The Ten Red Indian Commandments Treat this earth and all who dwell thereon with respect. 10 Years On 10 / She is ten years old and her first fear is the ‘Thing’ hiding under the bed. / 10 + 10 = 20 / She’s twenty now and her only fear is … ten years ago ~ what has changed … what has… It is on this day, ten years ago, that I was dancing … dancing with blissful abandon … dancing in celebration / Celebration &#… A poem is a lone rose surrounded by the beauty o… A poem is a lone rose surrounded by the beauty of ten thousand dandelions! / ……………………̷… 2 new FEATURES & a TOP TEN! WOOO HOOO! ROME- VITTORIO EMANUELE II BRIDGE / Was featured in “HISTORY” Group 1 day ago / UNDER THE BRIDGE / Was featured i “AW … BALI – ten years on Sleep / sleep / sleep / so I can awaken / behind these weeping eyes / to find you again. Ten Pound Tourists Hundreds of migrants line the rails like thousands have before, / Wondering what awaits them on this vast and unknown shore. i forgive you for months i lay prostrate / my weeping face given to God / plastered eyes / against the dirty flesh of my hatred / the joy i should have f… I STARTED A SONG THAT STARTED THE WHOLE WORLD CRY… Shaking and fumbling as she left she didn’t look back; she smoothed her hair, and noticed she had lost a shoe; she started to run Last Week Featured Work and Top Ten Sincere thanks to hosts of the following groups: / The Fruit and Veg Shop for featuring Watermelon Art / Town Giants for featuring Look At … 5 Days, 9 Features and a Top Ten position..Thank … I really have no words to express my gratitude to the hosts of the groups who featured the images shown below, and to the folks who voted f… What is Christianity? Christianity is not a religion. / Man made religion to boast about his goodness. / In the Beginning God created the Heavens and / the eart… Oh how exciting….’IT’S TOUCAN T… WOW, WHAT AN EXCITING MONDAY – I JUST FOUND OUT THAT “ITS TOUCAN TIME” HAS BEEN CHOSEN TO BE TWEETY OF THE WEEK IN THE I … Sunism ® : Ten Guiding Principles Mission Statement / Sunism™, a spiritual belief founded in Australia that has a simple message. People united with love, worshipping the su… Another feature for today!!! and a Top Ten!!!!! Thank you so much Sally and thoughful hosts of / Playful Photogenic Pets / For the feature of / Friends for ever! / Very much appreciated!!… With my Green Butterfly on Rock In TOP TEN Zooph… I am really happy that my Green Butterfly on rock is on 4th place in the Challenge Goodbye Butterfly… Zoophoria Group!! / This butter… Ten things I thank my Dad for on this Father̵… 1. thanks Dad for marrying mom….you made a great couple the 60 plus years you were married…and you and mom produced 4 pretty co… MY TOP TEN WINNERS Shapes & Patterns; Patterns in RED ,GREEN or RED & GREEN combined: / EUROPA; NEDERLANDS AUTUMN: / The Weekend Photographer; Reflect… Poem – My Life – Three Score and ten My wife says that I am bragging / When I tell the things I’ve done / But I am proud of my achievements / So why not tell someone. Universe Fun another feature and placed in the To… Placed in the Top Ten (#5) in the challenge / Up Close Fun!! / Thank you so much to all that voted!!!!!!!! :D / A big Thank You to Tim and … year ten enigma Yellow headed girl / who are you really? Why’d your mama send you / out / on your own / without her? / … Artist of the Month, Top Ten Winner, Permanent Fe… Art Installation – Artist of the Month – Artists Universe / Going Home – Top Ten Winner in Colour Blue – WOmen Pain… Placed in the Top Ten – Cuties From The Zoo I’M JUST A TEDDY BEAR placed in the top ten the challenge “Cuties from the Zoo” in the All Soft and Cuddlies Group…… Ten Commandments According to George Here is a list of laws that are necessary as I see it. / 1. You may own and carry guns, but you may not kill me with them. / 2. I may have … Wow, I am so happy to see my photos featured̷… “Cold Critter” challenge in “Zoophoria” Group…….FEATHER DUSTER placed in the top ten…thanks to al… Beware the Coven (Chapter Ten) “Edna, I was there that night of the fire so many years ago. I watched the school and the church burn…I was the reason it burned to the gr… 3 New Featured Works and 2 New Top Ten New featured in Contemporary Pastel Painters / Prague Charles Bridge / New featured in Impressionist Art / Prague Old Street 2 / New featur… New Featured Works and New Top Ten New Featured works from the European Everyday Life Group / Germany Baden-Baden Lichtentaler Allee Spring / Chesky Krumlov Old Street 4 / Ne… The Joy of Ten The most terrifying sight I have ever beheld is that of my daughter in the emergency ward. She was so tiny and so frightened, surrounded by… Thank You, Featured Works and Top Ten!!! I just wanted to thank everyone for leaving wonderful comments, supporting and encouraging me in my work, big thank you to all hosts and mo… Ten Minutes out of Today I went to the supermarket today. / I listened to the Radio on the way. Triple J. / They were talking about lazy eyes and were describing a … Made it in the