my knight, my sculptor, my slayer I beg of you with quiet whispers / do not abandon this blade, my lover In Love With the Ocean She emerged from the dark and drifted to the surface. Her naked, pale skin was obscured by swirling blonde hair. She held his look, staring… IT ENDS WITHIN! I am a condemned man; / condemned by religious bigotry, / condemned by political agendas, / condemned by social class, / condemned by racia… HEART AND SWORD I balance / on thin transparent line, / a thread of life / that we all walk, BREATHING WORDS I am / my own sword / slicing / through veils / of self doubt THE WARRIOR’S SWORD The warrior’s sword is forged / In the fires of the warrior’s heart It’s Time To Face The Devil It’s time to fight in the power of the Holy Spirit Alpha and Omega Writing Challenge “Tears of… “It is a dragon’s tear,” Khol’shar illustrated, turning it over in his fingers. “Very rare, and highly potent in eldritch content. This is … The Sword In The Stone Brittania found her sweet repose… Caliginous buried by the sword of valor the current mirrors / my restless pacing / animal agitation / beneath my taut skin / face incognito / in the crypt of ripples replay / s… Dexterity Tapes Origins: 3rd Runner This is the 3rd part to the popular series here on redbubble called Dexterity Tapes Origins Teachs’ Sword Look at my face, - / see scars of Demelt. / Enormous black beard / woven and lit by matches; / staring back at you. / Feared of reputation… Gwenda, The Sword, And The Stone Drawn by pain weak lust but I alone to start / Blaming on you mine alone stay unforgiven Every Penny made on Redbubble Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep / the angel’s sword am i / a real princess / with an army / whose size / is unknown / revealed / only / by the day of danger / at one time / i was certain th… The Rose And The Sword Throw away your glasses my love, throw them away / You can see very well, believe me, / I’m the one who’s blind. the sword swallower in between dreams as the straight jacket loosened and the sore throat eased / magic was sung every morning on the tip of the tongue death … Still some left… When do you stop loving your dearest one ? Does it has got an end ? Dedicated to that immortal love… the fantastical adaptation of someone else’s story the qualities of queen Whetstone I sharpen my sword / On the whetstone of my old blunt life / To take a leap / Into uncharted worlds, / Of hope and chance, / Of truth, no m… Passions Flight this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself… The Sound of a Soul It echoes and tears, / Through enemy walls. / Ripples and amplifies, / A thousand thousand fold… the pen remains mightier than the sword I switch off the electrical gizmo / Reaching over for the nearest pen / The beginning of these words flows in gushes and droughts from an i… The Whole Armour of God Take up the whole Armour of God, / Gird your body from head to toe. / That ye may be able to withstand, / The fiery darts of the evil foe! … “PARIAH” Part I Transition (Unpublish… Eric blew his nose with a resounding honk, and suddenly he couldn’t / remember what he was doing in ’97. Now you’ve gone and done it. You b… Stand Strong Stand strong / In the dark don’t allow your knees to grow weak The Virgin Peace Hailed in Peace / The Angels own word Soul of my pen Soul dull not thy pen. / Sharpern thine healing sword; / ’Till the word sparkles. Read. / © siki dlanga / 03.06.2010 Sword Design, The Paradox Of Purpose It is unfortunate that few can hold up in the face of brutal honesty. It is a powerful weapon, and like most, it is double edged and unwiel… Sword Tanka Sword Tanka / Long thoughts are brittle / short thrusts are precise and true / my mind is sharpest / within the control of fear / and witho… Universal Heart Universal Heart” / one breath / one heart / one mind, / one / Universal Heart “poem” / Once you love, it remains forever / Never close a… Leap In the light snow turned into spring / spring turned to summer then to fall Past Time The fathers of past time cry for us / their trades and beliefs lay shattered, / their dreams and hopes abandoned / why we ask? / The sword … Not peace, but a sword biblical weapons of mass destruction, Euclid, the Koran and Melanesian cricket His Holiness Hold your empty hands unto Jesus, / Seek solace at His mercy seat. / Find a peace that you’ve never known, / Before the Lord fall to … Sword-Master fresh off his kill of the shooter, the sword-master / is acting calm so that he can avoid such disaster / that could lead to his death / so… AGING HEARTS ALWAYS CARRY BAGS OF SALT old lovers always / stick around / wishing the / what if / yeah / i’m one of them- / what do you expect / i’m a writer / a drin… sartia I hear his great pounding footsteps