fuck you (Mature) the skin of my teeth a fly in the ointment / heavenly bodies flew down to the earth / praise to the skies / time makes my skin crawl / soul laid waste by sin… NIGHT WALKER Look behind the doors and under beds, / put the stuffed dolls in cupboards and cover the clown / before you lay your head to slumber, THIEVES OF WORDS midnight raiders / of dream speak, / riding, / seeking / unprotected stray thoughts Dental Floss Obsession A roll in my car and a roll in my purse / A roll in my desk at work to disperse OVERCOME shadowy thoughts / scratching / my skin thin door, Trapped She was swallowed up and trapped in her lion hair and no amount of coaxing would get her to leave her harem of waves. Interview with a Tooth Fairy “Let me make it absolutely clear that it’s a myth the dental industry has influence here!” Tooth Fairy the club (Mature) Features.. woott!!!, I am so grateful !!! xoxoxo I have had to be away for quite a few days from the lovely Bubble.. / I just want to say thank you some way for those groups that kept on … Craven is the Beast Who Cannot Sleep he has no idea / none / how ripe my universe is The Call Hell could never fell like this. Mistake of the Wild Hunt The bats arrive and are funny and gray / We have to reorder the bats My Heart is in Your Teeth Babe My heart is in your teeth babe / and you have never once bitten down. / Unburdened in the morning, / Painful mourning of the loss seeps in… Part one of ‘Fun Times’ (Mature) Ode to my Dentist My teeth are shining / x-rays reveal root of all / bank balance decay [The enemy has] broken teeth When the dam of sin is broken / and grace rushes in like a / flashflood / all / of / a / sudden / corpses are smiling in their tombs / and … adopted in the teeth of fierce criticism It would be pointless to engage in hypothesis before we have the facts / There is a mood of pessimism in the world / I’m afraid in this lin… Trick Or Teeth The smile caught me first / Enthralled, it did simmer / On a consciousness / Unknown to me even / Then, that beheld a / Simple truth I… Birth of a Vampire. And what of night’s fallen child, / that longs for an embrace. / A touch of breath on softest cheek, / a tear wiped from soiled face.… Danse Macabre She scuttled around toadstools and towards the back gate, bending to walk beneath it. The Enchanted Forest Over 20,000 people are expected to attend The Enchanted Forest 2010 so make sure you purchase your tickets early to avoid disappointment Pussy with Teeth In anger / We forgot ourselves / Awakening hatred / Through misery / Love must first dwell / Where damage is / So I stalk the land / Poun… Merry Christmas Merry Christmas toall fellow friends of Redbubble. / I wish each and everyone of you all the very best for 2010 and hope you and your famil… My Removal I put the barrel in my mouth, jamming steel against my molars wisdom teeth colour me in, / take the space and shine a light in, / until shadows fail / and mystery comes. / tell the story again / softly, / as your l… Victory By Horseshoe Or Hand Grenade full front metal emotional spectrum Thy Royal Reception He roams this earth seeking whom he may devour… / as a wild beast he preys on God’s own seed. / And the precious things we know… Best Dressed (My Good Clothes) could you see yourself in this? Happy New Year Happy New Year 2010 Joyce’s irresistible mouth stoking the fire Mirror Of No Escape another night in the naked city Black Barracks The teeth shatter into our subconcious. Dragons Teeth! The day shall be sweet as we sit and eat / Then from the East the eyes shall meet / The forming of three dragons teeth / Their sharpened he… THE ARACHNI . Now she would have to choose the garage in which to hatch her eggs.. consider how No one noticed my third piercing really stung me right in the eye of the beholder never seems to be a strong word, try to use it twice a da… Driver’s Ed. where water meets concrete Price Tag The smiling blonde assassin now wrenches my mouth open even wider as she peels off the pink chemical explosive she has had drying inside my… GRANDMA My mum says your ill but you don’t seem poorly to me / She says some illnesses exist inside us even those you can’t see. Bazzy and Icky Teeth. Didn’t leave ½ a parking ticket. Icky teeth gives to lawyer who will pay whole ticket. Nasty Pete! “Atomikboy art”….video by Muscu… Atomikboy art Failure to Acknowledge Defeat I stand at the top of the mast, pacing to and fro pretending to never fall to my own destruction. Disobedience to wisdom is my greatest fai… Atomikboy video….