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Sunrise till Sunset

sunrise / Sunrise to a new day and my brown eyes are wide for the hope of finding a new way / Pray that today isn’t like yesterday; a burnt…

Naked and laughing

…whispers promising raspberry kisses and galaxies of freckles swirl into my ears…

Mind Reading

What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts?

She and the Sun

…dressed in long hair and loveliness…

STARLINGS in Topsham

Stunning sunsets inevitably urged us there night after night and the appearance of starlings was an extra and much appreciated prize.


I felt, your love is so rare

Beware All! Copyrights infringements – Ale…

I have today had notice that my ‘Ode to a rose on a sunset’ which was a collaborative feature with Mariska last month in Digital Art Compil…

House Cat

I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made


I graze / in the valley of skulls, / a naked boat / on a river of bones

A Daughters Farewell Revisited

It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father

The Sound Of Heaven

I’ve carried you this far, my Love, watched your colours fade… I lay you down upon the grass as seas below us rage. Your hand f…

Ode to a rose on a sunset

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night, / As the clouds dip into the sea. / A kiss from that rose as the waves fall, / Over the beach to a ro…

Night Orchestra

The summer has flown. / Calling the day; it is only 8, / But it is already getting dark. / The night songs have begun… / Watching th…


Unfurling gently in the soft, late sun, / they shyly extend their fingers…

Will you come to me

If I were to call out / from the edge of the / glowing horizon at sunset / would you follow your heart / leave your treasures behind / and…

my vision of “Infinite Future Chaos”

Infinite future chaos – “whats that?” I here you say, / its the way we shape our future by how we live today…̷…


Her soft fingers / brush across my forehead / smoothing down the worry / the lines that seem permanent / slowly fade away / as she gives me…

COLOURING YOUR WORLD (the power of thought)

I stared down through the darkened clouds at the twinkling lights below and then lifted my gaze up through the unbroken graduation of colou…

Myall Lakes Tribute

A Collaboration of Newcastle (NSW Aust.) RBers for LLD comp. / Photo by Wanagi -http://www.redbubble.com/people/wanagi / Which inspired wor…

Evening Birds

My dark thoughts cannot catch / them – the quick patterns of / their flight into the twilight…

Fanta Orange Sunsets

Steps away from the gentle lapping waves, a 400 year old Buttonwood with its gnarled branches, stood the test of time.

nature of creativity-how to use it (with referenc…

getting the essentials-elements of design-things that make your artistic vision make sense. And knowledge that helps you make sense of why …

Another feature

What a great way to greet a new day to find I have been featured in the UK to Australia and Back group with my photo of the bridge at Pot A…

Eloquent Silence !


The Sunset Blue

When the sky defines / The water of love’s mind … / I will enter you

Shapes of my Heart

….The growl and purrs of the Jaguars, content in the lusciousness of their den

“Sun Tear’s Window”

I have passed my fingertips.. / along the border of the star… / and it was cold….

Lie To Me

The sky darkened and music sprang up from the small restaurant behind. It was thin music, stretched over too much outside sound to be anyth…

Nature’s Musical Composition

The colors of sunsets sing their notes / As Nature undulates with the ever-changing drama / Yellows and pinks deepen / Oranges and reds fli…

Victoria’s Alpine Region (Summer) – A…

Australian Travel Photography and Writing / Victoria’s Alpine Region (summer)

Sunset for Allison

Sometimes there are much larger wheels turning and shaping our lives than we are aware at the moment.. / If we are lucky they reveal themse…

drinking a twilight with red trails of sunset


Ice Cream: Memories Of The Latrobe Valley

Brisk evening turns to chilled night, and the brilliant hues of sunset are lost in ink black. The haze and clouds from the power stations m…

The world according to Red Bubble

because we can uplift each other and make the spirits soar / with these nice and simple words-“your art I just adore”!

Unto the Sunset

Heaven arrives at the setting of the sun / Refreshing my soul with all thy tenderness / Thou art the joy and rejoicing of my heart / Whose …

It’s a quarter too three….

just some more healing writing coming straight from my heart!

Forest Medicine

rain shadows / wind blows / creak, snap, moan / forest grown / dead-falls feed / beetles seed / listens heed / .. .. .. / fungi fern / fr…

The Ultimate Photograph

The ultimate photograph…Natures Canvas. / The sun is setting,fading fast in the west,slipping behind the majestic mountains capped wi…

Passions Flight

this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself…

Life feels alive

Sun touched the horizon / Setting sky on fire

Our Future Anthem

We left feeling that we had just scratched the surface of this fascinating world / badly scratched the shadow mirrors / the face is the mir…

Sunset Dreams

Sunset Dreams / 2445 words / “We need to get you stabilized,“ a green lion said. She thinks of the therapist this way, to distract from her…

Decorating the Ocean

It glistens here in aqua blue / A kind of soft and muted hue

the sentinel (es vedrà)

he stands facing the sea / looking out at the island / unmoving both of them / man and the rock

Icy Wonders

As i take a step outside / i see the frost glistening / My heart jumps for joy / as i see my horse’s breath take leave. / The fields …

Last acts

How heat of sultry summer’s eve consumes me. / Feisty bloody crimson glow ignites a flaming skyline; / dusk radiant decorates the gol…

Last Sunset

And suddenly the sunset to our right - / a gaudy bright palette of vivid color - / caught your attention.

