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The ugly truth [Video] / It has been quite a struggle over the years, especially the last few. / I remember when it all started in 2009, the seering neck … doesn’t matter. it’s more than what you are in love with… my ugly comfy art deco op shop chair in the sea by Glen Barton Ty Hyll, Wales (The Ugly House) by Allen Lucas sneaking up on 60. and friends and lovers who were by no means real… "There Once Was an Ugly Duckling by Kay Kempton Raade beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone... by Natalia Campbell The Man With No Name. by SoftSocks The Ugly Dutchess by Alma Lee The Good, The Bad, and The Bubbly by thom2maro my goals. my tomorrow, never my yesterday… making of the artist. and person is replaced with artist… The Viper, the Mountain and the Dwarf by ddjvigo A Fistful of Dollars  by Hola Pistola rejection. those who reject you just for the evidence of reaction… twist. that simple dynamic that we all seek so desperately… The Myth Of Beauty and The Ugly Truth.. where is HER peace? / She is not dead, nor does she sleep / She has awakened from the dream of life / And lost in stormy visions of strife gone. and i miss you… The Ugly Puppet “I am an ugly puppet!” the stranger screamed from tormented soul i love art. i envy a great artist… idle time. when used in such a foul way… The good, bad and ugly by connor95 The Ugly Truth behind the Victorian Singularity by MBJonly maze. to one friend and then another… Bridge by the Ugly House by geraint The Good, The Bad and the Ugly by Douzy no regrets. wishing things were different… great life. it’s a great life… Eli Wallach by Ant-Acid and it hurts. when ill-tempered and unrehearsed words wound others… The Watcher by Visceral Creations Gustavo the Pug by kelsowe Monster T-Shirt by Theo Kerp slipping away. i now understand what must be done… courage. i have lost some of those qualities… images of you. i record my images of you… the good, the bad, the ugly. (M) Sweet words roll from my tongue. / Adoration pulsates, alive. / My smile so luminous it would bring beams to the darkest skies. wait. for each and every one… The Berwick Kid by Joozu i age. and my opinions mean less… The good, the bad and Maurice by jasesa lost love. i cannot wish upon my dreams… hate. why is there hate… hope. the victory will not be yours… hidden away. sad that you bury so deep… On The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (or How To Do… I’m usually not one to make huge overreactionary (That’s not really a word but I’m coining it right now so feel free to u… the problem. questioning yourself is not the problem… alone with myself. you can take away my music… shows up. life just shows up… The Dream of an Ugly Prophet by Keith Russell silence. but most of all i love the silence in life… The Best Crew in Philly by Punksthetic how much time? i don’t know how much time there is… fit. who guided us to kindness… at home? and love and hate coexist… 9.11 i want to dream of tomorrows… sunrise. from this we get morning… Vulture in the sun by Xcarguy if. if i were a sighted man… sunflower. that it is just as frail, and as fragile… ask. do you ever sit and dream of what could be?… evil. its opposite and evil twin… my mother. from the woman who tortured my heart as a child… just words. can you paint with compassion… so what? between futility and fate… my dad. the greatest friend i ever had… The Good, The Bad, & The Not-So Ugly... by Bob Moore The Hodor, the Hodor & the Hodor by Ben Vagnozzi my first epiphany. i can’t believe… sick. a slow, debilitating complaint… The Ugly (3/3) by davidyarb see. if i were a blind man… journey. to faces and smiles unknown… THE GOOD,THE BAD, and THE UGLY ! by Ray Jackson The Good The Bad the potato by piercek26 my cat. what a lazy little tart she is… The Ugly Sisters (a mutually over-dependant relat… grasping each other / hungrily / like mirror images / or / Siamese twins out of my mind. silently, to me alone, it speaks… The Ugly Duckling.... by imagic see. if i were a blind man… why wait? why silence, when you could protest… selfish act. not enough moments to restore the spoil of my selfish act… The Ugly Duckling by waxyfrog and it hurts. funny how misspoken words,,, can. before you can… magical land. i want to take you to a magical land… so anonymous. how do such tiny beasts… The Bad and The Ugly by David DeWitt The Dark Unibrow by newbs The Ugly Duckling by Lindsay Woolnough (Oram) who isn’t next? if next really meant what it seems to mean… truth. are my lies your truths? are my truths your lies… The Ugly Duckling became the Beautiful Swan by KylieForster Clint Eastwood by Jamal Nasir The Ugliest Sweater by BSRs  "The Ugly Ducking " by Nataliya Stoyanova
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