Stargate Alliance: Worlds of the Doctor; Part One “What is it?” / “Oo, um…men…with big guns.” The Doctor grabbed his sonic screwdriver, put it in his trench pocket, and pulled it on. “Best … The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … A laugh a day keeps the doctor away and keeps you young. I had this sent to me and just had to share. love and hugsxxx / Women will understand, Men are going to learn somethin… SHOOTING THE TRADITION Folk music, time, Dr Who, big questions from a small island. Haikau poem – The Waiting Room Expectant, cross-legged / Raised heads as doctor appears / Read next magazine THE LOVE Doctor So come and get your dose……… / But if you get hooked baby…… The Soul Doctor no friends to converse / there is no intent / Analysing your every question Words by The Doc – Part 5 I remember the night you called me, / and told me that our love was done. / Since then I’ve been picking up pieces, / but all of the … The Curse of Doctor Fangelstein They say you never forget your first encounter. She was a sweet nubile being who offered him everything Matthew could wish to experience. Dirty on the Outside, but Clean on the Inside? Can not everyone be like the train smoke covered hobo The Art Of Loneliness The catharsis wil leave you with stinging tears……… The Heart – Part II Moving forward, he strained to see the monitor. There it was. The steady pulse of a strong heart. He watched as the lips of the mother f… A laugh a day keeps the Doctor away I had this sent to me by the lovely Jen Whyte and just wanted you to share the wonderful laughter that I had. hugs……….. /… Behind The Doctor’s Devilish Grin why is the doctor grinning? The Heart – Part I There it was. She watched the light dance it’s way across the monitor. Her own heart stopped, as she watched it’s perfect beat, it’s perf… One More for the Road Now I know that I haven’t been faithful, / and sometimes been down right unkind, / but if you leave me now darling, From the Journal of Dr Ladd. June 1st 1996. / I met John for the first time in the summer I did my residence at St Marrow’s Institute. He was a patient and I was the yo… THE DEATH SENTENCE They told him / it’s a death sentence / That’s for sure / We can’t help you / There is no cure / He looked at doctor / n… The Darkness of the day If she could just remember what had happened when David had left, he had quietly opened the door and let himself out. He was barely 8 when … Tools of the trade? Minutes ticked by, the doc came once more, / he said, “It’s no good, I need a hacksaw!” The Words are Only in the Wind They will fly past mountains in Aspen to the desert sands in Mexico. Some will be found by ones looking for love and the ones letting it go… Girl in the Stars I wrote a song for her on the end of one of Love Field’s runways when I stop there to hitch a ride to that star. The makings of Dr.G and his Blue Shoes Band Duane Allman was next door to me trying to find another guitar player before Dickey Betts showed up. Paul Butterfield was just forming a ba… The Explosion can a heart with this many hairline fractures ever love again? / doctors diagnosis: no… </3 Her unsent letters-From the book Raw a love story It is humid today and my skin is damp in this morning wake, I should dress, I should brush my hair, I should eat…..Fuck the Doctors a… the hyPochoNdrIAc “Though they say, ‘it’s not the size of the boat,’ / it’s still something I wouldn’t share.” For The Girl With No Name We see the trees in the forest of our yesterdays cannot block our paths of our tomorrows. The spirit of doctor…D If you love someone.. you let them in…then, always!……….. they will kill you! / so don’t let them in…&#… The Disease or Name That Doctor I have so many things wrong with me, / And am being treated by my doctor. / He is a specialist in many fields, / And his nurse is the best … Poem: The Waiting Room Just comes with the smell of / sick. / of waiting around, Black Forest the recession has just been too long… Black Forest the recession has just been too long – find your Hope at Art. by Brown Sugar (Doctor Faustus). FEATURED PAINTERS UNIVERS… “Charismatic the Black Sun Gladiator . by D… Culture at Large (A to Z) Chanson D’Amour – Love Song. by Docto… Chanson D’Amour – Love Song. by Doctor Faustus. Featured in Artists Universe. / Artist Of The Month. OCTOBER 13th , KILL THE DOCTOR AND HIS NURSE (A True Story Series) / I had a prisoner for medical screening / Before transporting him to jail. / He was shackled to a gurney / And was h… “Jesus Christus Super Star . by Doctor Faus… “Jesus Christus Super Star . by Doctor Faustus …..Amen !” was featured in The Silky Touch “The Adventures of Pre-producing” usi… The castor oil is the shits, and proceeded to the bathroom to prove it! “Chanson D’Amour – Love Song. b… Chanson D’Amour – Love Song. by Doctor Faustus," was featured in The Silky Touch. " Black Forest the recession has just been t… " Black Forest the recession has just been too long – find your Hope at Art. by Brown Sugar (Doctor Faustus). was featured in Culture … He’s the Doctor, Just the Doctor This is a trock song (timelord rock) dedicted to David Tennant (10) and Matt Smith (11). Long live the Doctor!!! “Charismatic the Black Sun Gladiator . by D… “Charismatic the Black Sun Gladiator . by Doctor Faustus .” was featured in Culture at Large (A to Z The Oddity of Psychiatric Language Upon being diagnosed with Bipolar Two, I was struck / …by the oddity of the psychiatric language, There’s No Replacement for The Tenth Doctor When I need a House Call I Want Him

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