CARVED TABLE OF DREAMS so sit yourselves down / at this carved table / of dreams / and share in the fruits / laden in between the clouded stories from the corner table You always know when I’m lying. Table for One – Poetry Loneliness … death … fate … Venetian Blind the mere fact of being poor makes such children criminals in the eyes of the police / and we are sitting on the table / discussing major is… Sunilism TM : My Life’s Purpose: My Soul Code … What are my Life’s priorities and direction ? Do I have a steady course of my life? ………Yes , you can have it NOW ! Table Manners When I arrive home I am sticky from beer, sweat, jagermeister, and too many eyes. I am exhausted by eyes, and semi-frequently, hands. Many … A new element added to Periodic Table… Research has led to the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. / The new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neuron, 25 a… when i was your muse (Mature) ~ Smoky Glass Table ~ The smoky glass table was cool and serene / The heated activity not to be seen Pool table of Life See things from my point of view. Van Dieman-Tasmania, Wynyard-Table Cape “Tu… The Van Dieman Tulip Bulbs started in 1984……. Who/What Am I? In naked beauty / He turns me over / With critical eye / He admires my / Perfectly shaped legs. A LITTLE CHERUB A Little Cherub came / And sat on my table / Didn’t know what he wanted / Or if he was able / To fly back / To the Heavens above / … the table Too heavy to move on the moment To Live A Dream For me…… PHOTOGRAPHY has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery…. WHERE’S THE LETTER? WHERE’S THE LETTER…it was just in my hand / I put it down….I don’t understand / Is there a poltergeist…in my … Across the Table His skin cracks under pressure, / his pulse quickens under fear / that I won’t understand what he wants me to hear. Table in my Basement She was shaking a little bit as she was looking at the table. She seemed to be getting a little dizzy. / They walked over and she sat on a … Remember us Remember us in your mansion on the hill / Remember us, / With your big tables / And fourteen foot high ceilings / Remember us / We live on … Table for One People-watching finds table for one in hope that you would return / i wait, in hoards of fools / you said youd be back / but, like all the others, you lied. / so i drowned my … One law for all For more than hunger, / an empty table breeds anger and spite … / and in the worst of cases, revenge or war, even homicide. BEING HAPPY DOESN’T CUT IT, OR PUT FOOD ON … she’s a / big girl / when / the door / is / closed / all / puckers / and / sways / i’m down / to / 60 bucks / to / save my / l… Laying all my cards on the table Girl if you mean more and more to me everyday if I have’nt shown u I’m telling u now / It’s gotten to the point where I b… The Flicker of the Fire Then I open them and all of those / Things reappear and yet, should I fall asleep / I have nothing. Table Phantoms This is when I am sitting around a table looking at strangers, / and not waiting for my turn to speak. / I am everyone, / and everyone is … Coming to the Table You invited me to your table laid out in red cloths and dressed in your finest of china. Goblets of imported red wines, long white candles … THE JOURNEY He sat on the train / With his eyes closed / Thinking of a new poem / Or perhaps prose / The train jolted / And with it’s stop / The … Seems I close my eyes, and I see yours, glowing white. / You look so fine, you’re to good, to be true. / I lie there awake, thinking of you… the table outside her room they found / her / one afternoon: My Bedside table A Pack of new tarot cards, / and a headband handmade, / a whole lot of stickers, / and a painted lampshade. / Three odd remotes, / and my o… My Life in a Night-Table …Happy times of small dreams realized, things that I always wanted to do. / So much living, contained in this night-table…. Sit At The Table For It Is A / Simple Place / A Table… A Chair I came back to feed the cat……… I died last night. / Technically. / Actually my heart stopped long enough to assure me that it’s not all dust and ashes when your spirit/es… The Table How they work within / their leisure, biting hard while / lunching light. Smack, stab. I Am A Cedar Table “The lonely ones that come by themselves are the ones that I would like to reach out and touch.” The King of the Table I see your game is hot as a flame / no pretention, just full out extention. / Your shots blowing us away, the competition is stiff today. Across the table, I look Timidly / a page turns / revealing Words / though, it’s not her type / I’m unsure if the shiver / is from her hand / chilling t… Permanence Sitting and watching, needing, I— / Value your words, so I’m standing by / I won’t let us fall apart / Remembering when you first stole