Velvet Pen written with my velvet pen / I wish to speak quietly of love / love that has no hurry or quarrel / yet there’s a rust mark of barbed… Magic of the Lucky Shit Stain I discovered shit stains in my underpants today and now I am feeling lucky and singing the praises of mathematical certainty. Why? Well, le… Gullet There are words in his stomach. Nostalgia stains blue as Sierra it can be heard in the river song / piercing whistle riding west / beauty / like the quiet timbre of tuolumne / haunting along the current… Stains There’s no tears shed on this ground / That hasn’t been there before / Or blood / That hasn’t carelessly been spilt / All… Home This place is small and cramped / yet somehow it feels like home / just you and me / and these concrete walls / If these walls could talk /… let me go with ink stains on my fingers I know what it feels like to go crazy from love…. / My skin doesn’t feel the same / Anymore / And I blame you / For taking all my me… you are not the lyrics to my melody I will take my skinless pear and eat it with brown sugar / And drink my coffee wrapped in my cloak of clouds Rose coloured glasses When he is not with you, you think of him. About The Author Born of a virgin, Jesus , His name / Healed the blind, the leper, the lame; / Wondrous words He did proclaim. / On the cross, He was giv’n… COFFEE STAINS & CIGARETTE BURNS: A STUDY IN F… (Mature) Stains There’s a field of red roses, / There’s a sword stained with blood, / Here die the roses / With the passion, of my love. florid beauty Syncopated pulse thick in my throat, / Rubescent stains upon my lip, When I stop I hide most stains. Stains. I have stains, / Streaks like deep furrowed veins, / Earned to be kept, / Like fire etched tattoos, / Each stain, / A road, / A path, / Tra… stains pick a name / any name that jumps into / your mind: / Torquemada / but it is unjust / to have a stained name / without the stains’ na… stains of woe every day they come unwanted to me / each second of their presence i hate / refusing as though it would matter / in denial that i indeed am… What Joy? He was a man of sorrow / Jesus Christ was his name / For yesterday, today, tomorrow / He died to make us clean Hidden In The Stains How many times / Must it take / For my heart to break / Before it decides / Love is a game / Not worth playing? / How many times / Must … Stains. i’ll use my imagination when i run out of ink. Forthere be no pencil Read away my child- forthere be no pencil to write / More Letters of elegance that intoxicates your imagination. / Drugging it to the high… Masquerade My eye’s fall down. / The lucid stink of shame masquerades my state of super sperm, / building phallic castles in soft sand. Stains. crap. i’ve got ink stains all over me. wine stains i suck the lip in / and pinch the skin / with the tips of my teeth / then / pull the lip back / leaving bits of skin / in the mouth &… Stains and Scars He left stains and scars all over my heart and soul / He left dirty washing and towels all over my floor / He left ink and shivers all over… Dusk #2 (Coffee Stains) R u s t / creeps / ---——IN thro / ugH the Holes-of- / ---——- sweetness. / (where)(car / eful)hands litte… where the stains still show / the butcher of spri… buried there / in the garden / are pretty faces / rotten with / silvery decay

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of stains writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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