One day these poems One day / These poems will ring out like church bells / Gathering everyone around for the stories I want to tell / And it won’t mat… I Remember They always said that god was there / You didn’t walk alone / But visions of the lonely morgue / Still chill me to the bone Sunday afternoon reverie. Circling. The sun fell upon my ear / uttering sweet notions / I’ll stay often / and weave gold flecks into your hair / when the act of darkness e… Sunday was a lovely day I wasn’t ready when I lost my Sundays. / I didn’t even know that Sundays could be stolen from you. / It took a while but I’ve adjus… Sunday … 11.5.08 the car to wash, the homeworks to mark, the minutes to type, / the fence to paint, a trip to the shop, a family visit to make / and a promi… Prom Sunday We can’t stop Time; He races with the sun and always wins, / but we can be immersed, afloat, surrounded / in His generous embrace. Sunday School Drop-out My brother, Peter, thought that Sunday School was even more of an exercise in bollocks than I did i scream sunday (one thirteen thirteen) i think i’m finally going crazy, / over the edge, / bananas and nuts. rainy sunday afternoon rainy sunday afternoon / Door creaking, / opening, shutting, / slamming, / gate unhinged, / clouds pummeling / across the sky, / voices los… Sunday night just gone,  Blue Monday dog gone!  Blast off boxcar to Alpha Centauri / With umbrellas and an olived midori / Like Invictus and the equestrian cosmonauts / In of search Icaru… One Sweet Jazz Sunday Afternoon. I remember that first time, / When; one sweet jazz / Sunday afternoon, / I first saw Tubby at the As. / We caught the bus from Blackpool, … Self-Indulgent Sunday She wishes she were a simple and fatalistic fish and finds herself deciding to go outside to flop around in the delicately scented sun gard… Lest we forget …. Flash of lightning across the sky / Deadly, crackling lullaby … Easter Sunday around the Macedon Ranges I consumed more than enough chocolate eggs, so that should keep shopkeepers happy for another year. Is the TV watching me? Should I wake in fright? So I sat down to watch the ABC, after turning off the computer and they promoted the 7:30 report and a forgotten Australian movie. / Of cou… Sunday Brunch Please pass me the sugar / I need to sweeten my tea / Now let me sit on your lap / So you can sweeten me Seven Days Alice had been sitting on the bench that stood directly opposite the red post box for twenty minutes now. Thanks for the Feature Mixed Media Group! Feature, Mixed Media Group, Jewel Foundation, Open Door Gallery Someday, Sunday,Snowday Someday / I will see you / in the reaal world / so that I can kiss your lips. / Sunday / I was with you / lying in the sand / by the … sunday morning (Paris end of Collins St) A large woman curses in Hebrew, whilst mopping some expensive vomit from her pink marble steps. sunday morning girl carry me down slow / with the touch of your lips / on my neck, / while i fall / right into your hands- / i’m yours. / for now letR… Sunday Paper For sale Sunday Morning “Easy as Sunday morning.” / The words of the song rang through his head. / He had to lift a hand to his mouth to suppress a derogative sno… a sunday afternoon raining mercy Lord… / Sometimes / I / Feel / You / And You’re so gentle with me / How are / You / Like / That? / When lust is ringing in my / Ears / You’… Sunday photowalk up the Water of Leith 15th June A quick reminder: meet up at the cafe on the Shore where the Water of Leith Walkway begins, at 11am for a noon set-out. Bring your camera! … Sunday Morning You took the phone out of my hand. / We made love ……… / I fell asleep / I woke in your arms. / You’re reading a b… Sunday photowalk – 22nd June? Sorry… Today I was helping out at a bakesale – and tomorrow (Sunday) I’ve really got to do some followup work: unfortunately (unavoida… Sunday Morning I lie in bed with a cigarette in hand / My Sunday routine has managed to / Slip its way into every day Sunday Morning in the Summer i got me a treacherous tale / ain’t meant for feeble or frail / well, here it goes / the truth, no one knows / i woke up at three a.m… Sunday Morning conjoint / from the heart, belly and cock Springtime Ecstasy It is an erotic dance of the senses, hot and cold licking and teasing my body. Astrology for Sunday 15th March 2009 Well, the cosmos has been fairly quiet – all things considered – over the past few days. This trend continues today and for a f… Astrology for Sunday 18th January 2009 The Moon’s entry into Scorpio every month gives you the opportunity to solve personal mysteries