Winning the challenge Wooden Bridges in Stream Cr… I am really so Happy to see The Bridge is The Winning Image!!! Thank you friends and members from this lovely Group!! / The Bridge is made … Stream I started with an ink blister upon my heart. One ordinary day it burst; flowing forth a never ending stream. I would have drowned had I no… The Fly Fisherman. (JR Hartley) The hunter he stares, as the fly floats along, / as a Blackbird nearby, sings its cheerful song. / Closer and closer to the trout, gets the… constriction a constricted vision of the world / when the sun reclines / the night consumes light / geological epochs / epochs fly / the time blinded b… Help Me Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T… 12-12-12 12-12-12 and I have writers block. I so wanted to write a masterpiece for this special day. As in previous years such as 11-11-11 and 10-1… Melt with me… Just stop awhile and melt with me… Hear Me Hear me for my song I will sing / Let your heart slow within thee / Listen and peace I will bring / My song is calming you’ll see / I… Sunshine… Your Love, / It trickles / Through my body / Like the water in a stream / Together we are a melody, / With you and I; the theme / The beaut… The dark wood – The concrete stream And so i creep through the darkened forest, treading carefully, / Tree branches lay on mulchy earth, leaves above like a sea of green, dark future even in death / there is new life / even in darkness / there is new light / even hatred / there is pure love / even in hiding / we find our… Just a Load of Hot Air ‘Is it true, Miss Nette’, asked the over-awed star reporter, ’that you intend to go skywards in that little itty-bitty sh… Ice Age – Naked Water Sprite In Swedish folklore Nature was animated by spirits. / They were not hostile, but could be tricky and / dangerous… You needed to be ca… stream of consciousness Nothing to write? You are the stream Another letter / I want to write / uncoded , no guesses, no doubts / clearly write my thoughts / without unwanted unnecessary double mean… SKIP & SMILE a short one. Step in the same stream twice (Hericlitus) Read into the saying what had to be read Journey To The Sea From the top of the mountain I come / In my journey to the sea / My going is never noticed by some / Glad you took the time for me / They … In Her Bloodstream Liquid crystals reflecting Thought and Heart… I’m waving, a steady stream.. Fluttering. A flag to the sky, a love-filled gesture / a heart of smiles. Go forth spirit warmth, sail free. / Touch the many who wait. /… As One My Stein-esque poem about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. :) Bluebell Wood – written by Penny V-P –… The blue of the bluebell is a luminous blue, like the blue part of a flame when it ignites and illuminates… / * Feratured in the Gorg… Who Is Best of Them All Another mirror had a built-in doorway to a different world. Ode To The Frozen Willow That Weeps Frozen Tears … The white blanket is alien to my eyes. / I breathe in, a large deep breath, and I can smell the white blanket. / It smells, clean, and fres… In The Stream of Truth… … we sift. follow me follow me / through the forest of dreams / we’ll run past the age-old wise trees / that hold the secrets of the past / listen closely… She murmured like a stream under my surface She murmured like a stream / Under my surface / And for long the needle / Of my rictor scale never stirred / But in the summer when I call… The Flowing Stream My meditative state takes me / To the place beyond this picturesque / Imagery, to the place that nature can’t explain. Ophelia Red for blood, the poppies grow; where the dead men fell. / Down, away by the water, sat a lady. Enthralled by the chuckle of the trickling… Stream Stream beauty / Windmill / Breathtaking / Chime / Angel wings / Warm pie / Cool rain / Sweet earth / Blueberries / Indigo Juice / Runs down… I don’t always like me ‘I don’t always like me very much.’ / It’s not a hard thing to say but it’s quite hard to write down and it&#… ~ Strolling by Wolsingham Stream ~ As I went walking by Wolsingham stream / a fine young gent I was too / I spied a damsel in some distress / But I had no idea what to do Wedding Day My husband and I are attending the wedding of a friend. During the service my contact falls out and grows to a disproportionate size. Eac… Daylight Stream: Metamorphosis of history bleeding constantly into the veins of / this Worldly body which we know as the Earth Morning within the sunroom / grey thoughts rerun the night / restlessness straying / from beds comfort / tea warms the hands / . / in early morning… Artist Statement: stream of consciousness paintin… Often I will sit and stare at things. I make myself conscious of the complex beauty in simple things; of the world… Constant and Sure Dreams in quiet thinking, singing waters flow. / Bubbling over green, mossy rocks. / Under a blanket of shade of midevil days, / Away from … THE CHANNEL I stare high up toward the jagged peak where I think I began / But my view is blocked by the weeds and wild flowers I’ve nourished / … To Touch Your Dream Bring me sun, forget the rain Slip stream Slip the curtains / from their tethers / and draw your focus / from the hills; / to us, here, / to this moment / right now, feels… / … Word stream Writing is like smoothing stone The Way Out It was in the soft moss and the rich array of green / The magic of nature’s give and take, her heartbeat / It was in the fallen branch cove… A Stream’s Tributary Like charity, love begins at home, within our inner temple. / Vulnerability often seen as weakness, yet presents the doorway to our spirit… The Kensho Stream I often commit flowercide / the cosmos elapses into insanity… / “enlightenment, and participation in Mystical Consciousness rep… The Fly Fisherman The hunter he stares, as the fly floats along, / as a Blackbird nearby, sings its cheerful song. / Closer and closer to the trout, gets the… Delirium and i can smell the rain coming like a sort of tangible electric metallic taste in the back of my throat while my headphones fill my body w… The Stream that Woke Me. Shallow wade, / Ankle deep, / Flows around me, / Ice and cold, / Through muscle, / Through bone, / Water’s touch, / Winter’s ru… 4am I lay in bed for an hour reading it over and over, five words read a hundred times before I surrendered to sleep and dreamed my way to this… REFLECTIONS White man came / Brought the rain / Tears remain / Killed his squaw / Land ravaged more / Death’s open door / Could not protect / Spi… Ripples upon a stream Echoes / Reflections / Refraction / Detection / Borne upon a beam of light / Ev’ry star that shine tonight / I map my way / By their … A COUNTRY LANDSCAPE IN FALL Beautiful blue flowing water / reflects the sun with a glow. That house, by the stream, with the windmill We’d picnic / by day, / And star gaze / by the night, ramblings on a sunny spring day maybe I will let the words fall out a torrent of pent-up thoughts caught for so long in my heart with nowhere else to go already treading d… Road Trip This sight and these feelings are a board game, once played, mostly now forgotten. / This plane of metropolitan stone and brick displays o… SPIDER CROSS A STREAM Have you ever seen a spider fly / on thin silk cross a stream? Dear Grandma It’s big with the frame, / (it’s a pretty white frame) / But on it’s own, / It’s very small. / … / If this painting is of / A real pl… River Walking by the river, / You and I together. / Is this life, a paradise? / Or is it but a dream? morning, stream of consciousness don’t click. don’t read. don’t learn. don’t change. Difficulty Breathing panic attack in the big city a stream of energy The Ramblings Of A Fetid Mind ( or stream of cons… There are mill ponds and there are millponds! / My life is like a millpond where very little happens / That my imagination does not make m… In a gush Looking up from the valley / Is the tip of a rock / Its lying in a crevice / Where water does top / Near the edge of a cliff face / Is wher… Thank You for the Feature! Thanks to Barnsis and all for featuring Chapel Bridge bw in the great group Stream Crossings! So much appreciated. Made my day! Blessing… A Dreamy Stream of Consciousness. I think therefore I am. / But if I am, can I think? / I think not. / Am I thinking? The Ant Hill The Ant Hill / By AnimiDawn / There is an ant hill that exists in a small part of a yard, which exists in a town, in