Tony Middleton’s meteorological based photo…

A collection of some of my meteorological based photography. All shot on Fuji Velvia with a variety of professional cameras.

Watch the sky

What makes Sky father so angry? / It has always been a riddle to me.

Storms Over Oceans

There are storms over the Ocean today. As I look out the grey clouds drape the skies like sweeping curtains closing over a blue horizon. Wa…


‘Cackles’ dad can. He’s a copper, see. They teach ‘em how to do that stuff when you go to coppers’ school

how I survived the Wilson’s Prom. Nat. Park…

I didn’t panic but I was afraid . I scrambled to the other shore and then up the sand , behind a bush out of the wind and …

One Day Last Summer …. !

Woke this morning to a cat free house! / The torrential rain had stopped at last – three days and nights of unrelenting precipitation…


A poem about the realms of this life and our afterlife…

Thanks for the feature!!!

I am very pleased that the group has chosen my work. “Hopi Point Sunrise” as a feature. The Grand Canyon is truly a special pla…

The Lightning Hunter

There I was… / huddled beneath a metal awning next to a picnic table made of the same on a warm southwestern night.

The Memory Of Storms

The great summer thunderstorms of my childhood / Seem far distant now. / Perhaps another young memory / Distorted through the filter of…

A Little Jar of Hope.

all you are is within and not afar

A Gift of Creation

Dark and mysterious / Fire at night / Lift now your vision / And breath in the air / Drink in the beauty / As stars fill the sky


Even when misunderstandings are trying to sap our confidence or energy! / We are WORTHY!"


Every hour of fear I spend / My body tries to cry / Living through each empty night / A deadly calm inside


Lank vergete blare / Geketting aan wintertakke

Together Forever

You have my heart,please take my hand / Together we’ll travel lifes journey. / Heart to heart,side by side,together forever / Just y…

The storm


The Storms of Winter

I remember when the storms came, / And the autumn days gone by, / When the sea was calm and peaceful / And no dark cloud veiled the sky.

My safe strong anchor…..

Though the storm is raging / I’m getting battered every side / The winds are now gusting / I have this hope inside.


“He steps inside my vessel, / and we are at shore.”

Coastal Worship

Thunder, whoosh, rip, curl, tumble, wave comes in, / Kissing, caressing the beach with mastered touch

The Seduction Of Storms

Before me the blackness is exposed / As the storm ignites above me / Savage white fingers outstretched / Illuminating the fields before me

The Surging Rush from Stormy Seas

One hat, two hoods, my hand holds down, / as driving winds bombard me. / I reach the shore, I love these times; / with no one else around f…

Weathering the storms

With each day that goes by / We look towards each other / For comfort and stability / For we are our own / Shelter from the storms / Bring …

Perfect Purpose

An Anchor in the Midst of the Storm


The empty lands press down, / The emotions press up, / What emerges from this prelude chemistry is / A Petrol Puddle.


The death of all devotion / To the stars of a childhood’s end


As the winds die / after the storm / broken homes / battered lands / and bitter faces / surrounded by sticks / and stones hurled / in na…

Forgotton Rhythms

A smell of damp earth / Soft stirrings of leaves / Wind swirling in eddies faround the garden / A soft pattering on the path / Distant thun…

Foreboding Mountains

The Heron nest lay on the ground; two small heron lay lifeless on the ground.


In a child-like state, I gaze into the sky / watching as the clouds change their state.


The sun rose over the small terraced house as it did every morning, its light struggling to penetrate the low lying clouds. / A shaft of du…

Storms of Life

In nature there’s always a calm before the storm…

The Aviary Art Show : 1 : Nola Vanitas Unveiled (…

This was my city, my home, and my people, and my heart broke with them….

Haiku: Legos

Anatomical. / Perfecting Automation / Assembling Mind Storms.

Lust Storm



Every morning, I see, first, the magnificent daybreak, splashing pastels across the expanse of sky, reflected onto the water. / Then, I see…

The Storm lost its Identity at 0400 hours

An old man snug against the fire, / stretching the stories of his days / in the soft slow ways of night, / listening to the lulling radi…


If you ever become afraid of the storms / that happen through out your life / l will be here waiting with my arms / open wide to wrap you …

“Two Top Ten Finishes” Nature’s…

Thanks for those that voted on two of my images “Honey Would You Please Mow the House” In Natures Reclamation and “Mornin…

In The Eye

What logic denotes / Emotion decrees / Insane / And brings me down / To my knees / In pain / The rain outside / Falls free

How I love your storms

Like the bolt of lightning, your touch electrifies me. / You light up the night, and energize my days.


