The Miracle of Spring: Orphan Mustang Spring had survived a vicious mountain lion attack, and would undoubtedly have perished …had we not come to the place we did, at exac… On that day the earth shook the ground If I stood here back then I wouldn’t be today, / And to be safe each day I can only pray. On A Warm Night In Spring (Newcastle City Personi… On A Warm Night In Spring / Can you feel me watching over you / Can smell the fresh sea air / Do you feel the mellow heat / Yours to enjoy change the calling of birds / brings a smile to my footsteps / rustle of pasts turning green / liquid gold creeps / unseen among the shades / br… Universe Unbuttoned waiting / maybe / for somebody / to unbutton the sky winter & spring im crawling under tables / under beds / into empty spaces / trying to find our summers love SPRING IN BALLARAT [Video] / Rain drops, rain drops / Pitter pattering on the roof. / It’s spring in Ballarat, / And I know I should be thankful. / Better her… Bluebell Dreams – video Have a look at the beautiful bluebells covering the forest floor and enjoy the music. The Love We Used To Make The scent of spring, lingered in the air, / I knew…somehow, / That I would find you there. / I found love, so elusive, by the lake / … Bruised Summer waiting to heal in the cold of Wi… Cannot foresee which season comes first Lace Tattoo More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue…. of memory. It is 1939. A man touches my shoulder blade. His hand is heavy and hollow, like a thin rose shell, rocking its loving ocean for eternity. Have I been waiting long? he comes to me / the rain was falling steadily.. / a smile flitted across his face / the rain poured down / he grabbed hold of me and would… dirt words a bitter taste has crawled out of the garden and into her mouth The Journey Out of all the things Steve remembered, the one that stood out the most, was a spring. / He laughed at himself as he thought back. Yes he’d… snow apple it was a fresh reminder that a newness, / a different season comes, / one gentler and more welcoming than winter THE WANDERING THOUGHTS OF A SMALL MAN 2 cloudy sails / snowflake thoughts / smokey winds / misty dreams Spinning Gold Pushing Spring Pushing the Poesy wasn’t wise / Pirouetting in the breeze tilting fate / Down the petals rain raced to quench / Rooted tongues lapped… Spring Allow your lips / to dance / a tiny smile / Let it stay for a while We are pleased to announce Spring wild horse phot… PLAN YOUR SUMMER OR FALL ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME~~~ WWW.NATIONSHORSEWORLD.COM HOW THE LOVE WE NEVER GOT — my breast! bird brewed — / until the sky spattered clear / amidst the spiraled soak / of her gold-grown green fear. a pear,a thought and a spring storm…in april…midd… the sky, / as become just a memory, / disappeared, / once again, / blue,blue,beautiful blue, / long gone, / was it an apparition, / or just… White Roses White roses planted outside the window Church Memories Memories of restless Sunday mornings. There is a reason for every Season love in four seasons with soul mates, how they bond with it. spring fever take a left at night route eleven / take it before the white windmill / of rising northern geese / of cricket songs / and woodpeckers / eve… Patches Of Hope nobody knows where gone love true / Summer was fading into autumn / glimpses of loneliness / nothing more to do / she’s having hope i… Open your wing’s and fly …… Rise above the rolling clouds of sombre / for spring is upon us / feel the renewal of an abundance / of new growth within the forest / of m… A Warm Winter’s Spring Spring in full blossom this gentle night / I long for thy petals of pure delight / Dreams will not satisfy a lonely heart / Only in thy bos… The Last Hope He looked into her shiny eyes / “till death us do part”. / When you start out with three bad years / there’s little left to cling to… I am hanging on to my autumn coat just read about my life as it will change with the seasons,, Elements Of Life But only those who stretch toward Him / Will grow and produce much fruit A Girl Again The day was a gift of vernal beauty, / the open sky powdered with the cottonfluff of clouds / so voluptuously sculpted they surely / serve… Spring Cleaning My step-father is a tattoo-knuckled dictator, / hair buzzed cut / military style. / His power lies in the sour moods he wields / as a weapo… Friends are like snowdrops……. Then the finale of all days came, a glass of wine around a living flame / a game of scrabble, a girly gabble. / A movie which, through tire… The Lip The clamps of winter / Still fasten up the buds / brown on every branch / Now the Lenten quiet / a rumour of breeze / brushing at the lawns… A Feeling of Love The sheer, linen gown flaps in the breeze as it lifts higher exposing her thick thighs. OPEN YOUR DOOR Open your door / and let the blue sky pour through / all over you, / let sunshine splatter you gold / and blue, and a foamy / silk of cloud… if there was a way to you. this is me blushing as the winter burns its way into spring. this is me writing you a letter in the dark, hoping you will carry it for for … Reverie Let us be lovers, friends and companions / for the rest of the days we shall pass upon this earth, / for what is life without the green swe… Light in the Underworld Born in the Underworld, where darkness is day, / She came like spring, like the first day of May. spring cleaning the earth is once again exposed / revealing all of winter’s / cruel depredations stood up you know me / always paying out rope / even to the undeserving i dreamed of spring the room was bare in its severity, / i had packed or tossed or given away much of what had been there, / yet i dreamed of spring. An O de(ar) To Spring Ah Spring, sweet Spring, / Yes, Spring has sprung, / A very springy Spring has sprung. / It’s sprung along the hedgerows / It’… A Day of Four Seasons (Mature) TWO LOVEBIRDS Two lovebirds sat looking at the sunrise / With their wonderful flashing eyes / Visions of them brought to my