Swing Time! Visions of a clock with no hands / Dreams of an hourglass without any sand. love is the axis on which i swing I peered beyond the darkness / and into the eyes of the night sky / those starry lights spoke of heights / dizzy and unkown and I realised … The Oak and I, we share a secret… I used to run from the little girl’s laughter / as she swung from the bough of the old Oak tree / the one which I admired so much / … swing Doom and gloom / the markets tank / the hoarders take / the future’s dank. / Praise and blame / fame and shame / round and round we g… wittle archie-swing fun ( could be dangerous ) hi my name is wittle archie, if we havent met before then im very pleased to meet you……… / im only sheven yearsh of age a… Hang on! Whether you are adrift in a sea of discontent or storm-tossed by the turbulent winds of life, simply hang on tight. One certainty in life … Swing Gently… … when you ‘strike out’ at the Universe, / IT strikes back. (equally ‘gently’!) / :) Swing Setting The leaves blur, / As I drift, / Precise and swift. / As I hold tight, / As the chains cold, / My fingertips. / At least up here, / The on… Wishing. “Is there anything else I can do for ya darlin?” he almost pleads. / “I’d let you buy me a drink…” I te… THINKING OF YOU the sky turned golden / still a hint of blue / the yellow roses / i planted just for you / the trees blossomed / the leaves ever so green /… Swing Hold / Hold / Hold a li’l more / I am afraid of Joy / O! Swinging mind… Swing Your presence lingers / Your absence bites / My heart comes and goes between both Let’s Dream The Day Away Shuffling round his desk I started to pout. / He gave a stern look and ordered me … OUT! / With sad puppy dog eyes I entered my plea, / “Pl… silent swing it is just the lonely swing, / silent, with no pilot, / no child’s legs to propel. / it just rocks in the breeze, / slightly twists /… Innocent Swing the innocence of / swinging on a swing set / at 2 in the morning / ducking behind / the slide The pendulum swing (Mature) Swinging Boy Up and down and up The Magical Old Swing I’m here, I’m your childhood / You might have grown old / But once we take off / Your youth, you’ll behold! Lifes a game I spy with my little eye… What the World Gave Us Once Eyes round, we excavated the pile of soft sand, and quarters surfaced one by one. Swing At times I’m old, I feel restless and bored / I’m a crotchety crank and I’m an anvil. / At times I’m as young as permitted to feel / by som… Bring Back That Old Wooden Swing Bring Back That Old Wooden Swing / My brain cells can still remember / the breeze of the wind up in my face, / An energized boy on a wing … As A Cat Her hips swing, as a feline’s would. / Smooth and graceful. / Enticing / as she moves back and forth. / Her eyes flash, like green em… When We Swing Touch; if only you wouldn’t. / Touch; I wish you couldn’t. / Touch; your finger ends up stuck to my lip. / Touch; it ends too f… Roller coasters and Swing sets I still feel you through my bones The Old Swing Hammock The old swing hammock, / A bit frayed— / But so am I— / And with this in common / As well as other contour ways / We compliment one another… Bathtime with Basie The clear, smooth timbre of James’ voice reverberated through the concert hall of his bathroom. He knew he could always make those notes so… The Tire Swing …the boy lept acrossed the meadow…like a deer panting for water… SWING TIME. You were with Janice / in Jail Park / two kids / looking for kicks / and Janice said / Can you push me / on the swings? / and you said / … A Moment in time A single rope was such a site to see / Beyond such norms of life, a boy could see Woman Pushing Child on Swing The day has pleasantly fallen apart. / I am nowhere: on a train in transit, / high on Fleetwood Crack and Nausea, / apathy glazed eyes skim… The Old Swing The old swing / I must admit / Creaks like her / Children / with a much tighter / fit— / and with far more dangle / to the feet / staying s… My Serenity I find my serenity / On the beach / Swinging alone swing swing / gospel ranting porridge pancake / pills along the Nile / screwdad dumping dirty dumplings / peapod reconcile / swing / lost the mom… Swing Swing / At times I’m old, I feel restless and bored / I’m a crotchety crank and I’m an anvil. / At times I’m as you… The Day the Swing Called My Name: I would notice that all the kids had left with their own mamas and I would release my mother’s grasp and run to the swing. But I alwa… Swing Vote I let the words totter by / Without a thought as to why / I love you! / I love you! / I love you! / AYE! / Though all i feel are the cold … Swinging backwards Sadness is in me / I like to face the other way,swing backwards, facing the wide,open field Porch Swing I don’t want to worry about all the little tribulations / I want to sing songs out of tune / Drink how ever much I can hold in / Feel… Swing I saw the world / through eyes that were not burned / I saw a playground, I saw everything. / And that swing, in the clearing, / if you wal… April’s Funny shoebox scenario one Lost In some ways, directions lead me. / In others, they give false hope. / And some days, when I’m idly swinging, / I need something to f… THE FRONT PORCH SWING! Sitting on the front porch swing / The two of us feeling high. / Watching horses in the meadow, / My country girl and I. / The dirt road fr… The House I sit there, in the middle of the dark, cold, dead grass… Waiting… For what? ‘Swing Left’ The tortuous palpitations of a bitter twisted heart, reverberate throughout the ancient desert in my mind. / I take the pain and suffering … Until it is time for me to go There was a child inside of me once. / I lost him between my dreams and my days.

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