and ferret out old family secrets. Im… Sunday Mourning. The picture on that faded wall / slants toward me. Your face encased in glass / on glossed paper has never felt more real than it does / ri… “strained through her “Sunday go to m… Evangaline and Gertrudis after tapping on the window of the lab, thought for just a second that Roscoe would pass by, but with him stopping… 5 am on a sunday, with windows half-open (Mature) What Really Went on on the Ark That night, while everyone slept, one clever little chimp reached his arm through his cage . . . . and the chimp clapped happily as he took… sunday 8th but for Him A wonderful sunday…2 features. The last row to go….” was featured in the group Berries, Fruits & Seeds / And Through the window was featured in the group Bits a… Lazy Sunday Morning a do nothing day / sweeps through my house / on a lazy Sunday / the to do list is long / and will ever be so / dust settles again / as morn… A Sunday Bike Ride The open spaces, lovely straights / Our riding now is sound. PM Edition – Celebs Candidly – Su… Rumour has it the feud will continue throughout the year, impacting on other festivals such as Halloween and … yes folks … Chri… Seven Days – Sunday Chris approached the empty bench with mixed feelings. My Man Sunday Monday’s for getting up / Tuesday’s for getting in / Wednesday’s for two for one / cheap beer / And Thursday’s for … Sunday evening melancholy- the covers are on. A s… An expectant sixpack. Rain in Brisbane. This is a lucky sunday ….sold a card!!!!! Happy dance….sold a card to AndShesGone / Let’s Party / Thank you so very much Andrea …you are the topping of the cake&#… Summer Sunday Supper I was blown away by the end result of cooking a chicken in my brand new, ‘Nu-Wave’ oven… (it cooks with convection and i… Sunday Mornings I watched as Dad mixed his tobacco leaves to his liking / I watched as Dad filled his pipe, / meticulously taping down each layer of tobac… THE SUNDAY COOK The preparations always started on Saturday eve / What Mom would cook you wouldn’t believe / The family would eat light on Saturday … Sunday, Naughty Sunday “It’s here-I got change; no idea it costs so much.” Geek glasses fogged as he dug furiously. His bow tie too tight, suit suddenly oven hot… Some Thoughts for a Sunday Just before I head off back to the hospital for another week’s zapping, I thought I would share these choice bits of silliness wit yo… Sunday Morning upstairs neighbor, the gospel / plays loud, in the garden / bee’s wings sing the sweetest song Astrology for Sunday 22nd March – UK Mother… Watch your step! The universe goes from encourager to illusionist in 24 hours. Think before you speak and slow down if you have to travel. … Sunday Coffee I am coffee / in your favorite cup / The morning ritual / that starts your day / I am that slow brewed / deep roasted / anticipation / tha… For those interested in Astrology- sunday 17 augu… The cosmos begins to mellow out after yesterday’s solar systemic cornucopia of alignments. The intrusion of Pisces Moon (12:47AM ) br… 01/06/08 “The Duck” Swimming over glass / Enter clouds through reflection / Reach firm ground at shore For those interested in Astrology Sunday 14th Dec… The cosmos is in a more mellow mood right now after several days of high tension and topsy-turvy conditions. You now have a full day to cat… Ambivalence Lazy Sunday thinking Astrology for Sunday 26th April Sometimes it is important to prepare for the worst and anticipate difficulties when it comes to an approaching planetary confrontation. In … Song of the day (Sunday 24th of May) Not Fair / This ought to make ya’ll laugh and get out of that funk / Have you ever had a relationship like this woman sings about??? … Portarlington Triathlon – Sunday 1st Februa… On a very calm and tranquil Sunday morning 1500 very fit athletes of all ages and sizes arrived in Portarlington ready to take on the triat… Something Larger Than Life. Thank You, Taking Bac… I’m playing a game I didn’t know existed / don’t bother replacing those words / everything you wanted is everything you g… For The Love of Sunday Good afternoon, June / You spoiled month of mine / I used to shake / And wait and pine / Trying to find a way / To keep myself together. / … Sunday Sunday is the day, / That brings me to my knees, / Asking for forgiveness, / From the angels above, please. / To have mercy on my soul, / A… Early Sunday Morning Early Sunday Morning / I have nothing except my eyes / early Sunday morning / for the readings of my favorite language / and the rattling o… sunday. monday unknown / unseen / lost