilling voice as you walk by / He sit’s in his chair looking into a globe / Spying upon thousand’…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of the wizard writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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