Placed In The Top Ten – TPW Group My photo “Contentment Orton”, placed in the top 10 of the Romance 101 Challenge. In the TPW Group, thank you every one….K… Ten Seconds and Counting She had a dream / which woke her up / it made her weep confused tears / for a while / till she realised / there was time for grief. / She … Top ten placements until March 2010 Hi folks! / Not to brag, but it no longer fits on my homepage! / Most recent first. Please click on image to view / … Ten Past Tomorrow I told them the truth; / they called me crazy / I begged they would listen; / they called me crazy / I warned them of the world; / they cal… made the top ten thank you so much, this was a surprise / with chi playing around was placed in the Top Ten in the TABBY TIME I’m Not Being Naughty! chal… Ten days of pain The lying and screams the lost hopes and crushed dreams / I hate you a lot for being who I’m not Placed In The Top Ten – Two Challenges Gerber Daisy’s placed in the top ten. Your Accepted Group, challenge Two’s. Thank you so much. / Also “The Family”… Placed In The Top Ten – Deer Encounter My photo “Deer Encounter” place in the top ten of the TPW Challenge – New Work-Outdoors Only. “Rotting Away”….II One of Top … Many thanks to those who voted for my work “Rotting Away”…II in the “Country Bumpkin” Group HDR Challenge. T… I WON FIRST PLACE in Top Ten Challenge ….. … My Photo “I want to wish you a merry christmas” won 1st place in the Christmas Challenge in the Self Portrait Group! Thank you… one of the Top Ten in March Challenge …R… To all my RB friends Thank you for voting! My Ten Best Friends Hand – some. “Roller Coaster”~ (chapter ten) Ten / Joy was the first truly liberated woman he had ever known. She did everything her way, on her terms, heedless of public opinion…… Place In The Top Ten – Paws N Claws Group Julie’s photo “Snowy Day” placed in the Paws N Claws group challenge, your favorite dog or cat image. Thank you to all … A Top Ten for Pyewacket What a great way to start today. Pyewacket has placed in the top ten of the Fall Cat Photo. with his “Pyewacket and Squash” e… YELLOW ROSE REFLECTION MADE IT IN THE TOP TEN YELLOW ROSE REFLECTION ENDED ON # 7 IN THE YELLOW ROSE CHALLENGE / FROM THE SINGLE FLOWER GROUP / MY THANKS TO ALL THAT HAS GIVEN THEIR… Paws, Paws, Paws Challenge – Placed In The … Julie placed in the top ten, in the Paws, Paws, Paws Challenge in the Respectful Retrievers Group. Thank you to everyone who voted for her… Ten years ago(got featured in All the Colors of t… very very happy one more feature in;… All the Colors of the Rainbow! / thanks so much! Placed In The Top Ten – Insects In Macro Ch… My photo “Cicada” placed in the top ten of the Insects In Macro Challenge, TPW also featured in the Group. Thank you to all … Hallucinogenic Soundtrack with things going on in the world In The Top Ten – Paw N Claws My photo “Portrait Of Harley” placed in the top ten. In the Dor & Cats – Black & White challenge. Paws N Claws … Top Ten and feature for Blood Moon I’m so very happy… Blood Moon was placed in the top 10 (#5) in the challenge / LA LUNA / Thank you so much to all that voted!!!… “Split Rock Lighthouse” Top Ten Finis… Many thanks to the folks who voted for my work “Split Rock Lighthouse” In the January Avatar Challenge over at the Nautical gr… In The Top Ten – Rescued Pets Group Julie placed in the Rescued Pets Group- Most Heartwarming Rescue Story Challenge. Thank you to all who voted for her. Harley also placed… My Perfect Ten One’s for the one that you are. / Two for you and me till eternity, / For love, care, peace and serenity. / Three to thank father,son… Placed In The Top Ten and Featured in TPW Group My photo “Playtime With Hudson”, placed in the top ten of the “Lighter Side Of Life”, challenge in the TPW Group. … Two more features and another Top Ten Thank you so very much to Michelle !!! :D / Host of / Teddy Bears United / For the features of / Memories / And / Love is…A Teddy Be… ten twenty thirty today i have ten years distance / between now and the last time / you placed her in my way / when i sat on the edge of your / hospital bed … Ten apologies Push me out of an aeroplane / And I will still love you so Placed In The Top Ten – Also A Feature My photo “Free Flight” placed in the top ten of the TPW Group Challenge “The Birds and Bees”. Thank you so much. /… One of the Top Ten in April Challenge …R… Thank you for voting my photo!!! / Love you all! Top ten place and two features The past week I got several messages saying that: / Petals in a blast" was featured in Art in Math and / “All alone” was f… got a feature and ( won )“seasons contest on my c… got a feature and ( won )“seasons contest on my child’s art” top ten winner!