every soul is a star

Every star is a soul / And every soul is a star / You simply look me up / And I’m no longer far / I enter your tongue when you read me / …

astronomy for the heart


I’m not greedy!

So you say you tricked her into upping your life insurance policies, why did she fall for that?_

Watch the sky

What makes Sky father so angry? / It has always been a riddle to me.


Three weeks of light to break me in, and now I’m set apart. / Although Black Friday’s canopy, has swept in wide and low; / mora…

Curl of a Woman

We are humbled in the love curl of her charms / An essence of innocence and redeemable truth / slow the days dance to feel the luxury of w…

Eastern Star

Were you a guardian angel who kept watch over the helpless mother and Child ?

Crash… Collide… Connect

a million years ago, / when first we burst from each others realities / a thousands stars, / upon a thousand planets / crashing wayward ont…


Just rest a second, / take the back seat. / My overexposed mind, / has to assess time. / Foolish as such, / I don’t know what to trus…

the star anise room

I’ve already done worse, she told herself, and for a moment she believed it.


Have you ever danced naked / on the tip of a flame / or skipped on ripples / of a butterfly’s wake

Eucharist Star

The night is longer only for it mends the scuff of a few hurried goodbyes

Fallen star

my core aflame / burning from pain / as your silence quelled / my words and acts of love


Shine as bright as you are – each unique light is a gift to everyone because the more stars that shine, the brighter our world is.

My northern star

Should I be unheard and unseen?

Child with skin made of stars

We are not lost—one / within the other, / our lines are their own, / hung / from side by side stars, riding / a sky made of earth / whisp…

Call of the Star

She will infuse your cells with the glow of a new dawn / She will flow through your veins as would a mountain stream / She will open your m…



When you wish upon a star

We’d let these cities burn / just to prove / we can strip you of the night time sky / then watch the embers die out with your kind

A Poem – The Perfect Day

This morning I heard the voice of an angel. / A voice so sweet as to make rainbows dull. / Today I heard the laughter of a flower. / A l…

Healing Spirits Across The Divide

healing for my soul / healing for my pain / is there any shelter from the rain?

wishing on a star

I have been waiting for a moment like this / you snuggled your head onto my shoulder / snogging on the shore / one special kiss / under th…

The Trip!

Ambling downstairs, I think of last minute details, such as the windows and doors locked up, all the powered electronics off’ed

Star Whispers

Sometimes, before the sultry night air / caresses the sycamore trees to their / slumber, I can hear them whispering / in the muted emerald…

Mama sang the Blues

Daylight had barely broken, and already I could hear my Mama out at the clothesline. Pulling aside the tattered curtains that covered my be…

An ordinary day

Love came waltzing in on a very ordinary day, a whimsical step that was easy to learn, a chance meeting, a calling-card of confusing cravin…

The secret jungle adventure

No museum would ever know the adventure we claimed, we deserved this.

birrung (star)

I wrote you a letter in the dirt.

morning star

i watch the constellations to see the stars knowing the brightest star will rise

Lilith ~ the shadow of my soul

The name Lilith is derived from the assyrian-Babylonian word for LILITU, meaning “Wind Spirit”. / Lilith can be found in Sumeri…

Manners Maketh Man

A few years on, with an appalling lack of manners and tact, Tristan’s wife ran off with a young, sullen, stubble-faced writer.

Star Explosion Lithium

The sky screams back, train wreck, wheels fall off, another day goes by, tick tock the clock, slow and menacing from the wall, doesn’…

There was a Star

Missing my star

Ladies Night

These women aren’t vicious by nature, but as soon the martinis start flowing the tongues start wagging.

A Star Spangled Unicorn

I’ll give you foolhardy phrases / Words from my intoxicated pages  / I’m just another small lascivious tartlet on a plate.  / A…

Neutron Star.

I called upon Posiden.

The Adjudicator & The Pianist

She tears open the sky and shakes the earth!

Art Star

Still heavily bustling with noise, the picture is complete. It’s message is clear and written into the centre; but still no money. BRIAN si…

The Bigger Big Bang Theory Before Star Breath

Necessity has taught one must balance the elements of life

Change Your Name, Elvis

Sometime in the middle of the night, he began / to wander in the big country, where the deep / space sky knows all about you but…

Tu sei una stella…la mia stella…

My mind, how it longs for flight / Your laughter is so pure and bright / Be my laughter on this night…


Laden as it were with words and worlds and wild wizened wisdom his eyes shot asteroids

Star Dancing Deer

Another dear soul has chosen the light of eternity’s love / As she walks beyond pain, to the peaceful flight of a dove / May her soul…

The Dream Chaser

Sleeping cat, / Dreaming of stars…


The demon stood in front of him, robed in black; licking his lips greedily at the thought of the punishment he was about to mete out to his…

Victoria’s Alpine Region (Summer) – A…

Australian Travel Photography and Writing / Victoria’s Alpine Region (summer)

The Plot Thickens Featuring Star-Cross’d Lo…

What story am I?

From 1909 to Stardom

one thousand, nine hundred and nine / is the number of my views.