in the space between / fogotten & gone / i live for song birds / & misty mornings / the magpies my friends … Sunday For an instant, I cupped the sunset in my palms. I let it trickle between my fingers. buzzard II (easter sunday) they were back, / in this wet damp, easter mist / they swept this way and that. / caught up in the time / i ached to be up there alongside,… sunday mood i’m just sitting here and wasting some time / sitting here thinking with an icy vodka and lime / trying to whip up something smart to… SUNDAY BEST Sunday was the day of rest / Time for SUNDAY BEST / Going to Church to pray / For happiness everyday / Visiting friends for a little while … Notes from a Sunday Afternoon The British journalist and the French detective / Ponder the death of the American missionary / Who’s good will finally caught up wit… Super Bowl Sunday Strange that today is a Holy Day for people. Some celebrate by attending religious services in churches, cathedrals etc and others have a … Astrology for Sunday 15th February 2009 If you still feel you are on a runaway emotional rollercoaster ride, join the club. The red planet Mars – linked up with the MoonR… A Sunday Chuckle Your Duck is Dead— / A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As she laid her pet on the table, the vet pulled out… Lipstick on Sunday I can remember my mom coming home sobbing after a Sunday evening service. Dad was with her in the bedroom, but I could hear their conversat… Today I’m Larry Flint Sunday afternoon n’ I got me zero cash / spent the Friday night out clubbin out largin on the lash haiku sunday breakfast . / . / [were “giants”, “ate of” / were blasted, reborn as us / we’re to be biscuits] Your Mantra for today Sunday my alter ego is a Promoter, idol or patriot, whose superpower sets objectives or avant-garde trends to compete for attention, rank or oppor… Beneath the Canvas Shade Beneath the canvas shade / in the still chill dawn / my words flex and yawn / into the open page / and the green street still / too early… For those interested in Astrology – Sunday … Sorry you did not get one for today, did not have time to do or post. hugs / Once you make it through today’s strange odyssey, the co… For those interested in Astrology – Sunday … This edginess, stress and burnout vibration – plaguing the start of August – is not likely to end anytime soon. And the first 7… A memory never made Your soul, it would be filled with things like musical notes, summer skies and never me. Sunday is Death (Mature) The Glory of Sunday Blue One honey-sweet, sunny Sunday / Snowy white Spires cresting cumulus castles- / It was so blazingly, amazingly Blue / All strewn-out, sown-… THIS OLD HOUSE THIS OLD HOUSE has a story to tell / Of life and love and time spent well / Of children laughing and running around / When you pass you can… For those interested in Astrology – Sunday … Sorry I am a bit late with this one, it nearly didn’t get posted at all. I was laid up yesterday , someone turned a tap on in my head… Stray Thoughts on a Sunday they crave the free spirit / they remember from the past; / perhaps they crave a woman / who was never real, / one they dress up in designe… For those interested in Astrology Sunday 28th Sep… Last night’s Venus-Uranus dust-up may still have repercussions for lovers this morning. Think before speaking. Follow the golden rule… Sunday Morning Service…. as if a new born babe swaddled / swayed by the breeze. / I am cradled within the arms of atmosphere. / poetry in motion. / her voice / sing… What a Sunday…. I had a long weekend at work, but today on Red Bubble I got an extra shot in my arm. / First I learned I was featured in Inspired Art…… Sunday Blues feeling hollow / even though i am no longer alone / feeling vacant within myself / even you cannot complete the puzzled square of me / feel… Today the Spirit Paid a Visit! …when I can testify to personally feeling and hearing the True Spirit. Today’s moment tops them all! Sunday Service/ Tea & Biscuits I want to thunder at God / ‘You got it sooooo wrong’ / No doubt i’d just be / shown the door in response / Cast out like … Sunday Afternoon. Boredom lays heavy on the air, / Her father snores in the high-backed chair / suffocating The Endless Sunday When I was ten a wet Sunday afternoon lasted for a whole lifetime. The mornings were filled with the rituals of church and Sunday school wh… Sunday Roast. She stuck her ahead above two full plates of chicken roast through the cubby hole in the plaster wall connecting the kitchen and a shabby d…
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