The Soul Harvest by Stephen  J. Vattimo  The King Who Conquered Death by Stephen  J. Vattimo Living Water by Stephen  J. Vattimo Sower And The Seed by Stephen  J. Vattimo  In The Beginning There Were Three by Stephen  J. Vattimo Vision Of The Four Beast Leopard by Stephen  J. Vattimo Thou Shall Not Steal by Stephen  J. Vattimo Humble Thy Self In The Sight Of The Lord by Stephen  J. Vattimo The Vision Of The Four Beast Lion by Stephen  J. Vattimo Foundation Of  America by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Question Your Faith

Find out if you are following the Truth, / or is someone trying to scam you !
Support Is On The Way by Stephen  J. Vattimo Pestilence by Stephen  J. Vattimo The Vision Of The Four Beasts  Bear by Stephen  J. Vattimo


My concept for this project was inspired by Yoko Ono, the wife of the late John Lennon.

The Light House

Across a great ocean, in a new discovered land, / Some dreamers, shared a vision, of a land removed from the clouds of darkness.

We Come To Celebrate Our Savior

We eat this bread, / to commemorate,Jesus’ body was broken, / to brake our chains of sin, / that bind us, to the gates of Hell!
The Vision Of The Four Beast ;  Fourth Beast by Stephen  J. Vattimo Unexpected Visiter  by Stephen  J. Vattimo The Hand Of Fellowship by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Heart To Heart

I don’t desire to dwell in a beautiful temple / made by your hands

Riches To Rags

To a nation that is bankrupt,lost it’s barring on morality,Has turned away from standing for liberty, and moral decencies. And the…
 The Meeting Bell by Stephen  J. Vattimo  Pumpkin  design sketches for 2014 by Stephen  J. Vattimo Cross Roads by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Do We Know You ?

Do we really know You / or are we playing a foolish game ?

The Great Pumpkin Carve

Thursday , October 23 , through Saturday October 25th the Chadds Ford Historical Societies Great Pumpkin Carve.

Struggling Artist,To Death Do Us Apart

I kick off my work boot,like throwing off a pair of shackles, / I clean myself up. / Then I pray to God, for Him to jump start my battery, …

God Is Not A Weapon

As my poetry and writings are getting more exposure, I am receiving challenges from atheists who try to assert that the arts are no pl…

Crazy Being

Being crazy ,is the state in which I am able to create beautiful things with my brain.
Unmasked  by Stephen  J. Vattimo  Full Of Hospitality by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Cinderella Fellow

He dressed his best / to impress the jury / That he was tame / not insane

The Lord’s Prayer In The Last Days

Lord,remind your servants, in their darkest hour, / in the heat of the battle with the enemy, / that you are coming with a mighty army,of…

Mistaken Identity

He stared at his reflection in a mirror, and chanted, / “Me,My,I.”

Touching the Heart

Words are cheap, / action of love, / touch the heart deep.
Jack-O-Lantern Takes In A Halloween Tennis Match by Stephen  J. Vattimo


Soldier / What will be your spoils of war?

Hoodwinked By The Destroyer Of Nations

These entities become the demigod / We have place our country under it’s authority

Can You Come Out And Play?

So you don’t have to play it safe . / You can buck against the hypnotic beat that is echoing through the radio and the television sta…

Intelligent Life On Earth

All of a sudden a space alien come from around the bushes and walks up to him and the dog.

The Pumkin Carve, Is Now Showing,News From The Ev…

These mind blowing creations of art , are on display, tonight, October 24th, and tomorrow night ,October 25th, is the last night, from 5:00…

Freed Soul

Longing to spread wrings of creativity,to earn my keep.

No Pets Allowed

One day one foreigner turned to another and say," Hey man, you can’t live here any more."

It Smells Like A Lie

Did you have a over protective mother when you were a kid ? Every time you wanted to stay at a friend’s house for a weekend ,it was l…

Auto Air Condition Powered by Candy Bars

Well one sizzlin summers’ day while I was in the car with my dad , we were melting away as our car inch it’s way every ten minu…

Halloween Tighty Whities

There is this little poor boy who wants to go trick or treating,but has no money to buy a costume .

Lock Your Windows,Doors,And Hide Under Your Bed

The man who is file the paper work run up to his coworker with a distressed look on his face,and asks, " Can I barrow your cell phone,…

Fireworks At The Beach

As the Child was mesmerized by the sounds of the explosions echoing through the silent air,and the bursts of bright colors ,bleaching out…



False Friend

The Devil, / wants to give you every thing.

Coffee,Tea,Or Me

What is the difference between a secretary or a sexualtary?

The Creator Of A New Day

I got out of my bed by faith,not knowing if the day will bring peace or dread.

No Fear

How will any one know the difference between my appears? / When I disappear, / some will jeer, / Some will shed a tear.