“Storms often lead to discoveries. The Cape Verde Islands were discovered by a Portuguese ship fleeing a storm in 1456; the first passage …

The Storms of Love

When touches me / A Noreaster / When he holds my hand / Clearly thunder / When he embraces me / Lightning bolts / When he kisses me / A to…


This poem i wrote on a stormy evening and you can hear a lot offigurative language,

Storms Of Life, A Fathers Story Of Loss.

Storms Of Life / A Fathers Story of Loss / I sit in the sand of a beach on Lake Huron watching the waves lap the shore. In the distance t…

2 Brain Storms for Story Starters

Deep in the cold blue depths of the ocean, swam the Dophilas,………..,It’s claws stained with blood, it’s ears ripped to shr…

Never Changing Seasons

A stormy night, a sunny day / So many changes take place over time / Or wait, I’ve got it wrong / Nothing has changed / It’s still storming…

Howling Dark and Frozen Storms

The winter wolf stalks his prey in a frozen neverland

Snow Storms Wake – Version 2

Snow clumps in branch forks / Churning slushy thrumming mud / Syrup-drinking roots.


the ruffles on the curtains swayed / lights flickered ever so slightly / the thunder made her jump / there were bolts of lightening / she w…

Sail By God’s Compass And Map

To give them a lantern to shine a guiding light of optimism when they were lost in the darkness hopelessness

How Can You fix It,If You Can’t See It̵…

What can be done to turn back these plague? Can the government deliver us? / The Government is limited in turning back these plague becaus…

My Work Sunset at Mt. Lemmon Has Just Been Featur…

I want to thank the hosts of this group for featuring my work.  I am thrilled!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you

Childhood Memories….the Blizzard of 1978

Nobody, not even the meteorologists knew that the snow we were getting would get worse, and would not stop for the next 24-32hours.

Storms coming

Harvey felt great as the wind passed over his body and held him in place. The warm sun offset the cold from the wind as Harvey rose and dip…

Frozen Storms

I sail over a river of diamonds / And through a stormy sea. / Unable to speak, and Unable to breathe, / I stare into those deep, dark, poo…

Featured in Morning & Evenings-Sunbeams and S…

My image “Morning Light” has been featured in this fantastic group. Thanks so much to the group hosts.

The Weather Poem

The thunder rumbles in a cloud filled sky / like heavy wagons going by.

Snow Storms Wake – Version 1

Cotton-white tufts where branches fork. / Slush slaps mud flaps. / Syrup for the roots.

‘Seamless (Part II)’

All the rest had gone to war, stars were long since fallen. Nothing you had known-since had ever kept you safe.

‘Between Storms and Arson’

Unconscious in the deepest night, / dreaming of the dead. / Reeling from sensory overload, / reaching for eternity.

The storms not coming so quit running

Turmoil rides swift / Brought on with a heavy sigh / And shackled hopes and ink etched faith / Crawl helpless from your eyes / When wings s…

More Storms

They’ve replaced the gate / It does’t feel the same / Sitting out here anymore / The concrete floor is / just as cold / The moo…




You didn’t know it crossed your mind / Until you had been / Crossed

My Umbrella Of Love Protects You From The Storms …

When your down and full of pain / I’ll protect you from the rain / And make sure to really cover / Your despair with my umbrella / Of…

Seven Storms

Galloping on High

No More Storms To Drench My Life

I have felt so lost forever / Always in dark stormy weather / Till you found me in a storm / Lonely, cold and needing warmth / One hug from…

Serpent of Storms


Self (continued)

so I’d sit, with a quill from a feather bleeding out ink that formed storms of clarity when I needed to think


How many storms in the desert / Can be found in the words that we write? / When others are lost and feeling lonely, / Have we sent them our…

Twist and Shout

We griped the nearest loved and leaned under the bolted, / And Jolted when the rumbling act of a humbling God / Stripped the words and the…

‘Three Days (in Five)’

Avast this roiling doubt. Mantled in the darkest bloom, the nightmare consumes me. Insidious in its fluidity, and yet so viscous in the sta…

wash away

it was so perfect just a bit ago / but now you feel the cold winds blow / the walls rattle the shingles fly / all you can do now is cry

re Jessica Hooper’s “Picture’s…

who says pregnacy is not also beautiful then / even heard said one the time er wanting recepton / making it a time of rejoicing/celebraton …

Summer Rain

Weather Alert.

Rain Storms

Some people bring bad weather, and blame you for not having an umbrella

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