The Wizard of Who? Like some forgotten little wizard, / behind the curtain hiding / He keeps speaking of a life / that they both feature in / She’s hung… Schizophrenia and The Artist Schizophrenia and the artist The Gemini Mind My mind starts to tick faster and faster / The questions / No answers The Problem Is… …I bribe it to stop… The Brain Trade One time when I was very little, I met a little boy. / See, we decided if it would be cool to trade brains. The Princess and The Pea-Sized Brain There are so many things / that I could do / if you don’t return… / I could seduce a Persian princess / with my hand holding ch… THE BODY OPENS a wild creative studio that has no roof or walls / where soft-eyed, luminous beings soar in color, / cooking up juice, pouring out fragran… the spoke of loves brain paralysis We all look the same when we’re dead I’m too worried / about everything… / down to the particles of dust / that lifelessly float through the air / as I pace, and re… The Pain of Remembrence he was the love of my life and died young. Do you remember the clarity? it is astonishing because it communicates with our inner child linking directly back to a time of freedom, clarity, and happiness. It takes… Bugs On The Brain Bacteria influence mood Life – The Director’s Cut “They would call to report a murder with such absolute matter of fact calmness and rationale…” Love Needs No Language… Chemistry Cooks The… Blah blah blah / She said / Blah blah blah / Was his reply / No words were ever needed / After sparks shot through the midnight sky… How the human brain blips! But then…. here is the cracker. / In December 1974 a local lady resident had decided to get up early…….. Tae the wan yea luv. Frae ma wee brain. A suggest… Weel naewans perfict a ken aw that, / That’s why yer erse is say blidy fat. / An’ yer airms are say fat an’ hairy, / Jist like the coo’s fr… The Company’s Glitch 08 “At the end of the year your brain turns to fluff” Whats wrong with the human brain whats wrong with the human brain; / on the left side there is nothing right / and on the right side there is nothing left 10 UNKNOWN ASPECTS OF THE BRAIN SEEK & YE SHALL FIND Joak’s wish list fur Christmas, or oany time soon… Noo ma brains no the oany thing that’s lame, / a dae admit it needs a walkin’ frame. Blazed on the brain a reared defunct axle in the snow Eclipse Of The Brain It’s just a remote feeling / Through the boundaries of thought / Unstable setting are placed to distort / The lengths they will go to… The Voice Inside My Brain The Voice inside My Brain / As I floated on blades of thick green carpet grass, / My internal brain emitted impulses of an electrical curre… A Viking in my Dustbin. (36) From the South to th… I think that besides ‘Crossroads’, what scared me the most, was the thought that after three years, unrealized and surreptitiou… Snow Flakes in the Outback I heard we have brain cells in our hearts / But do I have heart cells in my brain / And life is change on the fine line of brain dead brain fry anyone / I think mine is about done / a matter of fact / I think it might be over done / burnt even / fried to the max / let it s… THE Brain that wouldnt Die THE WHOLE THING The Germ Depression is a type of germ that infects the brain; / A hidden virus – unseen – unlike a broken limb or a / surgery scar that proves… Between My Skull and the Tissue of My Brain Between my skull and the tissue of my brain / Lingers an unquiet, unconstrained being / A little person compacted and compressed into… The Finale It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, I can’t get back to sleep / my brain won’t stop ticking, these thoughts of you run d… The Brain Yet all these gifts we owe one thing, / Our Brain, The Brain Bug There’s something inside of me / That doesn’t like me very much at all / When I begin to feel good / It attacks! / With all of … thinking’s bad for the brain no matter how hard I try some fucked up part of me wouldn’t let you go / no matter who I spoke to couldn’t deal with them / jus…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of the brain writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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