a state, in a country,… Reem Stream >>>>>…… Thinking of Reem ….River ! The Water Spirit “From the eyes of Mother Earth herself, from deep inside her soul / As Mother Earth does weep for the pain and suffering on her land… Stream of Consciousness it’s about blotting out every / inch / of pain / throwing yourself through it and into it / as it spits at you, shards of glass diggi… Pig I wish you hadn’t whispered to me, / “There’s a marching band between my sheets.” Do you believe in magic? I woke the next morning, with squirrels in the trees, / The smell of new day, hung in the breeze….. Retro Magnolias this bliss will be the end of me…utter annihilation / the scent of a melody is ripe in my nostrils breathe it in…draw deep̷… Stream of consciousness I believe that / At the moment / I am hiding. / I think. / I can’t stop giggling / Because the cold keeps / Dripping on my toes. / My… you had never looked so happy I wrote a note and it reminded me of all the sad things you used to say about your life. I threw it out the window and watched it fly away… DREAM Come and DREAM / There is a quiet stream / Where there is romance / The water seems to dance / I passed it one day / My heart began to swa… The Ramblings Of A Fetid Mind ( or stream of cons… On top of that I think my cerebellum is on strike. / For of all rational reason, I am bereft. As example let me say / That my colour sens… My photo “Paterson Fall” is featured … I want to thank Bryon and Yool for featuring my photo and choosing me as one their feature user!!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much!!! I… MODIFIED WAS FEATURED IN STREAM CROSSINGS MY THANKS TO THE HOSTS FROM STREAM CROSSINGS FOR FEATURING MODIFIED I AM HONOURED TO BE CHOSEN AS FEATURED MEMBER / IN THE GROUP THANKS TH… Fictitious decay It’s like being in the sea, this feeling, being rocked by the lifeless noise. A worthless feeling. This fictitious falling that consumes al… consider how No one noticed my third piercing really stung me right in the eye of the beholder never seems to be a strong word, try to use it twice a da… REFLECTION IN A STREAM. I can see your magic every where I go / there’s no mistake, your a strong ruling force / but when you rest / what is it that you thin… Step in the same stream twice You cannot step in the same stream twice. Consciousness; an experiment. the vibe in this room is fantastic. the positioning. energy flows here… / outside / the noise of the rain / drip drip drip on tin, … Stream The can can / can’t do / won’t do / should dew. ‘Fractal’ Sick and fuckin’ tired bein’ ever torn in two, at a loss for Love and thinkin ’bout the likes of you. / Interstitial. / I… Stream of Consciousness I was lost in thought / and musing on how the synapses sparked ideas / that seemed totally disconnected and yet, / appeared to possess so… And Now Back To The Current Stream ! From 07/07/2009 to 07/13/2009 / As always, I am thankful to the great hosts of the following excellent groups for featuring the following i… Same Stream Twice Silence / finished saying what had to be said / Compliance / Read into the saying what had to be read / Downward / is it now gone? Perhaps … About HER (Mature) NOW She is apprehensive of this new resolution of carpe diem just because of this simple fact: she can’t get over the past and it’s haunting he… Story Pallet It must be hard for me too? Sure, it is. Sit down Sonny, they say, Sit down. The future is alright. But I need to know when it’s going to h… My Lament (Mature) Cry of Eagles The stream that heard / the eagle’s cry / winds its way / down A Stream (dream)… What I believe is my Truth… / What you believe is Yours. / Together we make One World… / A stream (dream) that knows ‘no&… “A Little Stream Crossing” in the Top… I’m so very happy !! / “A Little Stream Crossing "made it to the TOP TEN!! / Thank you to all that voted!!! :D out on the dancefloor We danced last night and our shoes made patterns like dominoes. Four, two, three, five. The lamp shades were a champagne pink and your dr… Stream of Consciousness it settles in my centre / And offers me some peace, / Like nothing else could ever / Cause me harm, pain or grief.
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