… Some New Features And 2 Top-Ten ! Once again, many thanks to the hosts of the following excellent groups for featuring the following images : / - Trilogy Part Two in 2 diffe… TOP TEN FOR TROPICAL CROSSING TROPICAL CROSSING ENDED ON FIFTH PLACE IN THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE CHALLENGE FROM THE STREAM CROSSINGS GROUP / MY THANKS TO ALL MEMBERS THAT … A Poem For China In Ten Parts I / Queuing at the Post Office for / money, they gave me / 400 yuan, / and told me it was worth / £30 and somehow when I walked out, / I s… Top Ten for Bikers Helmet Bikers Helmet in the Top Ten and a feature!!! / Fun Detail / Challenge … in the group / That’s Entertainment! / Biker’s … Ten BEST small child toys No matter how much money you spend this seems to be the case: / 10 wooden spoon / 09 pots and lids / 08 shoe string / 07 car keys / 06 draw… In the top ten I’m very honored to be in the top ten of live and let live group / Keep on going and many thanks you for your excellent work, withou… Ten Thousand Thoughts Maybe I’m the one Jainus Sinclair (part eight, nine, ten) Jainus sat on the flight unsure of what to expect. The weather was pleasant enough but there was something in the air. First thing this mor… “Two Top Ten Finishes” Nature’s… Thanks for those that voted on two of my images “Honey Would You Please Mow the House” In Natures Reclamation and “Mornin… The Top Ten 24 02 2009 The Top Ten Gorgeous Germany group / The Challenge Germany in Snow and Ice #3… 24 02 2009 Placement in Top Ten! My collie photo, Collie Witch for Halloween, has been voted in the Top Ten, Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge group for Holiday Fun photos! I am … New Winning and New 2 Top Ten Challenge They Call me Mellow Yellow, / Jazz Miles Davis 7 by Yuriy Shevchuk was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 13 vot… Top Ten and featured work…….. Photogr… Thank you for voting!!! / Hi my name is Zoraida Pesante and I’m an RB ADDICT! / LOL!!!! Plus Ten His voice calmed you down. It was deep and sweet, so low that sometimes you could barely hear him. Not that it mattered because you would b… A Top Ten (Three Trees) a big thanks to all for voting in the Sept. tree challenge …there were some amazing entries and to get into the top ten is an honor,… I CAN’T BELIEVE!!!!!! In the TOP TEN!…… DOMINICAN EVERYDAY LIFE AT MANO JUAN SAONA ISLAND DOMINICAN REPUBLIC / I’ve just noticed that this shot of mine is in the TOP TEN of … 9/11 – ten years of recovery well it hasnt been ten years for me. / it still seems like 5 miserable minutes ago. / high up in the air / all of a sudden, paralyzing fear… The Top Ten “What is for you typical Germa… The Top Ten (#3) in the challenge “What is for you typical German?” 3 works on the TOP TEN The Top Ten #6 / Germany Baden-Baden 06 / The Challenge Colorful houses in Germany / Gorgeous Germany group / next The Top Ten #8 / Jazz… Thank You For The Feature And Top Ten 7-15-09R… Thank you all of you dear friends who voted for my “Home Sweet Home” in Mood And Ambience. ! Thank you to the hosts … New Top Ten The Top Ten in challenge Man Made in Painters In Modern Times group 17 03 2009 My TOP TEN + CHALLENGE WINNERS IN 2011 Horse and Rider; Avatar Challenge: / Cee’s Fun Nikon Group – High Quality Photography; Nikon – The Color Purple: / Down … Unfolded Blood Unfolded Blood / “Linda”. / “I’m terribly sorry, Linda. Are you alright?” / He helped me get on my feet. The ache suddenly wrapped me. / “W… I made it to a Top Ten…. ..voted in the Top Ten… And: Top ten placements until April 2010 Hi folks! / Not to brag, but it no longer fits on my homepage! / Most recent first. Please click on image to view / … Thank you Friends For The challenge Win And Ten … Thank you for the winner in Barns And Grist Mills And Covered Bridges “Autumn Barn” ! in the top tens 1. in Carousel Enchant… James (this makes chapter ten) question status: Yah…" Color and Curl, Made the top ten in Extreme Close-up group challenge . Thank you to all who voted. 