Murder in Suburbia (ooh! cool title!) I thought I was losing it. Another Slice of Suburbia Socks tucked over his trouser legs, helmet dangling uselessly from his left handlebar, the middle-aged cyclist made his way back along the … wimbledon in the western suburbs I sat in the front seat, where your nose bleeds and I watched every game My Suburbia A blue tiger in a cage, / been harnessed for his rage, / a rattle on the floor at five to six. / Fevered howling from afar, / tyres screech… She Ripped me Off… Suburbia, the return she ripped out a page of my reality, / like a signal to a part of me / we connected so well / the crowd did not care to see / did not care … Suburbia in the rear view mirror Charcoal rooftops, / Camouflaged by the midnight blue, / Of a January sky, / Surreal darkened eyes, / Glimmering as life passes by, / Searc… The Pied Pipers of Brightwood Street I’m full of glee and desolation; I’m at once a contented child and a wretched orphan silently bewailing my fate After Midnight me, i’m leaning out my window, / alternating sip of wine with puff of square… Suburbia Slowly drowning in a cesspool of sawdust antiquity / To be reborn into mulch / For the dead-wood plantations. Voyeur In Suburbia Peeping Tom Is Everywhere =Suburbia Gardens= Years of mowing just the tips off every week without fail! / leaving said tips on the grass to work into a thatch 6 inches deep! Hiding ‘No-where to go this time, Anna’ / Anna’s eyes flick to the doors, can she be bothered outrunning him again? The Exiled Ghost An act of defiance / Against the howling wind Living the dream… (a nice big house in the … I knew a man who sat on a can and waited for life to shit in his hands… Suburban Scare It’s only the measly size of my parents bedroom, but Pop says it’s a sound investment in our lives and it’ll protect us f… 19 Steps to a Cycle 1. A child’s cries ring out in the black / 2. Fizzling through fissures in the darkness / 3. Ricocheting off street lamps diluted / 4. Like… Remonstration 2002 It’s dark already and I want to be out there, alone in the night. But here we are, sitting in the living room of a dead man, trying to esca… The Source of my Insanity: Suburbia I want to fly away, away from the average teenager’s life. / I want to fly far from suburbia. / From the cookie cutter houses and the… A gospel for suburbia. Eternal, infant vision. / It’s mid-nineteen-nineties Australia and I’m a small child, / playing on the lambs-wool carpet. / It… A chant for suburbia. Eternal, infant vision. / The bitter ant scent / washed in via the wafting sugar storm. / A waiting collision between norms. / It’s… My Neighbourhood And when the digits change / Click / And my face, unbidden / Looms from behind the curtains / It is silent Julius His boredom had reached a pinnacle. Sitting back in a vomit green arm chair, watching the sun illuminate the dust through the blinds, he co… Neptune Conceited foibles / No one would read Australia Day: a short comedy of suburbia The stunned café persons will be watching all this as she does a sort of circus circle, if traffic allows. Whilst this exchange takes plac… kids in suburbia donny is only chippin / chelsey like to sell it / but neither has got a dollar / and they swear they can quit / he’s nodding all day … FRIGID SUBURBIA frigid suburbia / get down with my soul / nights on endless daze / overdressed for the conversation / the sky is fifty shades of blue / if …

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