Many contradiction I have been seen in the last decades and it is impossible for me to understand the reality of this nation base on one si…

TV, Internet, Media Bad Influences to Society

TV, Internet, Media Bad Influences to Society

Side Effects

Women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant should not take or handle Flounce (megamicrosuckadickadoffilus) due to an increased …

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (#occupywallstree…

Is this a real Social Uprising that look for a real change & it won’t be over until it happen or this is just another Ant-Everyth…

Six-Word Narrative Catharsis

…vision healed.

just another night in the bunker

the big silver box / talks to me as i sit


I find myself utterly helpless / it seems I have no senses / no eyes / no ears / It seems like apoplexy / or Is it actually apathy!!

exist within the walls of reality

We were on the point of giving up / what’s the point of all this violence and racism? / what’s the point of all this boundaries…

Can You Come Out And Play?

So you don’t have to play it safe . / You can buck against the hypnotic beat that is echoing through the radio and the television sta…

Nineteen Ninety-Never

I feel uncomfortable in my skin and I know that no amount of tailoring will fix it



Too much TV

So satisfying to watch, my head is swimming. / I don’t trust myself around you, but I don’t really need to. / Why can’t things just stay li…

Your Lover’s Cat

an open eye to tasteful pictures of women.

Compartment Cleansing

Flip a switch / Turn a knob / Push a button / and / what he doesnt see / isnt there

Television Lives

Six o’clock, and once again I find myself / In front of the television screen where / I watch past adorned cheesy one-liners

Blood for Static

How vividly we remember everything we see, / From the numbers in our cell phones to the pixels in our TV screens. / And how we think we’re…

I like my reality with fantasy on the side

We should have police who can’t enter a room without a diving role, forensic scientist who work alone to perfectly syncopated music t…

Mother Television

In ancient times / They left them out on the open plains / And whoever survived / Being ravished by wolves / Or falling off a cliff

Death Cult Television

Alpha Viktor Romeo from the ISIS Aryan Blitzkreig alliance was the guest intruder on Big Brother uncut.

Freedom On The Black Screen

I will hold my heart inside your eyes, / As you fade to black and kiss the sky,

Take the pledge

30 second political ads —-yuk!

TV is the Temple of Low Men

Sitting alone again and again / The Temple of Low Men

The Shitterbox Part 2 – (T.V Guide)



Down the frontline we all call atune,

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (56) A little fantasy wor…

What I really wanted in those little jars of colours was, red for the blood of the characters that would be spilled by Harry the friendly …

Newspaper killed the Twitter Star

After a time of yelling repeatedly at friends getting louder each time we finished playing Pictionary on the weekend. We were in high spiri…


Yet without being on television I wonder if they actually exist…


I’m a political flop… / Wringing my mop…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (54) Wonky Weather.

“Good evening, here’s the weather for our region for tomorrow, the warm conditions are set to continue with snow coming down from Siberia b…

Everything is brighter in the light..

..It’s all so bright

His Master’s Voice

’Twas an HMV with movies to see / on twenty one inches of screen.

The cheek of it!

Buzz off!

Mirrors In The Attic

" I notice when you were showing me around your new place, you don’t have any mirrors in your house. Why is that?"

Tits and a Smile

Music, colour, action, drama / Flash, strobe like across / The television screen;

Late night shards.

The buzzing of a television and the light on / It glows blue and sears the white television sound / I’m on the screen again; like mos…

Small Black Box

This is television overdose

television poems

let me ask you a question… / is that a question or the preamble to a question / begging permission? / do I get to decline or duck it?…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (55) Caption Desperation.

Every tick mocked, and every hour wasted robbed me of my ability to think straight,

Fool’s Paradise

They said, / “Foolish child, you’re not near good enough… / You lack any smarts,” they’d snort. / “You&…

March of Time

I can’t find Lawrence / Welk.

Television Tedium

Televisual lies puked into redundant square eyes / Lounge alter, Pray the images never falter / The world outside does not exist for you / …

American Entertainment

Morning dew glistening in the pale light of dawn. / The sun beckoning over the horizon a golden yawn. / From our dreams and sleep we ventur…

Goodbye, Keith

There will be a great big hole in my news-viewing life without Keith Olbermann. I wish him well, and I wish even more that he turns up, sna…

Helium Balloons In The Sunset

or candles kept lit in huntington apartments

Mr Irritator!

He comes on the telly, at six-forty-five, / jumping around, when we’re barely alive.

reality tv…

i know a survivor, not from a TV show…from the Holocaust / i love New York, not that ho but the best city on earth / i live in the re…

Beer and Ice Cream

I cannot think / I cannot write / All words / Absurd / I need the telly / All dumb and warm / I’ll be reborn / With beer and ice crea…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (67) An icon of kitsch is…

The chevron, still trailing stars then spirals earthwards towards the rear of the television studios,

pornography, religion, fiction, music, sports, li…

the greatest expectations lead to the deepest disappointments and shine the brightest lights on all of the flaws along the way to the end. …

They tell you home is where the heart is, but hearts are never content. It’s still a lesson we haven’t learned.

New Guy Friday

who’s the new kid

A drive from Te Awamutu to Otaki in May

Kihikihi, Taumarunui, strange other names and off roads / By ways galore, I feel like a roady now… or / a rodeo clown called Maurice that w…

I’m so tired

I’m so tired of laws, / that distance god from man, / I’m so tired of exploitation / of poor people who can’t understand.

The Visitor

immediatly 3,000 volts of electricity traveled through my body and into my cerebelum where it melts my brain into a sticky pudding-like goo.

A look at me

And god damn remind me to never ask these things of you again / I begged you once more to put down the telephone / I begged you once more t…

Marching to Madness

Calling ourselves " alive" / insulated boxes-(called homes) / made perfectly proper by the television sponsors / We no longer und…

Escaping In A Cartoon World

In afternoons I would escape / With cartoons like the Grape Ape / Lounging with my teddy bear / Snacks and goodies we would share / My warm…

That’s My Whale You Are Cutting Loose (fro…

we butchered the wrong pigs as a little side note / war was declared / we were racketeers in suspended animation / the white whale was male…

Get Used To School Shootings

You harm every person you interact with.

Why watches satellite TV

This article is all about

High Deaf

She had just bought a wide screen H.D. television, that she has been saving up for a couple of year,and now she can’t wait to watch …

May 2012 11:03 am

Colorful birds were dyed my candle wax and they are melting now.

Sitcom Son

Sitcom children are quite interesting, dont you think?

THE LIGHTER THAN AIR CAT/ a science fiction short…

Hill and dale I followed that cat. Over swamps and bogs and quagmire. I smashed my way, made leaps over quicksand and gullies and bull…

Jeff Builds Song

“it’s not what it looks like” who’m i again?

Sedative Viewing

Arkansas ministers devilishly southern drawl / Commands attention with domineering passion. / Sure I’m tired but seriously… What is this …

“The Shitterbox” Part 1 – (T.V …


‘Love Me Some Walking’

Through TV-sets, with vacant stares, they idolize the monster. Taking great comfort from the hypnotic calm they find in its’ worship.…

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