top ten twice…:)) Sunny side up in the Country Bumpkins Challenge!! / And with Sleeping Beauty in the Ladybugs Group / Thank you all who voted for them i fee… ten til 11 Lips slightly parted / exhaling a little / as hazel eyes slowly close / and unadorned fingers slide / into the back pockets. Barefoot Landing makes Top 10!! A huge thanks to the Mornings & Evenings, Sunbeams & Sunset Group and to those of you who voted “Barefoot Landing” into… “Got Kleenex” placed in the Top Ten C… Wow, how awesome is that, thank you so much to all who voted for my sick giraffe! My Red Bubble friends are awesome! I am thrilled to be a Top Ten Finalist in Urban C… Thank you so much Four Features and 6th place in two Top Ten Challe… in the Survivors & Friends group my photo “baby sleeping” place 6th in the Sleeping Babies top ten challenge. / Also in the… With my Pirate Ship in top ten challenge avatar N… I am really so happy to see my Pirate ship in the TOP TEN nr. 6 in the challenge October avatar in Nautical Group. I like to thank all the … top ten thank you for voting me in the top 10 for the art 4 charity group / with all the amazing artist here / it is an honor / thank you again / m… Two features (61) made it in the top ten and a fe… “Viola’s secret…” was featured in the group Bits and Pieces / “Green reflection” was featured in the group The Beginners’… Ten Good Reasons They sat across the kitchen table, probing the dense silence between them. She clutched a mug of tea. He rested his hands palms-down on the… Ten Things To Do Before You Die “Thank you and goodnight, Melissa.” / As Melissa gave Carlo a friendly kiss on the cheek, she found her lips locked with Carlo&… Featured Work and Top Ten Again! I’m over the moon today. / My Image “Crocuses” placed 2nd in a Town Giants group challenge and was featured in the group.… Steering Whilst Texting? 1/423OR / 10224APC / YGUD4U2? Cleaning my profile page, featured art from 2008 This is for me a way to find back my featured arts in 2008. / I join Redbubble since August 2008 and I really like it. / Great to see so ma… Features and made it in the top ten… Was featured in The macro Water Photography / Was featured in the All About Flowers / in the Exsteme Close-Ups / And / was in the Arachni… Top Ten Placement for Santa Bailey! My Collie Santa Christmas Card has placed in the Top Ten for the All Pets Great and Small, Christmas Pets for Cards challenge. Thanks to ev… 1st place in Top Ten Challenge Doe, a Deer, a Fem… The Deer Me Group …….. Thank you so much for voting on my photo / “Afraid of Human̶… Placed in the top ten – Two Challenges “Life Is Good” placed in the top ten, “Group Participation Challenge” in the Penquins Galore Group. Also a feature,… My Baby Placed 4th in Top Ten of Pet Love Challen… Thank you so much for all of you who voted for my baby! You are ALL the BEST! New Featured Work and New Top Ten “BW Prague Bridges” was featured in Historic Landmarks of Europe 13 04 2009 / and New Top Ten #6 The Challenge Famous Bridges … Placed In The Top Ten – Spring Is Coming Ch… My photo “Signs Of Spring” placed in the top 10 of Spring Is Coming Challenge, in the TPW Group. Thank you to all who voted fo… TOP TEN!!!! I got a top ten in Empathy challenge in the All Flames of Light group!!!! This is my firsts top ten and I’m SOOO HAPPY!!!! Thanks … Butterfly places in Top Ten of Summertime challen… Thank you so much! / Butterfly has placed in the top ten of the Summertime challenge in the Eastman Kodak Group and also featured in the gr… How Exciting……A Sale, Featured Member… I was so happy to hear: / 1. I sold a card to Sandra Heath….“Always By My Side”! This just made my day. Thank you so m… Two Features and A Top Ten In the Top Ten (#7) in the challenge / Teddy bear love is….. / For the Love of Teddy Bears group / Love is… A Teddy Bear / Than… Placed In The Top Ten – Also A Feature My photo “Snowny Day” place in the top ten Challenge Photographer’s Delight, in the Bits and Pieces Group. Thanks to all… In Top Ten – Winter Waterfowl Challenge My photo “On Frozen Pond” placed in the top 10 of the Winter Waterfowl Challenge. In the Waterfowl Group. A big THANK YOU to … excerpted from Ten Days On The Cape Hold me. Love me. I am your forever. / But only if you sound the depth / of your dreams with the voice / of your past. SOUTHERN BEAUTIES DONNA, Loved Southern Beauties, fantastic artwork / Please chec Second feature in a couple of days and a top ten … I have to thank the hosts of the Compact 2 a Day Group and all those who voted for my Leek and Potato still life for the Top Ten placing an… Tragedy At Ten Past Four If you have ever lost someone so dear to you in a tragic cicumstance, then you yourself know already the pain that one can endure. With my Autumn Walk in the forest Top Ten challen… I am happy to see that my Autumn Walk in the forest is in Top Ten, Calendar May challenge in Seasonal Scapes Group. / I like to thank all… RUBY RED JEWEL IN TOP TEN CHALLENGE RUBY RED ROSE IS NUMBER EIGHT IN THE MOST FABULOUS RED ROSE CHALENCE FROM THE FABULOUS FLOWER CHALLENGE / RESULT PAGE The Top Ten / TANKS … 3 Features & A finish in the Top Ten I would like to thank the people who voted for Dargie Looking Beautiful in the Challenge run by APBT for the March front Page. / Also thank… Ten Statements, To Ten People, Respectively the good news: you’ll always be a part of me. the bad news: for all the wrong reasons. Fall Cat Made Top Ten!