my … The Yellow Table When she did turn her head in his direction she was met with blue in his eyes caused by the sun that she is always satisfied to look at, an… Beauty and Relaxation Featured Again! Beauty and Relaxation was featured in Table and Chairs. Thank you so much Table and Chairs. Much appreciated! Lay it on the Table No limits / I said it / I meant it / I will gladly be a friend to you in ANY situation / There to listen / Dry your tears / Cater to your e… ABORTION—(Prayer from a female on abortion … I know abortion is a very touchy subject, this piece just gives the insight of what it is really like when you’re on that table. i bring nothing to This Table of God You sit as King, i see the humility / in Your Heart, / Your Crown, twisted thorns, / Your arms were bruised / the Bread You Break is Tender Coming to the Table You invited me to your table dressed in red cloths and laid out in your finest of china. Goblets of imported red wines, long white candles … Un-Entitled (The Stone Table of Heaven) The thief in the knight / Waves the nasty brown flag / English tongues served / For the wedding feast / Billing the manager’s bitch / Black… The Snooker Table Deep down if we do our share of things right, everything else will fall into place. Maybe we can use little incidents like this as lessons … The Children Sat Quietly at the Kitchen Table The Children Sat Quietly at the Kitchen Table / Another clear blue sky morning / Another, fucking, clear, blue sky morning / Only those on … Table for One Chill in the air / Crowd forms in the courtyard / Standing, facing, masked, but seen The Chair on the Table “Help,” a whisper from the - / He keened forwards, tippering as an object near the edge of its fulcrum. “Is there anyone … The Pledge of a Knight Not a thing, nay, more like a creature; For it taunted and tested men as they pulled, and one by one, they failed. a sunlit table existence eats you from the inside out / if not on a skewer / * / I can’t find anything / it is an omen / it is causal / remember the… The Table In a shack, sits a man, / A real man, / In plaid shirt and overalls, / At a table, / Cut from railway sleepers, / Hewn with a chainsaw. / H… Doubt on the table There is not much light / In the room / Where cards are shuffled / On a old wooden / Coffee table Old Habits – 1st Person A boy grows up with an emotionally neglectful father. The Table Weighed down by the burden you carry daily / Feeling a strain too great for you to bear / Spirit breaking by troubles you encounter / Heart… Old Habits – 3rd Person A boy moves home to take care of his father while the old man dies of emphysema. food on the table Today / I made a decision / Without consultation / Today / I found an inner strength / I have been digging for, for months / Today / I feel… Remember when you sat at our table in our old hou… These curtains and shutters-the backdrop-I sit at this table now and look out this window to the light that streams through and that light … Do Not Feed The Table Lamp They usually don’t put me in this office. Andrew said it’s because of space issues that I’m lodged in here today, waiting… On The Bedside Table On the bedside table / his metal alarm clock / - dented. Bought first desktop table easel and oils today 1… really excited! My first oil to come and an easel..if that the spelling! The Dining Room Table An excerpt from an autobiography I am working on currently. FIRST CLASS MEAL OR SCRAPS THAT FALL FROM THE TAB… With so much fear of otherness already evident in our society / Why are our politicians and business leaders only looking at economic gains… Table of Stone Carve my heart / upon this table of stone / wash it with your wine / then denounce it with your disdelivering tone / break with your bread … satan’s table sitting at Satan’s table feasting on troubled soul’s, Liar’s ,sinners, murderers and scum!. then i ask myself why am i si… Table 41, Party of 8 Yes ma’am, I know it has been 7 minutes and your food isn’t here. I’m sorry, it might be the extra well-done ribeye steak… How to Mix Traditional and Modern Furniture Styles The original farm tables were born from the very basic need of settlers to have a place to sit and eat. These early farm tables were very … A table set for six. “He’ll lose more then he bets tonight.” The Table Spread The Table Spread / Its one forty four in the am it’s time to make you some bread while you sleep just like the Pana bakery / Used to do an… Boxes Lie Under The Table Boxes full of papers lie under my kitchen table. I start to go through them, separating each individual sheet. Bank of America, Verizon, WA… The Table in three decades I may be the only one to visit the table, and fear that I may never find new companions for my dear table that sat the one…

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