In the stillness of the night / the breeze sits pensively


I see you / gorge / on generous banquets, / python like, / swallowing whole

I Am The Silence

I am the silence / That weaves its way through the blackened sentinels / And binds them together in a tapestry of emptiness. / I am silenc…

the revolts


Poem 9 of the Alchemy Series: Words grow hearts l…

There is a man inside me / peeking out / from behind Adam’s ribs / at the bottom of the deepest sea, / breathing in fish / and out bubbles…

My heart screams but no one hears the silence

beneath the lavender bush / a quiver of sorrow / drifts gently by / on Autumn breeze / her scent / unfamiliar to many / but blinded eyes …

By the leave of love

And laugh with mysteries of how alone together is

The Witching Hour

I hear those voices that come just before sleep / They chant

The Irony Of Silence

Shoot the conductor / and drown the orchestra

Bridging the self-inflicted gap

Time ticks on… / My lips part; / tongue prepares, / the formation of a half word presents itself - / silence.

my silence.

a world where i am free…

SHH. I can’t take the silence anymore

how loud can silence get? / it’s resounding in my ears / deafening me / SHH.

Silence Of The Hams

It was one of those shocking moment in life when you suddenly hear the infamous notes from Jaws just before reality turns on you and strike…

Kind grief kissed the sorrow lips of a lost witho…

Burn the tongue for clotted sounds

In the quiet moments of the early morning

I find it difficult to understand / Just how my heart could still love you / When the taste of bitterness / fills the recess of my mouth / …

the silence of remorse

silence, sometimes welcome respite from the world, / is never what I want from you. / it says too much in its emptiness

lovechild of the bale

time for the quiet

The Wisdom of W’tson – part 4

More is learned in the silence of listening and looking / than in all the noise of, so-called, education, / because in silence is the sou…

Fire On The Sand

Nightfall fires on the sand / Soothe and warm without demand / Crackling wood and glowing coals / Ease the pain from empty souls / But as t…

the silence of the mind

the ink dried in the pot – / so long has it been since i dipped my quill.

Lost desire in the Silence

nothing more than faded dreams and lost desire.


but most of all i love the silence in life…

The Weathervane

She is blinding in her silence

Waiting in the silence

We are going into our fortifications / closing the gates with a hundred keys / the moat is filled with pirayas / which will tear apart ever…

~ In the Silence of the Snow Fall ~

In the silence of the snow fall you can hear my heart beat

What can be said about the madness within silence?

There are a thousand things I could say about this / and for this reason I choose to say nothing.


This is being the fourth day of unmerciful week summer heat….many wishing to feel it, for this year, sumer time, has come so late…so lat…

the words left unsaid….

Awkward silences are many / Day to day / The unspoken now uncanny.

The Sound of Procrastination

Intermittently humming fan / gentle trickling of aquarium water / a careful, measured step / approaching / stopping / jangling keys / Th…

The Ending

The shadow of hope / is quickly fading / with screaming words / violent and degrading / christened with fire / burning all through me / li…


LISTEN TO THE SILENCE / Everyone’s in such a fucking rush! / Multi-skilling, multi-tasking, / Racing here and racing there. / Collecting fr…


I love the silence of animals, / of birds in their long pauses / between song, / of trees unstirred by wind, / of a stone.

The Silence and the Stillness

My mind clings / to the whisper of a car in the distance / to the throbbing of a watch / to the aching creak of an old roof.

while waiting for the orchestra

i sit / awaiting music / to flood my soul

in Silence before the sun

In silence on the shore of the now unfamiliar lake, / The ripples strive to reach us, stretching and pulling. / But we are too far away and…

Wind of Violence (to the tune of Sound of Silence)

…a dreadful song about a man and his curry…

the beginning of the end

colorado grasslands / empty wideopen / moon shining behind us

Silence of the Night

Hydrangea petals of simple white / Immersed within muted colors / Of an impressionistic world / Moonlight gently kissing the flowers below…

The Wisdom of W’tson – part 5

From a heart that is broken comes a precious fragrance. To embrace the aroma of this bitter perfume is to pass forever from childhood. / …

The Unspoken Resolution

An internal shouting match; / But I can’t understand the noise within. / And the external result between us / Is a long cold silence.

The Ability to endure silence

…………………………………………. how long can you last?

the great silence

he is the tenderest sweetest love

The dust settles

“Barely seen and then it’s gone / Into the membrane of mentality / The core of philosophy / Sucking at the teat of my inventive soul&…

The Quiet Silent Park

The Park is quiet, silent now / Only the hawks and the homeless are left

The Silence

A hush took hold once again, as if it had been brooding – abiding it’s time to strike. It blew in through the windows and painted the walls…

In the Druid Cathedral

The echo of footfalls mingles with the agony of sodden fallen leaves, / boots striking earth, pilgrim feet tramping, intrepid

silence at the bottom of my heart

elected, i walked to the side of the street / to share the feast with my neighbours / and friends. / such laughter buried the last of the d…

a scream to the silence of insanity

I have lost myself, / yet again, / I am gone, / making love to steel, / crying drops, / of something else, / wandering again, / against the…

The Great Escape

And when you think you’re weak, / You see how much you can really take, / But does ‘resilient’ actually mean, / It was…

Find the silence

Settle in, find the silence and feel, / throw open the windows and let there be no barriers. / Fear has no place here…it is an illusi…

In The Silence

I’ll open up; an open book / Can you tell? / Heart on sleeve; bloody

The Silent… Poem

My poem is silent / Silent as the grave / Quiet as can be / No noise comes, / No noise goes / Unlike others before, / And others after / No…

The Dancer…

Unspoken Word / Beautiful Silence… / Sweet Beauty… / Of Silence…A / Story ..