behind me. Closer. / I am barely aware of the terrain….. The Statue of Gakkal Many years ago, trouble came to the mountain kingdom of Gakkal. The tyrant Ngodup stormed in and seized the throne, exiling the rightful ki… Muse Shadow selves dance around in circles The Midas Twist Among the jungle of ropes, dragon-fledglings weave around the sailors, making them swear as they almost lose their grip. The small beasts s… Entity Chapter 3 3 / No, no, no, this would not do. Her host being alone were vital to the plans she had laid out……… But then, on the othe… THE SWORD When it was finished fit for a king. I’ve got nothing to live for, I’d rat… I’m scared of the future / But I like to be startled / What happened in the past / Will never start over / For some reason my eyesigh… My Sword Inside my mouth was the sword with a double blade, / It was cutting loose as the imbeciles kept criticizing . / They knew nothing of my tal… Strength to Your Sword Arm Breastplate? Check. Shield? Check. Sword? Check. Ah yes, that’s better. What a delicious sense of power and security knowing I’… Hot Coffee A cold feeling in my gut as I near the corner. I pull both of Betsy’s hammers back, her triggers go rigid, ready for t he kill. Affairs with Wizards Never End Well Somehow, Ayryk knew this was going to happen. ‘Overthrown’ The borders I thought well patrolled; / were simply no match for you. / I had thought that I was lord, / sat brooding atop throne; / with p… Blades and Swords My heart hurts… So deeply… I can’t move… Nor can I breathe… Yet I’m still alive… / My soul cries… So loud… Ear slitting that is… I can’t he… Love Will Be Your Sword No steed for him, his feet just fine / as he stands with conviction and power. / For he knows his destiny, his job to do, / from evil, he w… Samurai “…be confident that you will win, and if you dont, you will die….so theres no bad situation. if your smart youll take the… the sword of truth the sword of truth has been cited many times / as an excuse for the bloodshed / that man commits for foolish greed or selfish pride. / the … Tears for fears My bullets bounced and pinged off his carapace, knocking hello but not being admitted. Sword and Psalm Greatest of scripture / No more than weak willed fairy tales / Assembled to preach your fractured moral code The Dread Knight’s Ruin Midsummer’s Eve, so shaman believe, / Is a time of portent and strife, / It was on that night, in a tavern bright, / That a legend came t… Conquering Put down your sword! / The brutal tin / Can never conquer / Ought but limb. By This Sword 911 Is Avenged By This Sword 911 Is Avenged / This was written right after 911 now I’m rewriting it from the time that has passed a cooling a distancing h… Alice’s theme- My return to Wonderland! It was the white rabbit I saw and soon gave chase, / After falling down a rabbit hole, / It was wonderland I faced. The Pen I take my pen outside and dance in the power I enslaved / The humble trees and forest plants kneel / As I pass by and see they aren’t kneel… Jealousy is a two edged sword! In true love lies beauties unimaginable BY THE SWORD. Your father made you / a sword out of metal / at the place he worked / and brought it home / one night after work / and gave it to you … DRAGON ATTACK Staff linked to wizard like servant to master and the magic of Imperios surged in an unraveling arch of prismatic energy that surrounded th… the Two Edges of an Elected Sword . The Littlest Wonder A seraph stood before me / With her wings bound to the clutches of her breasts, / And she spoke to me softly / As her hair gently danced ar… ‘Of Thirds’ ‘What, pray-tell; was His opinion on the matter?’ / ‘In the raiment of an absurd grin, he cast me an odd look and proclai… Sword Play/Sword Rest Lazy days in the pavilion, soft blankets below, soft blue skies above / the smells of cook fires and lavender, the warmth of the sun FALLING BY THE SWORD! Imagine how it must have been, / To be a king, or live like him. / Who stared up at the stars at night, / And sang his songs under heave… Honour We fight to live and die / Dying through eternity By the sword divided ‘By The Sword Divided’ / Two people of different lives, / Two different experiences, / Divided views of each other, / Alternative family th… The Traveler in a cold twilight, quiet no sounds to be heard, just the crackling of the fire and a slow grinding scraping sound of a courses stone being… ‘Voyager’ I saw a sea of painted faces; beautiful in myriad. I swept the eyes of cresting tides, a thousand days or more. I turned upon my heel towar… Live By The Sword Those who live by the sword / Die by the sword / Strangle the daughter unborn / Kill the child son / Chase away mercies unkempt / Dreams de…

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