I am a Man (Part Two) (Mature) Reason is a Thunder Word to an Idiot Girl I want to run my toes up his pants / under the cover of white table linen / caress that beautiful organ between his legs / surrounded as we… I am a Man (Part Three) This was not the morning after glow that I was expecting. Whether you’re a dame or a dude this should never ever happen to you. My eyes … Ivan Stan is back Those that know already of my man adventure will either cringe or be ready for a dollop more of when I was a man who had a rather unusual p… Ivan Stan is Not the Man The cops didn’t think it strange at all when I requested to see my crazy ex-lover who had confessed I was her favorite dish to be with lots… Goodbye Ivan Stan Retail therapy was the remedy I sought as I did the ’ shop to you drop’ along the shopping mall. / I bought the usual returnable stu… Open wicker Lionel took his lanky arms folding them around her. / She felt cozily coiled up in the warmth of his friendship that knew the true subst… Short Ends & Tall Whales I can see you’re tall inside / even if life is coming up short ends A love affair built tall inside the mind running up a slippery dip / swinging to wakeup the sky / see-sawing to greet and farewell / the who / inside your open and closed eyes … I am a Man (Part Four) Ascending to the top of the cellars stairs I wondered why I didn’t use my last wish and ask that genie to take me back to the moment b… Tall Tales (Images Project #4) “There are more monsters around the world than you or I will ever know. Just a matter of perspective really." Ivan Stan’s Last Wish Here was me a female in thought within the body of man hitting a bulls-eye my first launch of ovum seeking genetic coded wrigglers. I Feel So Small In Your Arms as you kissed me goodbye. Sailor Lighthouse / Sailor in Grave Trouble / Waves and Storms / True Love and Faith Tall Tales “Just the facts.” / “Facts? The facts aren’t interesting,’ Davie crossed his arms, tilting his head away defiantly. / Sergeant Brandt sighe… The Giant Guitar: a romantic story in rhyme The moon did its nut in the purple above, / Splashing each wave with its silvery love, / The gigantic strings gave a deep humming tone, / B… THE BUILDING I LOOKED UP AT THE BUILDING / IT WAS SO VERY TALL / I REALLY FELT INSIGNIFICANT / ABSOLUTELY SMALL / THE WINDOWS WERE AMAZING / THEY STOOD … Tall Tales “Just the facts.” / “Facts? The facts aren’t interesting,’ Davie crossed his arms, tilting his head away defiantly. / Sergeant Brandt sighe… A Spider*s Dream I’m a tiny little Spider, I’m ever so small / Oh how I wish That I was tall / I long to see The stars and the trees / But all I… FEATURE IN GIRAFFES – The long and tall of … What a wonderful surprize today. My shot “Mom And Baby”, is being featured in Giraffes – The Long and Tall of It!. Thank … 10ft tall you are / the one who / keeps me calm / and makes me / think twice / about life / and the world / and food / and books / and art / and peop… You sat on the tall stool. You sat, as usual, on the tall stool. / The Sudoku puzzle, neatly torn from the local paper, / positioned ominously on the bench in front o… Glimpse of Childhood (Character Growth) It was in the warm glow coming from the candles in his room in the den did he truly look at his child. She was everything he was and yet ev… At the Heart of the Burn An Eastern Michigan Tall Tale / There’s a pain in my chest at the back of my throat. / Each day it flares up with more fury and force. / Th… Standing Tall Sometimes I drag my feet in awe, / other times I wander in wonder, / but in the vastness of it all, / I will always stand tall, / knowing t… Tall Chicks “Men, men, men!!!” I slapped my hand against my forehead… repeatedly. “What is it with you men and your fantasies. … Something In The Weather-Chapters 7-12 Chapter 7 / The chopper approached from the west on a straight in approach from the airport. Raul set off the smoke canister and the new … Tall Grass. Tall grass, / No shoes, / Cool earth, / Morning dew. / Wind blows, / Across my face, / Sun shine’s, / From heaven’s grace. / Li… Would You Like That in a Tall Glass Good evening madam would you like a drink? / Gin and Tonic – good choice I think / You’ve heard I make them very good / For you madam I’m s… Ghost in the Tall Grass I have posted anything in a while – I hadn’t even pushed the shutter button in 2 weeks. This is always a rough time of year fo… Tall Poppies Pushing daisies to the limit / Tired of bending / to shallow demands / Masked faces side with nothing / But each other’s ear for music / Pu… We’ll stand so tall! Here in Victoria to see this sort of green in our Yarra Valley Rangers would be heaven! THE TOO TALL NEST: a children’s story about… Her perch not only must fit / her long legs, / and odd size; / She decided her nest must remain a surprise….. / (But how? / Right under Sey… Town’s Legends Years ago, lightning smashed / That chimney, and a / Troll fell out. / Eleven people saw it. / That’s a matter of / Public record. The Glacier Was Too Tall A moment please. / Taking the breath into my lungs, I heaved inwards, a gust of air unlike at least the last twenty breaths I had taken. So… Thanks for the features!!! Giraffes, the long and… the trees like tall ghosts drift the rain is drumming on the iron roof / the tower is in the clouds today / mist wanders through the forest / the light softly grey, opaque … in the shadow of a bird I am tall / but she did not see me Beast in the tall grass he walks slowly through the tall brown grass / rubbing the stems with a quiet hush / a gentle breaze whistles over the evening plain / a be… Limbo – Part I Have you ever thought to yourself what your perfect place would be like? tall poppies they don’t like him / he isn’t like them / him with his nose in the air / towering over them / like he’s better than them… Above the rain… Mountains and rivers I’ve tried to move / all I’ve made is a jumbled mass / by taking my will in my own hands / you are still m… Standing Tall. Morning trickled across the wide sky, staining it in autumn colours; this was the day, for my final stand. I breathed in deeply feeling the… The Tall Poppies of Oz When I’m feeling stronger / Proud and tall / Push me over / Watch me fall… The Observer But I, the Observer… / I am silent. / No one knows who I am / Or where I am how tall is the writing on the wall whispers the stone / the spray-can groans / teenage angst too late that has flown Tall Timbers There’s a man we love, / That stands over and above, / Any other man we’ve ever known of, / Quiet as a tall timber and just as tough. / Wit… Tall Ship A ship upon the ocean / With sails of blue and gold / With a stormy sea of love ahead / I must sail both brave and bold / I must hold aloft… The tall pines.. “The cabin in the tall pines,” / you breathed in my ear, / soft like the feel of air, / your voice pushes like the wind, / on a… Let’s Raise Ourselves You, a tall parenthesis, / curl softly around him, / a fading exclamation point / stretched long on a forgiving bed… Limbo – Part II She opens her eyes. She’s staring into a deep, dark grey sky; the same deep, dark grey sky. The tall grasses sway in the violently st… Rose-Colored Glasses Take away tomorrow / and I will have today / Rob me of my voice / but my words will find a way Tiny Toad ’Neath Parasol Mushroom Somewhere deep in a dark rained upon forest, a wicked witch was looking for ingredients for her wicked wacky recipe for toad cupcakes. You … Tales from the Tall Man In his pocket, everywhere he went, the Tall Man carried a tiny matchbox. Tucked inside the matchbox was a gift – five tiny dolls fr… Tall Trees trussed in twine, he / bit the trunk / with bright blade Questionable Wisdom Take all these things I taught to you / and write them on a test / as to how well your grades will do / Well I wish you the best

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of tall writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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