A string of cranes

The process work showing how I fold a string of cranes.


and with just one breath / the silver specks scatter / dancing in the sunlight

the gyspy string in my puppet

Over the years, I found my own spirit and my own guides and although we’re a noisy and complicated bunch, we haven’t done too badly.

I Believe in You

The old attic, though in semi darkness / Was warm and welcoming in the Spring / A place of trash and treasure, it was full of kindling / O…

brown paper packages, tied up with string

A visa to your mind in a rudimentary wrapping.

Into the Blue night

like a puppet with tangled strings / contorted is all you are my dear. / sharp daggers hope for freedom

Una Corda (one string)

With a feverish pitch the city refuses to sleep tonight / Left to a wandering lyre gazing upon the ancestry of violins / Bellowed out from …

strangled by string

Lies. All lies. / This mortar crumbles, perishes / These bricks, crack and corrode / This mask, is a part of me now / Part of my soul furni…


How long is piece of string?

This string

This string of mine, / Of ours. / That leads away to the distance / Bright and lacking detail / Hazy phantoms down a sun drenched track / …

Heart string snapped

So as i pick my heart up off the floor / And tug open that closed door / She’ll be wiping the salty tear from her eye / And feeling h…

Life’s lesson

In harmonious calls of sharps and purrs, / My plaintive song beckons all to come hear its tale.


if i were a child / i’d twirl around like a top / dance in the meadows / and never stop / run through the fields / like a banshee / l…

A String Of Fancies

This is about not wanting to let go of daydreams and fantasy, slipping into a beautiful insanity….

Me, Uncle Bill and the Bob Marshall

With no where else to go, the other horses jumped over me and I can remember looking up at their bellies and legs and counting them as they…

Elegant Universe — Can String Theory detect…

Life in the Universe Just on Earth, or Everywhere? / ELEGANT UNIVERSE & STRING THEORY / GOD THEORY / HOW BIG IS THE UNIVERSE? / Stay wi…

A string of meandering thoughts

Sky tears October / me with no umbrella / lacrimae has come

On a string

struggling in the cold to feel again!


dangling / my heart’s on a string / dancing / yet i don’t feel a thing / like a puppet / i bounce here and there / with red li…

At My Own Funeral

She is dead. / That is it, then. / Her soul is gone, / leaving her body as it shall be, / as it was before her birth. / We may long to mour…

The String.

There stands a boy named Beau, with a string tightly wrapped around his finger. He clasps the string with no annotations, but on that strin…

Next Time You Want To Pull The String

A spark of curiosity / Fueled mother’s rage. / “The child should have known better, / for her age…” / After weeks o…

String Of A Timeline

Sitting on hard cement / Staring into the sky / With jumbled thoughts / Of past events / Only becoming more tangled / Together / Almost l…

String of Pearls

Unspoken “words of appreciation”

string and wire connections

Shattered on the floor, a broken toy I peer up at your satisfied face. Your done now and I am left alone here, confined by your world. My h…

when the string gives out

Oh hail the bus of stars that shake and report / For the wind may sling your broken parts / The scatter tickles the neighbors …

puppet on a string

I know you tried to warn me / but I didn’t take you seriously / you knew about the strings that play us / while we dance on blissfull…

A Piece Of Nylon String

A Piece Of Nylon String / Inside the casting of my heart a pumping rhythm continues on its quest, / Providing the essence of life that many…

Sting or Stink

We tipped our waiter handsomely to cover both our embarrassment for wasting what to some would have been a perfectly good lunch and for not…


and wonder how to understand / the fruits of a fidgeting hand


Living in search of Happiness? Maybe this little poem can help you out.

One string binds us all…

Love is the unlimited power of the divine / To create; bind and maintain / It is what fills all space between matter / Which otherwise to t…

Bertein pulling The String

Bertein sat in the shade of the apple tree and allowed the book slip from his hand to the ground. He had been reading a layman’s int…

haiku string written on 8/17

Fingers creep across / Pages yellow with old age / Thoughts move at light speed / Memoirs are always / Temperament is all that holds / Your…

String of Tears

I will collect your tears, / String them together, / And wear them as a necklace. / The reminder of heartbreak, / Pain and lies. / Until th…

Decorative art-string


The Best Five String Banjo Player I Ever Met

Forty years ago, I knew him / when I first met him on a train / he had his banjo with him; / and on that train, we sang

String attached

Excited we commence / Boldly we explore / Generously we share / Daringly we’re exposed / Amazingly we gel / Expectantly we continue


[Video] / SINGULARITY / There is nothing between us, / No skin, / No flesh, / No blood, / No bone. / We are a transient dance etched into t…

12 String Heart

12 String Heart / The strings from time past, / stretched his heart across / the shadows of the moon. / He knew it could not feel / but he …

yarn balls…

yarn ball analogy


the world is a harp laid on its side and with ivory tinkles led to hammers, peddled like a cart into a fluidic atmosphere

Life on a String

You were a handsome shadow of your father from day one; at least that’s what I’m told. Brilliant and strong, the way he’d been years before.

guitar string, broke?

its not because i can / . / . / or you will / . / . / or we just do it / . / . / or it will be covered so / why not now / . / . / no, its …

Heart string

A cry from my soul, / Renders me mute / I stand under the shower, / Of your anger hurt and hate. / Blood trickles to the floor, / And pool…

Reggie (a very short ghost story)

Reggie hated spiders.

Second String

I’m not one to admit defeat / but damn dude, she’s got me beat. / She’s the cooler version of me. / I can’t compete…

Puppet on a string

I will not bow down. To your whims and fancies. I am not your play thing. I will not walk that tight rope. / And juggle your emotions or w…

grab my string

Go ask your Daddy, he will pay / Daddy will pay, ‘cos it’s what daddies do / It’s why he works all day and night time too

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