The Waiting Room

You summoned me with your nimble tongue. / I bought your promises of truth, / of no manipulation, / in good faith.

the silence

why / do these tears fall when i should be happy / and why / am i grounded when ive just grown my wings / why / do i feel so alone in the…

the suffering silence

Many days I’ve sat, and I have waited, / For you to arrive, to be at my side / Through what is approaching me / Would you ever grow tired …

The Truth

I could say I have my reasons, / And tell you I meant this to be. / Or simply speak the truth, / In the hopes that you may see.

No Words

Every now and then words can muddle up a moment / When it is best to let the silence / Say it all.

The absence of things

what if you paid attention to the moment rather than just waiting for it to pass you by?

The Silence Eternal

There were two Suns / Two dawns / From two minds / Two resurrections

the vampire

he looks at me / with ravenous eyes / like a vampire awaking / from a deep long sleep / he is dressed in black / i feel him peeling / my …

Listen For The Silence

Have you ever sat and listened to the silence…?

The difference

..roaring pink

the way chopin did

i would paint myself a river / into black oblivion

Peace Before the Storm

Have you ever noticed how / It’s so peaceful before it storms / Standing outside / Everything seems so fake / The birds have found sh…

Into the Forest

If only you’d had the courage

The Silence Obscene

like a dream / stricken mind overwhelmed in movements of this orchestral violent silence / its threat numbing you to inaction / its power s…

The Bird Feeder

His hand / moves / swiftly / deftly / like a blackjack dealer / handing out fortunes / to a hungry rabble

Silence the people

I said something / And got knocked down / I got up again / And said something else / And once again / Got knocked down / Freedom of speech …

The Absence of the Light

…That’s when the whispered voices / come unhindered through / And I’m afraid for you / My thoughts delayed / for you…

The Sacrament of Dawn

The rim of sun cuts its red wound / into the horizon’s pale flesh. / Morning opens like a treasure chest / brimming with gold / a…


the wedge grew

Without the Word of a Lie

When Together

The Precipice

At the precipice of my descent / Darkness comes calling / I’ll not quietly go

Listen to the Silence

LISTEN TO THE SILENCE / Everyone’s in such a fucking rush! / Multi-skilling, multi-tasking, / Racing here and racing there. / Collecting fr…

and the silence grows

as the silence grows between us / hopes and dreams become unspoken / all the words trapped inside us / words that once played like music / …

Music of the Night

And I like to hear you singing along with the silence, closed in our dark room in the middle of the day. / Those little red bows that tied …

battle of the quiet

So quiet… / Quarter past four and quiet… / Should sleep now… / Should try it. / But cant cos… / Its so quiet. / I …

Closeted: The Bent People

Closeted: The Bent People / A Review of the GLBTQS Rights Movement / By Kristoffer Martin / Class: Theory and Criticism / Joel Pace / Novem…

In The Calm

Oh, take me down / To where the moon grass grows, / Where the sky is grey / And the soft wind blows, / Then I shall lift my head / And look…

The Voice of None

gathering in the silent hall, / the voice of none explodes..

Love (The Fire)

Our eyes met again, and our souls entertwined. A thousand moments, a thousand experiences, a thousand lifetimes shared. Another second, ano…

Deafened By The Silence

It starts in the schoolyard that first deafening sound / We sit back and watch while that bully pushes kids around / Somehow we know if we …

as the silence falls between them

“We really messed up, didn’t we,” she says, looking away.


Don’t care to be an inmate here, imprisoned by your silence. The key to this a simple thing, I need you to give in.

The shop is open

The gravest mistake / The fatal mistake / crimes that slash the heart / actions that dissect the soul / A string for the feet / A rope for …

Silence in the Light

In the silence / You stretched out your hands / To touch the love / To feel the lips and yet not know what is a kiss / In the dim / You str…

the loudest silence

how pathetic it is to have / such shallow thoughts. / pushing them around in shopping carts / through vacant parking lots. / i want to get…

Queen of the World!

here i am.. / queen of the world / touchin the sky thats turned cold / dressin up in stars..thats gone numb / drinkin the sun..thats lost i…

i was a mistake

but where the hell is all that blood coming from? oh, no! the sun and numbness are all gone!

The Silence of The Leaves Breaking.

I dreamed this and i go on our big hunting trip in just a few weeks from now!! oh and i did add some of course.

Silence Screaming ( the writing)

Your greed and need / Sowed its ugly seed / The only friend left for you is……. / Your own / Silence Screaming…………………………………….

Kissed the angel’s feet

blood will fill rivers by dawn..

The Real


In wait

A childish game, a beautiful day, a pity it wont come again.

Hard to get through the silence

The silence that is there / Whenever I see you / Makes it hard for me / To make it through.
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