One / I am the one who has always been / I am the one who knows all things / I am the one who has waited throughout time / see my petals no…


I’m going / to die now, / just / to become wind / And become ,,,

Only Time Will Tell

Only time will tell / if the stain will be wiped clean / and truth will lead to freedom / turning the sadness to joy / Only time will te…

Gaia – she is rising

Gaia – she is rising / they shovelled her screams into the pit of silence / and told her nothing was wrong / but she is waking / they…

Time to Fly

…jewels of Life’s longings, sparkle and sway. And still I beg for one more day….


from the seventh crown / it came / bone cold / and searing flame / scattering / the bonsai leaves / shattering / the indigo eye / pieces r…

You’re Only as Pretty as You Feel Inside

During my adolescent years, one of my favorite bands was “Jefferson Airplane”. Grace Slick, their female vocalist, sang a beautiful song c…

Slow Down You’re Moving Too Fast

Slow down / You’re moving too fast / seek God’s help defore you loose control


and the rainbow serpent / sang from the mist / guiding the ship’s sail in / fog filled anthems / rose in drifts / one voice / amid th…


I’ve posted this one before, but I’m reposting because it’s disappeared into the bowels of the archive and I’ve jus…


a breath away from divinity / miles away from hope / floating down / into the quiet / slip knots hold the rope / half opened eyes / seek th…

Question Your Faith

Find out if you are following the Truth, / or is someone trying to scam you !

Salvation In A Storm

The ocean is like a sadistic juggler, with mountainous size waves, / It throws me up into the air, then rolls me head over heels underneath…


finally i got to see her / no more hiding / eyes smiling / touching my soul / for the first time i see / but the heart allready knew / not…

If Life asked you to dance, would you say yes?

I want to know…..what do you ache for? / What is it that your heart longs for and desires? / Do you ever let your mind float away lik…

Long For You

I long for you to be in a safest place- / a room with summer breeze, / vitrage flying whips on my legs and feet / melting the color …

A longing for your arms

This is a song lyric that follows on thematically from my last poem. It’s kind of in answer to your question Craig. :o) / a longing …

fools play

she follows insincerity / confuses illusions / haunting the lightened path / steps softly intruding / eluding / knowledge of the way / tree…

no air

all tied up / in ribbons of shame / raw edges frayed with age / green eyed raven / plucks out the red / to feather a nest of rage / high in…


the calling of birds / brings a smile to my footsteps / rustle of pasts turning green / liquid gold creeps / unseen among the shades / br…

Spiritual love

When I say I love you, / it is…Simply… and completely / without any human reserve – / In the Spirit of love


put no head stone / on my grave / for no one / will abide / to bargain with the gods / a devil’s ride / without a story / the plot is…


I no longer walk / this Garden / in slumber / so much beauty / to behold / it fills me like a vessel / meant to overflow / and fill anew&#…

Moon Glow

It’s all in the way she moves

Seeking – The Zen Koan!!

The answer may lie in the acceptance of the mystery of it all – the acceptance of the unanswerable. Can the mind who yearns for logic…

The Giant Super Market

They will advise you not to waste your time / studying the labels on the back of every god

We Come To Celebrate Our Savior

We eat this bread, / to commemorate,Jesus’ body was broken, / to brake our chains of sin, / that bind us, to the gates of Hell!

night flight

on the feathered back / of liquid night / so black the stars turn blue / bladed wings slice the silence / crimson wounds of movement / run …

bare trees

gray is the day / icey barren fingers / ache to touch the sun / shadows quiver / from work undone / breathless winds hover / reticent to b…


This hawk, a manifestation and symbol of nature’s ever flowing wisdom, reminded me of the insightful discernment in recognizing a nat…


hear the rustle waiting in the scrub / out there in the dark / bone cold fingers snaring entrails / wanting more than blood / thirsty for t…

ripples in the weave

red panther in the black of night / eyes the colour of fire / jaguar in the pillared jungle / mucking in the mire / both aware / both beli…

Eastern Star

Were you a guardian angel who kept watch over the helpless mother and Child ?

Let’s not talk about the cold.

In the play for today, do we really know who is reading who’s line?


Signal not falling, no destination was found / Nor one stationed to run the programme;

Heart To Heart

I don’t desire to dwell in a beautiful temple / made by your hands

Love Turns Enemies Into Friends

Lord / Flood my heart with love toward my enemy / to flush out revenge that is trying to be my friend

Pella Ahes (Cornish for ‘Further Along̵…

through the trees dappling your perfect body in a moving kaleidoscope of light and shade. You made almost a silent entry into the sea. We s…

she rises to dance….

she would not touch the fire in real / she just dances to the flickery fame’s soul….

Whatever you focus your attention on will GROW

21 years ago I ran away from home, and never stopped running. Little did I know I was running from myself and what I later realized to be P…

The motivation

To earn our place in the concert of life will require the endless lessons and rehearsals to perfect our dormant beauty.

Jesus The Bridge To Heaven Mini series lesson 2

How did Satan and Man become sinners ?

the Light

I gave birth to myself / and was named the Light.

It’s Time To Face The Devil

It’s time to fight in the power of the Holy Spirit

When Fog Sets Down

So He whispers gently in our ear / Peace be still / open your ears and eyes to Me / I will guide you back to safety

Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) Part 1

What must a person do to see The Kingdom of God ?

Is It A Twist Of Fate Or The Hand Of God ?

When the floodgates of opportunity and prosperity are open fore you / Is this a twist of fate or God’s hand of provision ?