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for Fall Cat in the Autumn Kitty challenge!! I am very proud of it making the top ten. Placed In The Top Ten – TPW Group My photo “Portrait Of A Wolf” is being featured and placed in the top 10, in the Your Best #2 Challenge, in the TPW Group. T… Another photo made it to the Top Ten Challenge My photo “Are we there yet” is being feature in TPW Group and also placed 8th in Top Ten Challenge. Thank you so much for your… With my painting Mont St Michel in Top Ten All A… I am so happy to see my painting Mont St Michel in Top Ten Challenge The “Sense of Place (Paintings)” * Group *All About Your Best Work gro… Placed In The Top Ten – Wolves & Wild K… My photo “Close Up Of A Wolf” placed in the top 10 of the Avatar Challenge. Thank you to all who voted for me…..Kay ten billion years from tonight quasars quaking and sirens wailing Two Features and Top Ten Challenge My photo “In my World” is featured in Everyday Women Group! Thank you so much Shannon, Alexia, and Jerame. / My photo “I… HET NIJENHUIS IN TOP TEN CASTLE MAGIC CHALLENGE THANKS TO ALL RED BUBBLERS THAT HAVE GIVEN THEIR VOTE TO HET NIJENHUIS THE DUTCH CASTLE THAT’S RELATED TO MY LAST NAME / TOP TEN … TWENTY TEN Back in one thousand nine hundred and ten / the people got lazy and chose there and then / to call that year by a simpler name / so ninetee… With my The Golden Season in TOP TEN challlenge S… I am really Happy to see my photo The Golden Season in the Top Ten in the challenge Calendar April 2009 Challenge in Seasonal Scapes Group.… Top Ten in the Mood and Ambience “Open Door… Yipeeeeeee, my image “Inside Looking Out” made it into the top 10 of this challenge. Thanks to all the people who voted for it… TOP TEN FOR WINTERS ROAD IN THE NETHERLANDS WINTERS ROAD IN THE NETHERLANDS FOURTH PLACE IN WINTER ROADS in the Country CHALLENGE MY THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED ON MY ENTRY… two images placed in top ten!… two images placed in top ten!… Featured And Placed In The Top Ten – Cards… My photo and card placed in the top ten and is featured in the Cards For Everyday Group. Thank you so much, to each and everyone of you th… Ten Years – Kay’s Story On average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in this country every day. That night at least two other mo… Ten Minutes Our time passes quicky. / As we blink, things in our lives are changing. / We live, We laugh, We love, / Time still passes. / We cry, We a… Misspelled Word Turned Into A Joke The typo incident did get me a little irritated , but gave me a idea for a short joke. 7th place ……. December Top Ten challe… “I want to wish you a merry christmas” / Thank you for voting! / Merry Christmas to all of my friend here in RB!!!! / May your … Another Top Ten! Have just found out I have another “Top Ten” with my picture of a Miniature Shetland Foal. This was entered into the Pets Are U… Another 10 Ten Challenge ………… Today is my birthday! What a great day!!! / Funny Kritters Group Funniest Dog Challenge … / WOW! THIS IS AWESOME! I LOVE THIS P… Placed In the Top Ten I place in the top ten, for the Christmas Card Challenge. In the America-Rural, Urban, Wild, Free Group. My photo “A Beary Merry Ch… Top TEN Thanks to all who voted for my water drop photo, “splash”. / As I said in my description, it wasn’t at all what I had int… Two features and places in the top ten!! Thanks to all who voted my image “Happy Happy!” and because of that it placed in the top ten in the groups " The Woman Ph… O…MY Two top ten and Three features…. Follow Me / Urban Wildlife Group feature my photo again and one of the top ten in a challenge. Thank you for voting. / Chocolate-strawberr… Imperfect 10 Dressed down to the 9’s / Waiting for your naked figure 8 Ten paces Ten paces, / then turn around, / Ten paces , / feet touching ground, / if i look back, / look into his eyes, / i won’t be strong enou… Year Ten English Essay Romeo and Juliet Tragic end? Is death not the greatest act of devotion one can perform for another to prove their love for them, if not, then what is? Two in the Top Ten…. I woke to find that two of my images made it into the top ten in two different challenges…“Dance in Blue”top ten in the &… Placed In The Top Ten – Redfield Plugins My photo of the “Sears Tower” place in the top 10 of the Redfield Plugins group challenge for Archtitecture. Thank you to each… Three Features and Top Ten………&#… My photo “Friendship” is featured in Statue and Such Group!! / I want to thank TingyWende and MabelAmber!!! / My photo “…
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