I Used To Be A Star

She leaned forward with a slow rustling movement that made me think she may have fallen asleep. The memorial fountain gushed with bubbling …

Bloody Mary

Mary knew that what she was about to do signified a dramatic change in her life. Closing her eyes, Mary felt a single tear squeeze through.…

The Gemini Mind

My mind starts to tick faster and faster / The questions / No answers

Where star dust glistens and hearts dream

Showers from above / Sprinkle like dust / Glistening / Listening / I hear the angels call / A harmony / Sung / In deep accord / Their voic…


Sheep nailed to the wall/Blood draining in to cups

3 for kenneth patchen and miles davis : ’ b…

3 for kenneth patchen and miles davis / ‘blue eyed yellow bird on a downtown bus’ / ‘question answer touching stone tou…

Evening Star – XXX


A Gift

Pick up some fallen stars, place a rainbow in the boot of your car…

To The Evening Star

On every flower that shuts its sweet eyes / In timely sleep. Let thy west wind sleep on / The lake; speak silence with thy glimmering eyes,

Star Child

The star twinkled contentedly as it quietly observed all that it loved. The earth looked small and perfect from the sky. The battles of m…

Star child ©

Star child © / BY: Hector A. Encinas

Star Crossed Lovers

We say I love you / But are never meant to be / Star crossed lovers / Thats what they call it / Always to be in love / But never to be toge…

The Light of Me

And so the fortunate star / does rise high / above the shadow of hiding / And so i find / The light of me / by Leni Kae

Sing my Sister…SING!

This song is powerful and needs to be heard, felt and done…

as we dance in the wind

breezing closely together / as we float on air / dancing to the music of nature / the sounds of the oceanwaves



Flotsam and Jetsam

The bridge was deserted. Light from the full moon reflected over the debris that polluted the canal below. Sandra rested her elbows on the …

A Single Star

Islands float around my head, / well worn by conversations and promises.

twinkle, twinkle little star…..

I see you watching / me… / your guiding star / high up in the galaxy / in the distance afar / yes … / that’s me … / th…

Dark Heart

A shockwave raced around the sun…

Love’s a Racket

Once, when I told him he was out of line, he stood nose to nose with me screaming, “You cannot be serious!!”, too drunk to see the irony.


Water / dances between / flexing fragile fingers, / flickering reflections that / (…)

the sun is a star—-

the sun is a star / that burns for the purpose of providing / for man, nature and everything in between. / therefore, by default, when we…

December Eve

The first night it was cold enough / To see my breath / Rhythmically exhaled from the emptiness / Suspended before me / And then / Gone

star baby

I don’t know about you / but I was born out of a star / a star baby / no matter how dim the light / let it be and it will / ignite t…

JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” as a 15 …

Kirk: Could mentally destabilising the Captain during a time of war be considered illegal or treasonous in any way? I ask because I’m…


…the makers mark is in our DNA…we are infinite stardust stuff…

Woman Waking in Wilderness

I know you can see a piece of it. It’s not moving now but you can hear it breathing.

under your star

under your star / there is a sweet shadow / more white / subtle heat. / let your star shine down on me.

Star Jumper

The world is a sad, sad place, for a clown; from the perspective of a “nothing learned , travelling old ground clown". / I think I sho…

only Love

only Love / can make a difference… / raise our Song from the depth of soul

Vertueuse silence

silence / roared / like that of / a tigeress

A Curse and a Gift

It was usually a curse. An unbearable pain and sense of dislocation that made Cassie sick for days. Cassie had carried this ability of hers…

A Guiding Star

A strange thing happened to me one night, / as I watched the moon shed its’ light. / A star came up to me and said, / I know of waves…

The National-Socialist Manifesto for America

For the fertile youthfully minded leftist Obama supporters now planning the future; The National-Socialist Party is their party!

i am alone, my faith has been lost


The movie star

As the earth breathes yet another sigh / her day has come / Wrapped in blankets soft / surrounded by offspring unrecognised / the princess …

Within a moonlit sky

i see a sad moon / for there is two lonely stars / shining so bright

That Place Next To You

I only have this. Just this one memory.

The Love of God Shone Down

The love of God shone down / Everywhere around / Shepherds stood in awe

The Movie Star

The Movie Star

come on star

marshmallow tongues got tied / as we slipped into the night / you sat on the left, me on the right. / daylight decayed gradually, / until j…

untouchable .. unattainable

a star shattered in the sky / pieces fell upon the earth / sparkling pieces / untouchable .. unattainable / wanting to touch one / i put o…

Catching the Stars

Catching a star, / Is a difficult thing, / They dare not get close, / To the cat who is king…

Tribute to: Michael Jackson

An amazing child / Temperament mild. / Music was wild!

Mothers burden

As she neared it, she heard a voice calling to her, “Lina… Lina” She recognized the voice, she cried, “ Is that you?

The Shatner-era Star Trek Films in approx 15mins

Kirk: Scotty, take us back in time to the most exotic location that a studio based in Hollywood, California in the 1980s can afford / Scott…

To the Star of Venus by Jose M Heredia

talks about stars, planets.
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