2 works on the TOP TEN Contemporary Pastel Painters group / Challenge Show Your True Colors # 10 / Trams and Buses group / Challenge Pick a Colour # 6 Count to Ten Then your eyes clouded over, / And you shed a tear. / I told a terrible joke. / You smiled, we laughed. / I held you close, / Your hair a b… One of the top ten in the Rustic group challenge … Well I didn’t win but I did make the top ten with my “Why did you leave me” truck series. Better luck next time I guess.. Top ten and feature A top ten and a feature this week. / I’m very honored and it’s a great pleasure for me to share my pictures with all the member… The Ten Commandments of Marriage 7- everything is hers / 8- nothing is yours / 9- she can go wherever she wants / 10- you can go wherever she wants MADE THE TOP TEN ! I made the top 10 in the water challenge in the Realist Paintings About Water group / with the painting I dedicated to Wil (Lorus Maver) /… Top Ten in the Arizona Sunrise/Sunset Challenge 1… My image, “Sunset on Mt Lemmon” made the 10 top ten in this challenge. I feel very honored and thank you to all who voted for … Ten Year Run I am at once inquisitive and afraid, / I want you too. One’s Dysfunctional, Unhealthy, and Indirec… A short, heartwarming story about one becoming ten, only for ten to wish to be one. Ten! Egotism unbound ten tin fingers ten tin fingers / stab my woolly mind / jarring me to seek out / what I forgot to find, my life / in the falling leaves / reflected in poo… “Duluth Harbor North Breakwater Lighthouse” In To… Thanks to all who voted for my image “Duluth Harbor North Breakwater Lighthouse” as one of the top ten in the November Avatar Challenge at … Ten Times as Smart Notion implores that you’re aware / When you decipher these hollow lines Blah Forbidden love wind whisping through my hair as if laughing at my stupidity. Laughing at my existence. j’darwin re donna 19’s ’’… life always rewards / appreciation / always there as well / . / juddarwin Top Ten Challenge Winner Placed in the top ten in Squirrels and Chipmunk “Tails Up” challenge. I am so honored, my thanks to the people that voted!!!!!!! Six and Ten I feel you too. A Feature and a Top Ten thanks to the Nikon DSLR Group for featuring ..Sandra’s Auroras and to the folks who voted for Morning Glow ,,,and to the winner Cong… BUTTERFLY POSE# 2 TOP TEN IN BUTTERFLY CHALLENGE BUTTERFLY POSE# 2 IS ENDED ON THE THIRD PLACE IN THE 06 BUTTERFLY CHALLENGE FROM THE MACRO PHOTOGRAPHERS GROUP / MY THANKS TO ALL THAT VOT… What keeps me up just ten minutes longer No one has ever been more in love. No one ever will be. Wow What A Way To AWake A Feature And A Top Ten I Woke Up At 6:A.M. on July 1st and wow a feature and a top ten. Thank you to the host in Digital Abstracts And Writing for feature my &qu… TOP TEN FOR blue and gold macaw BLUE AND GOLD MACAW ENDED ON FOURTH PLACE IN THE AVATAR CHALLENGE FROM THE Parrots and Cockatoos of the World group MY CONGRATS TO THE WIN… TEN KINDS OF TEMPTATION YOU TALK SO HIP GIRL, YOU TALK SO COOL / I SEE YOU ALL THE TIME HANGING AROUND AT SCHOOL / I WAS THINKING I MIGHT, I WAS THINKING I WILL / … Featured And Top Ten Thank you hosts of the Victorian View Finders Group for featuring me this week., that was a pleasant surprise. Thank you all the members … Six hundred Ten Six hundred Ten / cold air hanged my breath low / morning light grazes the lips of the valley / flames of old see me through / a Brother an… Top Ten And Featured Thank you my dear friends the hosts of Country roads around the world Ruth and Evita for the privilege of being in the top ten of the flow… top ten albums for the 2000’s My Dying Bride – The Lies I Sire / DarkThrone – Dark Thrones and Black Flags / Slipknot – Vol 3 (The Subliminal Verses) / Porcupine Tree – … Eight Nine Ten Shun / Our intelligence / Bleeds a ………. a….. a…. / Bout time / The wall / Shook up??? INCREDIBLE!!!!! My “NUMBERS” was in t… One of my beloved “NUMBERS” series, this one in specific / is in the TOP TEN of “EVERY DAY” Challenge!!!! / I’… FEATURED ART and TOP TEN challenges in the YEAR … Featured art and TOP TEN in 2010 Wow Another Top Ten And A Feature 8-04-09 Thank you all of you who voted for “Sliding On The Water Slide” in Your Accepted ! Thank you hosts of the Trees Group for f… A Top Ten and A Feature On 7-22-09 Thank you all of you in Happy Have Photography That voted for my “Flowers In A Vase” ! Thank you hosts in Statues And Such… Double digits Determined to at least get one peace before my obscenely obese older brothers girlfriend got to it. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but it was … Day ten How all the bad things have become a friend / So lost and lonely it becomes day ten / It’s all i know these dark mind days / I’… Of ten thousand tomorrows Would you lay with me / through the teeming night / sweet with angels and rain / until the sun streaming dawn / sings in every open windo…
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