Mother Nature’s Redeemer

Was the crown of thorns Mother Nature’s representative ?

Comedious Commentarious :Life Raft

His neighbor look at him as if he has flipped his wig, and asks," Aren’t you deathly afraid of boats, because of that recurring …
Art-To Death Do Us Apart by Stephen  J. Vattimo Peace And Terror by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Talking Heads

Behind the stage curtains / Waring Heads climb into bed together / When they portray the character of sheriff of Nottingham / Oppressing th…

Black Sheep Washed Whiter Than Snow

Instead of hanging me from a tree / They leave me in a dense dark forest / In the care of the hands of the wolves

What’s The Name Of That Perfume You Are Wea…

A couple of weeks ago the media resurrected Ann Nicole Smith from the dead

The Gift Of Freedom

Freedom is gift purchased by the giver.

Comedious Commentarious :Travaler’s Safety

So the other man asked, were did you learn this fascinating bit of historical information ?

It’s Raining To Day

I am afraid to tilt my head to left or to the right / less my brain slides out of my head / and gets wash down the street,by the rain

A Whale Of A Corny Story

Thinking to him self how cool his guest will think he is fore having a celebrity attending his cook out.

A " F "-on The President’s Report…

When any member of our Government starts to use their office,which they have been elected to,to accomplish their own agenda ,

Glass Prism

My artistic talent are received from One source of pure light. / Passing through me like a glass prism, expressing them in diversity of…

Pets May Not Enjoy Being Dressed Up For Halloween.

There is this actress who I am face book friends with,who at Halloween asked her friends what they were planning to dress up their pets as …
Hospitality House by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Freedom To Fly

Freedom to fly / Is a desire / Like an unquenchable fire / A pilot that God ignited in side us / When He created you and me

Nap Time At The Beach

His friend replies, " You have always been comfortable with your situation. Why all of a sudden are you on this kick to loose weight?&…

Comedious Commentarious :Milk, The Gift That keep…

T / “Do you know what my Fifteen year old daughter ask me to get her for Christmas?”

It’s In The Code Of Our DNA

We can’t help but worship a god / It’s in the code of our DNA

“Guess where I am calling you from ?”

I was inspired to write this short humorous story by a friend of mine who like to hang on the phone for long periods of time,and does every…

Comedious Commentarious : Cell Phone

The restaurant atmosphere is dripping with romance. / the lighting is low,the flames from the candles on your table reflect off your wine g…

Stand Strong

Stand strong / In the dark don’t allow your knees to grow weak


Living life alone, / when the raging waves of life toss you overboard, / there is no one to pull you back into the boat. / No one to dry y…

Hearts Of Clay

Relationships spin round and round, / some time emotions are up, / some times there down. / A potter’s wheel never spins perfectly l…

I’m Not Living In Stealth Mode

I don’t have a college degree / But that doesn’t mean I am not wise enough to know the difference between darkness and light

Theistic Evolution Stinks!

A student asked the professor how did God put evolution into motion?

Dark Side Of The Moon

There is this man who is at a customer party who see this black woman who is wearing a black mask,black long sleeve turtle neck shirt, and…

Terminator Chicken

Other guy asks his friend,"when you eat steroid free meat,can you see or taste a difference in the quality of the meat? "

Misspelled Word Turned Into A Joke

The typo incident did get me a little irritated , but gave me a idea for a short joke.
Peter Took His Eye Off Of Jesus And Started To Sink by Stephen  J. Vattimo Terror And Peace. by Stephen  J. Vattimo Fork In The Road by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Telegram From Heaven

When God Winks At You." She had read in this book that when people are talking to a person about God,it is no coincidence .

Comedious Commentarious : Fisher Men And Cannibal…

I heard just as some fisher men won’t eat Cat Fish, because they are bottom feeders,…

A article 2012, God’s Or Man’s View .

Most of these false prophet are predicting that the sun or a meter is going to change life on Earth as we know it.

Comedious Commentarious : Bright Future

There was a man who went to court to sue his mother. The judge ask the man with a very puzzled sound in his voice, why the man was suing…
The Price For Precious Life by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Fueling Up With Green Gas

So the man who was observing this odd behavior goes over to the man park in front of him and asks him,’’ Why are you cramming t…
All Mighty Piggy Bank by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Are Your Feet Ready To Leave The Ground?

The sands of time in the hour glass is running low. / The clouds of deception are trying to block out the light of the truth. / Don’t…

What A Explosive Combination

The sign informs the patient who has been inject with the radioactive dye, that they are not allow travel buy Bus,train,plane,cruse ship fo…

Fly The Friendly Skis Or Play Russian Roulette ?

Well i have come up with a new remedy to over come my growing anxiety of travailing by commercial air lines.
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