mind / Something we have lost… stuck in the hermitage the days are slipping down smoothly lately, / evoking anxiety instead of calm and peace. / have i lost the will to probe, to question? Farm talk – Spring Fever and Summer Madness 4th October 2010 – FEATURED in Bug Hunt / My Celtis africana full of spring buds / Spring fever and summer madness happen on a smallh… Arcadia Street Mrs. Zolton baked her weekly batch of pies; the smell so tantalizing, that Matt and Mark dramatically moaned in ecstasy, / (A tale of 2 Twi… Spring Awakening pring will usher in / That same prime ordial desire to mate / And bring forth life, stubborn in its effort to survive. Spring The desert sun scorches me / Transforms me. The Pineatum The smoke drifts lazily through the woods / Caressing the leaves as it passes / Sunlight filters through with beams of existence / Warming … Dark Nights Reflections of all those vivid shades / Are passing with those misty days……….. SNOWFLAKE ANGEL I lost 2 uncles to cancer in 2002. I wrote ’DEAR GOD" for Uncle Harold. I wrote “SNOWFLAKE ANGEL” for Uncle Paul w… Spring thunder The end Can we be yesterday’s naxal, tomorrow’s middle class, sleepless in suburbia? The Leavings of a Spring Shower Glittering mandala of Light, / Liquid gemstones / Cling to my screen / Patterns unfold / And ancient mysteries reach out / To touch me / Th… Field of Gold Swirling about my face, I feel my long dark hair rise up like a mane on fire… The Butterfly Teacher So too, other butterflies, just as rare and beautiful / are looking for you about the greening fields even now. The Captive Will I ever feel the wind again…………. back to my branches When I have heartache or am confused about what I feel, I pretend I’m a tree. there is time, and always will be behind the other sounds / the lazy mower moves / summer lives scattered in the hay / the tiny ones. / over the drying hedgerows / the swall… Spring Melody A million angels singing winters last eulogy Let words spill out Autumn falls the summer sun shines no longer. This is life. Tapestry of russet and crimson. Seasons running for joy for everything nowhere.… Spring Bramble bud and hawthorn trees / Sway and dance to the spring time breeze / And cowslips spill there cream / Over every Dyke and ditch / Th… falling just like love In the pouring rain / she’s gonna walk on by / falling just like love / ’’you’re the sunshine in my life." His… West McDonell Ranges Adventure,Central Australia West McDonell Ranges, NT / Joe Mortelliti / A dirt circuit drive just west of Alice Springs, will have you discovering the West McDonall R… England in October New toys! The Bubble of Spring…. Could you cast a spell of goblins / witches and such …. / the bygone days / leave my spine eerie…. / laughter is not a trait /… Spring You make all things beautiful / The crisp / Air / That frays the ends of winter / You / Unravel the cold / Snow and gravel and wind / Keepi… A Spring Rose’s Requiem So pure and so perfect / We sow our seed / Requiem aeternam eis, Domine Spring Voyage (Ken Goes Sailing) The cornflower blue sky and warm spring sunshine contrasted sharply with the muddy torrent of the river. The water, icy cold from the melt… Spring Has Sprung (for one half of the world,any… I’ve seen it, too, in fresh green grass, and awkward baby birds. / With short-tailed hops, they flutter down, and stumble on the grou… Watch for signs that winters done Mother nature proud / Displays her variety / Of New Birth and joy “Dave Danger and the Spring of the Eternal … These vessels and the wreck of the others mentioned, and the caravels, with the substance ot the indians of Cuba and Honduros who were lost… Winter’s Spring Where impassioned lovers swell in the eve of summer nights / Was only the starry eyed dreams of a lonely man’s solitude / Breaking fr… The Last Leaf What did that old leaf have to say, what stories could he tell, / We’ll never know, we had no care, when with us he did dwell. Heart Garden Hush of cool wind warms to jasmine hands Spring is in the air Spring is in the air. / The lawn mowers, / whipper-snippers, / leaf blowers, / electric pruners, / all cry out / from their winter home- /… The Prince of Spring Hollow Once upon a time in a quaint little hollow / There lived a young prince named Anthony / Anthony was the most dashing of all the frogs / And… Gray Sky Blue The scent of spring is your favorite perfume. The World That Matters I shouted ’cross the chasm / yet there was no answer. / Your name dying on my lips. / No stone deemed your sacrifice / worthy of consecrat… Spring Joy new life whispering…vitality beckoning I see us in the earth It was sunny today. / For the first time it was nice / and from deep inside this body of ice / I thawed like the river / in the rays, / and… spring and responsibility The sun is beating like a drum / Yet floating on a breeze Spring is around the corner Old Man Winter / Yes you know your name / It’s time for you to go / My finger tips are frozen / And my toes are just the same / Zero and b… IN FOUR SEASONS Your words / are / the four seasons / of / me dolly’s diary – 9/9/2010 – is… can I now safely emerge? Full Moon Early Spring branches tangles / as unquiet mind… / clouds…full moon / regal in the night sky… / divinity in nature / touching seeking … The Buddha Comes to China In Sichuan a traveller / On the way / To visit the birth / Of his granddaughter Spring Haiku Little faces seek the sun Spring!!! Spring…she is such a subtle temptress, / Breathing sonnets into the swell of her air. / Birds then impart such a lovely secret, / Th… Grandma (1) do not forget to hear love’s call, life’s belling, no matter from how far away that came from, while keeping in mind that warm … Flying A Gasoline I returned home today from a wonderful weekend in this picturesque village and learned of the sale. Spring He saw / Her eyes blue / Like an open window SPRING EVES Free flowing wine / Flowers in her hair / Petals falling for a chance to kiss her cheek
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