Gaming Time

A perfect night for lovers is a gift, / And not to be ignored by such as we, / For time’s winged chariot indeed is swift, / Vouchs…

~ seaway ~

turbulent sea / crashing aloud / and the sun slinks slowly away


“Then he was dead.” She sighs.

“Carry On wayward Sun”… in words

I revel at all of this individuality and thank God for the ability to at least try and capture that ever changing scene for me to relive ov…

The Field Out Back

The field way out back is the best place to watch the sun set. / It’s been ignored for years, and what will grow there grows there.


That’s how it feels / when we watch silver ripples on the lake / and Sun is brushing strokes of gold on our backs.


I am not one for writing Poems or Prose

Turner Sky

A subtle blend of colours / That fills me with surprise / A sweep across the sky / God’s palette now is born…………&#…

In the velvet warmth of urban light

It is the third warm evening of the year. / I taste, for the first time, french fries dipped in hot mustard. / Around us, voices weave, cro…

A soul’s truth

Your soft breathing / of a dreams whisper / turns my water to / the sweetest of wines. / A vast ocean just / below the surface of your / …

Raging Sunset

So vivid as the earth at last / Just swallows it from sight……..

O Jerusalem

The massive golden dome glimmered , shards of hope piercing corners of the street where children drew in th dust.


She spoke little and I said none. / She sat far while I sat near. / The colours changed, / But we did not. / The sun sank lower, the colour…

Forgiveness! A Crimson Sunset

Through the unveiled windows of my soul, / I perceive the evening sky…a crimson scroll. / And…within the silence of bitter th…

Featured Work!!!

My sincere thanks to hosts and co-hosts of several groups for featuring my work. I’m so happy and I appreciate the features listed be…

Sunset Rock

Transcendance seeks / a light to shine / calling, seeking / honouring the gift / calling passion, / love, by / Winds gentle curvance / seek…

Asian Sunset

blood red sun runs / hide & seek goes the day / hard to find seek as I may / will the night kiss me the same / no not warm but cool …

Mother Nature

Whenever the moon says her last goodbyes to the night, / You will find me, / Standing on the shores of forever.



“After the Sunset – A Gentle Connecti…

We were one for a split second, there in a room full of people.

Leading night

Be simply still / and quietly listen / to the peaceful, soothing / sounds of dusk

I wish it could last

but blink and / you miss it / pause and / its past

A Gift of Creation

Dark and mysterious / Fire at night / Lift now your vision / And breath in the air / Drink in the beauty / As stars fill the sky


Watching the reflections of that ball of fire / As it sets so quickly … ready to retire……………..

Middle Aged Man Attempts Perfect Sunset Shot

Then it dawned on me, getting down was going to be somewhat harder! Still, with my trusty tripod I thought all would be well. Half way down…

Tick Tock

Tick Tock / Time, ticks quickly by. / Moments, minutes, hours speeding past. / The shadows at first were short, as the time tick tocks by /…


sunrise, sunset, / ever changing views, / peaceful nature at it’s best, / clouds of different hues, / something special, not sure wha…

Driving into Sunset

It is / as good as it gets / driving into Sunset

Autumn Love

alone i sit beneath a tree / as the leaves are falling down / i think, i dream, i write of you / the love that’s lost and gone

Second Chance

A tear rolled lightly down her cheek, catching the fire of the rising sun. The beach had never known a loneliness such as this.

and the hills speak…

a shadow of feeling / and stillness moving / in the motion of clouds

Thank you for the purchase/s October 23, 2011

To Unknown Buyer/s / I hope you enjoy your purchase, and I appreciate it very much that my images are enjoyed enough to purchase. Oh joy, j…

i wrote this in my sleep…

my heart aches… / it misses you… / the thought of you…


“Sunset” voted group icon!


It is a game these two lovers have played since the beginning of time

Fly My Child

~ Fly, my child, to sunset’s end, live the life you so desire ~

A successful week!!!

We enjoyed the wonderful spring weather here in Switzerland… / warm and marvelously in bloom :)) / I had the opportunity to shoot som…

After the sunset

Yours Memories will come after the sunsent / and i will burn like a candle / i did not say my love was so good / but yes i admit he loved m…

Photographer, Sunset

A Tanka Poem About Photography

The Close of Day

Darkness is swiftly closing in ….

Your words

Finally its disappear / Not arc anymore it / From pain beauty echos / The night is coming fast / It is filling heart / Softly weights on sh…


Thick, juicy rainbows / hang down everywhere, like fingers of God / dipped in colors pressed from wild flowers

late nights

a rolling wave of orange atmosphere / crushes the blue from the sky / but lights the blue in your eyes. / i wish / i could save this as a p…

Sand In My Undies (Another Novel Idea

Yeah… it was like wet stand against your skin. Rubbing away layers until it was embedded so deep it didn’t hurt anymore.


The landscape is arid, / Dry as a bone, / Parched from every drop. / The branches lie bare, / Nothing green to be seen. / Dust blows south …

Featured Work!!!

Incredible week for me here on Redbubble. My heartfelt thanks go to the the hosts and co-hosts of the following groups! / Double feature fo…

Oh my gosh, two more features….what a weeke…

Wow, what a weekend I have had. I am so thrilled with more news of two more features. / “Sunset Silhouette” was featured in &#…


Snuggled into blushing clouds …

As the Sun sets

Adriana dressed in a low cut summer blouse with a short skirt,she looked so devine ! / I just looked into Adriana’s beautiful hazel eyes, l…
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