miss nebulosity I saw her in the sky; shaped like a cloud, she was laying on her back, without underpants, her legs spread wide open. MAIN STREET BLUES I’M JUST PASSING THROUGH / THIS PLASTIC BABYLON, / SINGING THOSE MAIN STREET BLUES. / I’M WATCHING ALL THE MADNESS, / GREED AND STUPIDITY. … The Street No love found on the pavement / Only the cold chill of the night The Human Condition For you and me and everyone we know. This is my outlook as a 23 year old woman trying to make sense of the world and knowing it’s no… Runaway no thumping / jumping / walloping / or whacking / against walls / and doorways / and down that shitty staircase / that he loved best Another Slice of Suburbia Socks tucked over his trouser legs, helmet dangling uselessly from his left handlebar, the middle-aged cyclist made his way back along the … Another Blonde Chapter: the smell of the bakery a… I guess the big question in life wasn’t ~ could I have another coconut finger, but it might have been easier than asking her if she wanted … Tom Puuskatte. roses on the fire – children has killed by … let stop that fire / stop the War please! DA SOUND OF DA POLICE STOP THE VIOLENCE PLEASE Strangers On The Street Fingers entwined, touching just the same, / Skin laid softly over skin, never once did they whispered a name. / His loins grew hard, her de… THE LABEL COLLECTION The label collection was compiled during the period 1950 through 1955. I was, at that time, employed by the Australasian Jam Coy Pty Ltd, … A Child Alone He learns the hard lesson…… Under City Lights My heart thrives under city lights, / My dreams are born on city nights, / I am a child of the golden street lamps, / I am a child of the c… A street circus show on Saturday morning in Tel A… It is Spring now in Israel and some of the days the weather is just perfect, the sun is shining but it’s not too hot. One of the best… A Child Alone Part II: The Formative Years It’s just the stain on the life / Of some angry teen The Rape of Freedom Masters in the home of the brave / These clever Hyenas the bed less slept in i have made my bed of bricks / it leads me to concentration. / shifting position becomes an art form / a depiction of grace and gentleness … “Street Cleaner” -CONTENT WARNING I owe him my patience – after all he has given me the meaning for my life. A Child Alone Part III: A Child All Grown Some are from pleasure / and some are from pain Look both ways when you cross the street. Golden stilettos / tapping on time, / rose colored toes / ohhh my, / so sublime, / satin skin, / just a blind mans / dreams, / black lace, … 50 things in today’s Stock Market report Viagra stayed up for most of the day, but investors were advised to call their broker if the stock stayed up for more than four hours. Your Royal Highness – Your Majesty we celebrate your 60 years reign, / You nurtured those children, / What a beautiful couple you make, / GOD SAVE THE QUEEN Rue de beaux rêve (On the street of sweet dreams ) On rue beaux rêve / He saw her bike / Lean by a tree / It’s arms pruned / He found her blue / Door open / He stepped inside / He coul… I am Beating My Drum On The Street I am beating my drum / fore all who are weary and tired of dancing to the world’s drum Farewell to The Few (that are left) I’ll never again march to a military band / On the parade ground; rifle in hand Objects in the mirror We are objects in the mirror / The strangers walking by / We are closer than it seems / You and I CITY HEAT Street lamps succumb / In the heavy haze King Street. Lost in a lack of truth he couldn’t seize a fist before he found himself taking a nap in an armchair with an uncanny resemblance to a gutter Down a side street known as rue de masquerade Down a side street known / as Rue de masquerade / I stole your soul it’s heart of ice / In the garden of remembrance / I kissed it once,… High Society Orgasmic waves of nerve shredding intensity racked his stick-figure body and overwhelmed him. His sense of oneness, self-fulfillment and to… Excerpt from my new novel! She should have awoken that morning happy, maybe a little hung over. It was her birthday the night before and she had entertained many frie… Street lamps audio recording of this poem here / In cool night air / street lamps glow / their mellow lemon best / while stars sleep resting / on a bed … To the Man I Saw Walking Down the Street We used to be friends. / You and I. / I remember you, / quite well in fact. / You were born in December / and you hated Winter / because … Perspectives. Everybody needs good neighbours. Ru… I have no reason to think that the rabbit, if caught, will come to any harm. Hopefully, I’ll see an ad., in the local paper: Found: … The Red Cape He thought himself exceedingly grand as he strolled down Ninth Street. He passed the diner with it’s bread, the bank, the tower of bl… Arcadia Street Mrs. Zolton baked her weekly batch of pies; the smell so tantalizing, that Matt and Mark dramatically moaned in ecstasy, / (A tale of 2 Twi… things they never told me. your soft back turning over in the morning. the cold times huddled under january streetlamps. and the way your eyes made me lurch with a jo… Motor City Mayhem 1982 A gang of black men came running with chains and clubs. We were out numbered… She A plea in a sea of strangers sunday morning (Paris end of Collins St) A large woman curses in Hebrew, whilst mopping some expensive vomit from her pink marble steps. A Young Old Street Girl 29/1/91 Streetwise and cunning she uses her wiles / To make the money that makes her smile Steiner Street His eyes were like the hands of two industrious morticians: They sucked the warmth right from the vessel of the young girl’s body. / copyri… Unwritten dangers of the job Photography once seemed so innocent and tame / hold your camera / aim, click and voila / Thoughts of the innocent i dare say / A few miles … LIFE ON THE STREET REALITY ON THE STREETS I AM A LEPER Lepers are everywhere! / They drink champagne and forget the suffering ones! / Lepers are everywhere! / Thinking that they are cute! child’s play …the reminders of the monsters so brutal…and then I killed them one by one… along the street of story tellers what remains of the day was blown away / constantly moving out of light into darkness / the energy of must starts destroying trust / a bitt… See me as I am….