(by "Muscular Teeth) HERE / For anybody who might not have seen it.It’s getting old now, almost time to re-knew my subscription for another one.Muscular T… Find Me and Smile We sat in a crowd of 100 / But still alone in smiles / Smiles that held ill eyes at ease / And twinkled with ignorance. / Everyone is beami… touch my earlobe with your teeth monopile / feel the sacred kiss of evil unveil / its not that I dont want to / its that I cant / and this drug infested rant / I scream out… Antarctic Gums There once was a man with no molar / Who found that the wind was much colder / Whenever it blew / The gusts they went through / And his mou… thank you! mr teeth thank you! / is working! / thought/said it’d tak’ ‘n act o’ god! / and, you did it / let’s recognise/use p… The Hole with a Mint in it The dentist will fill it with gold Whose Turn Next? Where once were my pearlies / Will be my memories Vampire She has stolen millions of souls, / Leaving each society full of holes, / Not caring about each family or lover…. Check out “Muscular teeth” videos The latest installment is on the theme of fantasy/folklore etc….brilliant as always. / All the music is arranged by him……… Sharp Teeth I have been found… / Survived out of my casket. / So long I feared I was bound / to be there forever. / Caught between the teeth of / famil… skin of my teeth Supple flesh…quivers in anticipation / A neck offered, simply for gratification / My jaw hinges…teeth sink / Skin stretching t… Teeth Teeth / of the hilarious tramp / - a piano keyboard. Walk-In clouds flash forward over the slow stopping city With teeth Open me up and suck me dry / My passion is ripe with / Anticipation. / I sit and wait for you / To taste my dark secret / Beads of sweat r… Martyr Cerulean icecaps melt, / Feigning bitterness as / The river crawls mournfully / Down the mountainside. / Forlorn armies advance across /… Word of Wisdom With great wisdom, / Come wisdom teeth. Pretty Pert Girls they’ll act a little stupid if it gets the job done / all the beautiful girls Lower left eight. a poem about teeth… Rough Your teeth bite in to the / tender flesh of my neck. / I flinch. I try to pull away. Like a wolf shows their teeth… start time 6:47 / Yesterday…gahh yesterday. Im thinking while I squeeze this silly putty… / That yesterday was only me, definat… Sick to the Teeth. The more you look, the more you see Teeth Teeth can tear and teeth can smash, / Teeth can grind and teeth can gnash, / And they can rip and they can chew, / But remember this: teet… I Have Crooked Teeth My fingers are crooked / And so are my toes. / My Skin is stretched. Nippy Nashers Nippy Nashers on the run. / Nippy Nashers just want fun. grinding teeth willing the pain to go away. / mutual friends, we don’t speak of it. / like the child lost three years ago – brushed away ̵… Untitled Waiting for the courage the white to turn ruby, / will I reach it when time is running? WHO’S GONNA BRUSH MY TEETH? Who’s gonna brush my teeth  / When I’m gone? / Will they use a short stroke / Or will it be long? / Suppose they can find them / Sitting in… GOLD TEETH He couldn’t believe / How many gold teeth / Had been extracted / From the cold mouths of / The dead and piled up / Before him on his / … flies on my foreskin ready for removal / dissected and / castrated with animal teeth Flesh Damnation (Mature) Wisdom teeth I bury you like dead seeds / in the garden The Sharp Teeth Of Terror You are like a vicious shark / Leaving people in the dark / Wounded by your quick attacks / Being stabbed right in the back / By a mouth fu…

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