Jesus the Gardener – tending his sheep

My dream of the love of the Gardner Christ Jesus – tending his sheep and loving us.

Faith Is A Growing Experience

Can’t you feel the growing pains ?


It’s healthy … / to not know everything. / to ask questions. / to look things up. / to not have an agenda with others. / to hav…

Be Careful What You Wish For

That all in life is what you create / That comes into illusion / You cannot blame another / For your own confusion

God bless Nevada!

I feel like I was gently touched by a soft waft of summer breeze that just passed by. I’ve tried to understand the meaning as a whole…


See to believe and you will believe to see!!!

Collapsed Reality (Salvia Divinorum)

Salvia Divinorum’s leaves contain one of the strongest hallucinogenics in the natural world***

other days

every river you try to cry / seeps into the sand / full of woe / endless and dry / face the days one by one / counting all the grains / wat…

Like a phoenix bird…

Like a phoenix bird… / I rise up from the earth. / I rise up from the ashes. / Each time I get burnt. / Ashe’s to ashe’s&…


It takes only one word / to say nothing so beautifully / as to wake up the soul.

The Edge Of Night

The enemy’s delusion is thick / so walk by faith and not by sight

Stretch out your hand . . .

Have you ever wanted to give up . . .


a pounding in the temples / all sounds remain inside / heart beats summon thunder / lightning strikes the eye / caught in silent wonder / t…

Andy Reeve’s Excellent Arizonian Adventure

However, the regression to one of my past lives was quickly over. I was back in the bus, in floods of tears, with one thought going through…

Don’t Gamble With The Devil

AS the the game played on / It seemed like the Devil was feeding his card right into your hand


Svaha / The instant between / thunder and lightning

No longer a Maiden, Not yet a Crone………

No longer a maiden, / Not yet a crone, / I am a Mother, / Giver of Life. / With this energy, / I embrace my womanhood, / And I celebrate my…


There are birds in our blood; the trees are kissing us with every breath. Great beings watch over us from realms where a thousand earth yea…

Jealous of the Sky…

should I be / jealous of the stars / and their shining light / in a pinprick sky…


Butterflies / And so the soul begins its wayward journey home / And seated here with me, no longer more to roam / I’ve cried a million tear…

The Medicine Woman

So take up your own small basket – gather what Spirit guides you to, / For what you keep as medicine – will be what life gives …

setting sail

the horizon tips / a wide brimmed hat / to sails out of the past / heading home to capture / majik that was cast / out among the dragons / …


if every choice i make today / is shaping who i am, / i wonder what i will become / many years from now?

smoke signals

barren and shameless / drift to the abys / an oubliette of painted windows / conjure the serpent’s hiss / jagged edges / lure virgin …

A Soldier of Christ

to RESURRECT this world in the palettes of LIGHT!!

The Call

He gave us only one life / To answer the call


A million lost children / are frantically trying to fix their tricked minds, / having been diagnosed and tranquilized / because they dream…

When Knowing Is Over / Everything Is Gratitude

A sacred door has opened

I Change You

Because I love you / I promise not to leave you / as I found you.

“As You Love”

May your Love be as innocent as your Breathing. / Knowing only, that as you freely Breathe Love out, you surely again shall Breathe Love in.

I Give You My All

I was traveling down the dark and lonely halls in my life / with the glimpe of Paradise flickering far in front of me

Do We Know You ?

Do we really know You / or are we playing a foolish game ?

Such love, I drink from your cup

My yearning heart rises / to your welcome voice / and leaps at the whisper / of your name, / Lord. / The evening ascends in / on a gre…

Metamorphosis….The Butterfly Effect

Well done to ‘NativeCharm’ who added her ideas which helped to complete this poem….and thank you to all the other amazing…

MY HEALING: I Don’t Want To Fight For Life

…I have lived this life fighting for You… now I have to fight You to live…

The Way Home

You took a flight down the dark road / To fullfill your dreams of silver and gold

The Two Foundations In Life

There will come many great storm throughout life / they will test the foundation we have built upon

Pardoned Not Paroled

You couldn’t believe what you heard until He stepped into the light

Only a Glimpse

It is time for us to look around / and see the beauty that truly surrounds. / Yearn to be conscious of all that is. / Be not consumed by th…

the call

missing the sound of chimes / hanging round within / kissing the night air / with blood red lips / calling out to distant hills / pristine …

Hiding the alien (a 10 minute read)

I felt like an alien and I looked it. People stare too, because aliens are strange creatures from other planets.

A straight path . . . . is not always easy.

part of a conversation with my Dad. . . . . . / well, me talking mainly. :))

Until We Meet Again…

Dad… / No one in this entire world could ever take your place. / Inside my heart, my mind, my soul, I see your handsome face. / I nev…

Wing of the Dove

Janice was washing dishes one bitterly cold winter day when she noticed a dark form on the ledge outside the kitchen window. Straining for …


CANCER / Crushed… / Torn…. / Wanting more. / Caner… / Holding on come hell or high water… / A mom loosing her first b…

The Butterfly Effect

Be ‘mindful’ of your thoughts and what you bring into existence. :-)

Just a thought…

Consider your body like a bus (a normal passenger bus) plying on a long route. The driver is our mind and the conductor is our heart.


This naked, empty silence / can heal us from centuries of pain.

Passions Glow

How might my love grace thee, / as I lie in the hushed sway of / the divine elegance of swept / Joseon stone neath yielding / subtle fronts…
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