(a collaboration)   / Imagine finding a kiss afloat on the street. . . /   / It is said that we dwell in either of two places / . . . the Place of … SpyGuy Series One-of-a-kind prints! Hey all RB’er’s! / As some may have noticed over the last few days, ive been uploading Original one-of-a-kind silkscreen print… The Junkie Who Helped Me Quit Smoking I quit smoking in one night after one encounter with one guy. And I did it without the patches, the foul tasting gum or the over-eating-to… embrace, IV running breathlessly / her white silk shoes / lying on the street / her breasts heaving / her heart pounding / as she ran the daisies / fel… Valentines Day 1999 (Mature) SADNESS PREVAILS Nothing can be right again / He walked alone without a friend / Cast aside like worthless trash / People treated him so brash / Walking and… Art of Travelling Gaze This makes me believe that the reason for, or the result of traveling, is to open your eyes; to explore and see what is not normally seen i… The Pied Pipers of Brightwood Street I’m full of glee and desolation; I’m at once a contented child and a wretched orphan silently bewailing my fate WELCOME HOME Lord, take my Mother’s hand and / lead her through your Promised Land; / Walk her down those streets of gold / in that land where she… Street At Night on the street / gentle touch of / spring air… / silence…my / feet audible in / the gathering quiet… / row on row / of str… The House on Hollow Street When you run for the door but, it has been locked / You try all the windows but, they’re barred and blocked Still Worth Reading 10 Years later ‘’….Political correctness has killed off documentary in general…’’ Abbot Street He had drawn her first in charcoal / then swept watercolors across her visage, / as the powdered pigment motes whirled / in the late aftern… Undesirable Muscle memory kicks in / My fingers take the needle / Deftly pull the seams tight again / Reinforced, but worn thin / I know that there wi… The man in the street So wrapped in our own destination / of a complicated life / It’s not easy / oh no………… / Let’s never for… ADOPT RUSTY Having been left alone in the street / So glad he did meet / Someone to take him in and try to find him a home / Never again would he be al… A Bum’s Story The real truth of my life, lies somewhere between Missoula Montana and where I am now. This is just another cold and damp place I call home. A Coffee Dream When I slept I dreamed of justice / In the mission charity line I spoke with others like me / we had our dreams stolen by ruthless , cleve… STREET LIFE WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT THOSE WHO DIE? They walk as invisible life forms among us Homelessness in America is a real problem that no one wants to talk about. Do you know the qualifications to be considered Homeless. You wi… I Can’t Get Past Hello Guitar, songs, street, playing for tourists a girl on a street in a strange city she’s still beneath the tree / half waving, half smiling / her face obscured / but now i know her, or / maybe i just know something … ~ Street Art ~ come with me gladly the cost is a coin the cheapest holiday tour you will ever join Street Walker The feel of her lips / amid the sound, / and the corruption that visits / gathers everyone around, The Crown I’m getting a crown / To wear all over town different “separate or distinct from another or others” / -Webster / wearing black to a white tie event / opening a door that is supposed… Street Cats.. Just joined Street Cats Group.. So many darling felines in that group and on their art pages, I must ask permision to paint and draw some… 3:27 The houses were empty. The remnants of lives unfinished still clouded them. Like the blank faces of the dead. Old Velvet Street Four empty rooms, / two up, / two down London’s Pulse blooming, booming, its pulse, / so near its heart, / is a perfected rhythm, / infectious and familiar. LETS FLIP STREET AWARENESS Progress by JJ The run-a-ways and tear-a-ways, now as street smart as the cops, / are left with no alternative, but to roam. Put a Dollar in My Hat I am a glass walker, / Fast talker, / Down on Venice Beach. / I am a sex demon, / Fangs gleaming, / Up the Boulevard. / I am a dope dealer,… WAR i can smell blood / in the rain / the night it’s like / razor blades / over the brain / filled with crime / boarded up / windows / turned d… Yield to Pedestrians I now walk with my eyes wide open in order to view as much around me as I can-always looking around-always looking at the people who I pass… MY TAMBOURINE DANCE Put flowers in my hair / Climbed on a chair / Took out my tambourine / It was easily seen / Took off my shoes / Wanted to get rid of the bl… on the street of harlots on the street of harlots / bloodlined streets / of innocence lost / where skin is sold / the stench of cheap wine / and sweat / there they… I’ve Seen Phantoms (Mature) Can You Spare a Dime ? I can’t imagine what it must be to be a beggar on the streets…….. / God help you. Street Cleaner – Part II If a few have to die for my message to be heard then so be it. The street changing ways Hold that thought / Drugs & drink / Retribution & social stink / Yellow lines / Don’t stop, On the hop / Keep both feet mov… A story part2 So with haste / we escape / jumping fences like ape / the “jake” wish we would wait / so the can send us upstate / not safe / t… Lisa’s Street Of Dark And Light was there to chase / And find / The dark and light street / Spoken of so quietly / By one dear friend / Of mine. STREET HARMONY THE GOOD OLD DAYS WE ALL WISH WE COULD GET THEM BACK The Lubiyanka Embankment Pavel shivered in the market on Bolshoi Prokovskaya street. In front of him on a folding table lay his potatoes. He had not sold a single p… ON THE WAY TO THE STATION love comes easy / to most people / and we / hate them for it / some people / even blow it off / because / it comes at them / like … A Wilding on the Street Where You Live There are worlds between us – flickers of the sightless and soundfull; / voices calling and answering – heard maybe only like i… The House Across The Street (In Waiting-Rewrite) There’d been problems in these isolated areas with teens holding raves in the empty houses that dotted the dwindling township. Tally picked…
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