Download illusion, Upload Life and Universe…… The pen was mightier than the sword, but silicon chips / can, and will, upload all / Megabyte, Kilobyte, Gigabyte….. / Minute, Second… They Are Watching Us the government has a file on each and everyone of us. those savings cards in the grocery store are scanned into a computer and they know ev… Artists’ Lament(or Soliloquy) Echoes in dark, composed in song, sirens seduce the sailors light. The Always Connected Age Phone is sewn into my hand, / Headset twines, spirals into my ears. / There is no escape. / Artificial light so bright it stings my red r… Connection Error Romance is semantics left back / where die-hards die / and neophytes toss their heads and laugh Ode to a Telephone Booth Only there / The magic worked / If she felt all alone / joy was waiting / On the other side of a ring tone reality 2.1 we are building brick / by invisible brick / our own isolation booths 14 Iphone Apps that should exist 1. The Sylvester Stallone translator app – This is a really handy app, as it gives you the ability to decipher exactly what Sylvester Stall… Technology Failure The being took it’s eyes away from the two men for a moment and looked around quickly. It saw the mask it had been wearing on a dropc… Derailed Train of Thought I stand, a locomotive, raging off the track / teetering engine building steam / throwing all your notions back The Belly of Technology Outer space, the vast bottomless abyss, / Tried, Explored, Conquered… / …within its grasp, all in a gigantic valise No more I love you’s… Saturday 9:30am it’s drizzling / but still I here the charming melodies / of garden birds calling away / From the window where I sit … Where is the Fruit of Faith? Where is the Fruit of Our Faith? / we worship so many gods / we’ve tucked so many idols / into the intimate places / of our hearts / in… Please, Save My Soul It has to be a dream. No…I’m slipping again. All too real are the tragedies this world, Kismet, faces since The Ending. Guernica it’s crooked as it wants to be, / but you ask, ‘Pablo, why?’ kipple trash pulp fiction for the masses destination coordinates on target to…zero one in the dead zone of death MUZVINU It some sort of handle & on the end is a symbol. It looks like something in circle geometry but it’s different. A symbol that can only … To Swim With Dolphins SMS Poetry – exactly 160 characters. static…static…static info flows brainy brains explode…nonsense ripped paper cuts…bends flat sheets of steel Technology Here I go my screen has froze… / what causes it, know one knows. / Once again I must reboot… / or better yet, get a gun and sho… Mini Mac/ Love At First Sight. Black/Shiny/Sleek Hi-Tech Trek Want to get somewhere? / Don’t know the way? / GPS eye / Won’t lead you astray Sterces – “A Movie Script” Part… Samantha stumbles into a mystery that can change the course of human technological advancement. Will she solve the mystery? Reincarnation. I wonder what my next life holds for me? / Will I come back a Raja / Or maybe a flea? / I suppose it depends on how naughty I’ll be. / … My Theory on Crop Circles waiting till 2012, we can all clearly see that from an ecological & economic & spiritual & scientific point of view, we need so… Waltz Crows did their dervish / whilst we lay in the gutter / watching the hangover / of our broken dreams / perform one last waltz. Sterces – “A Movie Script” Part… Samantha stumbles into a mystery that can change the course of human technological advancement. Will she solve the mystery? Battle of 21st Century If the enemy is spotted. / Text if by land. / Tweet if by air. Modern Technology It had so many function buttons on it, it resembled a flight panel from a Jumbo jet. Technology: A New Twist on Love “What if logging onto the internet meant that you would find true love, make wonderful new friends, discover a new addiction, lose every ce… Technology and The Death of Romance The economy doesn’t seem to be the only thing that is spiraling out of control today, so too is the dating world! Traditional chance encou… Hunter Gatherer We will come to you in the end / On our hands and knees / To worship at the altar of nature “Do You Believe?” ‘How odd that technology has made us alone, where our closest friends are pc’s and iphones" The Internet Are you in control, or are you being controlled? You In Your Room. Bitch on technology whilst writing on my laptop? old fashioned or what ( nattering old lady’… standing outside in the pouring rain / and ice cold winds as i wait on my bus / on a winters day two old lady’s drive me in sain / m… mechanical messiah instead of luxurious life / and promised exodus of man from manual, / he became all the more a savage and slave; / Machine has received the… Hardware Full of neon ghosts Technology Pushing Up Daisies. As the conversation goes on, / My fingers just type faster. / To this addiction I’ve grown fond, / If I can’t talk to you, it w… Techno Love Pathetic excuses ENO: NOT A FRUIT SALT* The creative arts such as choreography, composing and play-writing as well as the performing arts such as dancing, concertizing and acting … Glass Heart Half Full and to this day, i’ve yet to hear her side of the story. Hoodwinked By The Destroyer Of Nations These entities become the demigod / We have place our country under it’s authority Gaming Society Acceleration constant, / addictions resonant. / Immediacy bulges / back logging / long term effects. / The habit of our / habitat. / A forw… Part of the Social Organism Cellphones are leashes / tethering you to the rest of the community. Technology Progress is progress… On and off buttons Wake up to the LG phone Alarm Clock / Latin Fever Ringtone / Margarita Imaginations / It’s Killing You Slowly, Loudly. / Try on that Alumin… We Bleed Technology Unravel your cord / Plug yourself in / Big red eyes / Cold still skin / Shiny hands and metal faces / Charge yourselves your empty spaces /… Bloody Technology ‘Please fix my I-Pod / I think its gone wrong / I can’t find my pictures / And I’ve lost that song’ / ‘My voucher’s not working / I paid se… Technical Frustration and whomever said yelling at inanimate objects / doesn’t help / didn’t know what they were talking about BIOMECHANOID I am Biomechanoid, not product of your Freud. / Manufactured and designed, perfected then refined. / Evolutions favoured son, I’m not… June Commute 2012 we should drag ourselves with rope FWD:FWD:FWD:READ OR ELSE While I was waiting, I read that e-mail, scoffed at it, and then to defy the request of forwarding it even further…I headed to the ba… Canvas prints reaching to the zenith with modern … The art or photography is not something unfamiliar, digital technology has made a good distinction in the photographic outlook, making effe… Detaching from Technology There was a time before iPhones and Androids, before brick-sized phones and car phones, when people had to walk 5 miles to and from school … Technologic Twit There are SO many ways to share information it’s a full-time job keeping up with it all. Luckily, I don’t. Early Semester Self-Assignment !@#$%^&*()_+

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