Did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years pai… Red Bubble asks, “did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa’s lips?” / No I didn’t…… A Day Spent Day started late / Morning soon became noon / I stepped outside / Into a world of enchantment / With knights and wizards / And a dragon or… Time Spent Alone Time spent alone is more than a habit….it is a must. These Last Trepidations Spent For even in this separate realm / divinity exists as a filigree of golden life. Torment of patience spent I wait by the sea / we’ve never met / but our souls have been entwined / for centuries long / Your spirit spins through my heart / an… Money Well Spent The phone rings. / Hello Information? / Hello? / Yes Sir, How can I help you? / I need to find a noose shop? / Is that Noose with an N, Sir… Hi Alan, did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 … Yes but how much lipstick did he use? i spent a long day gathering moving slowly through the ferns, / the long gone bluebell stems / just a memory of wild garlic / dead summer lies in the wood. / in the cro… These Nights Spent Thinking (Mature) My life spent laying on a cloud I watched the earth rise from / emerald jade oceans / that / rippled endless textures / like a dream / and I / saw the mountains sprout … THE TIME WE SPENT PRECIOUS MEMORIES time spent… what were you… / screaming about?… / again?… Today. As if the times spent. Today. / As if the times become… / something you forgot to say; / avoided in a way. / The importance not quite enough to give up, / … Not A Penny Spent I thought I / Knew / A special brew / Concocted / By my side / I’ve only me / To answer he / Who figured / Absently / A treasure trov… he spent that night in the arms of the ocean R… matty barclay Spent my Day Spent my day in absolute silence / Watching you / Watching me / Thank you for escape from the violence / World floats by / You’re all… matins wasted and spent stealing time wavers and … assail assert assist assess access / excess exist arrest exert attest exit / o sweet ambiance of ambivolence / a tarnished moon / a tarnish… A lullaby close your eyes / my Darling / feel my arms about you. / The sunkissed rays / my loving warmth. / The russle of the breeze / My breath. Spent I am the / intense / do dispense / with casual laughter. / I straff / with haunty stares / my quiet reproach / my dark mirror / my spent … Spent Well…some would call it / Self-pity… / Sadness or regret— / Or a deep saturation / Of longing / That drags me in and down / Despite my prot… The Best $9.95 ever spent The Best $9.95 ever spent A Spent Flame Just fuel is needed, to be burned, consumed, and radiated… / Just an hour is needed, to be realized, crystallized, and refracted̷… The Spent Seasons outside the gates / of the spent season / where he left his gifts / and gathered up her nightgowns / and negligees all piled up / to cram … I tried ‘I had a dream last night: / You were indifferent, stern / I couldn’t get away, I couldn’t get home / I was still attache… i spent the years i spent the years with the anger / i spent the years with the flame / i spent the years blocking out the hurt / i spent the years forgettin… Our words are spent… We long to see Him face to face / Yet dread to leave the human race… A lover’s dance eternal But Lo / It’s not into my / Lover’s arms / For he was tricked! / And there it is / The enchantment broken… / I am myself / A barre / My on… Months Spent. This time, unsure of what to do; / Whether you think I hate you, / Don’t care, or won’t bother / I just don’t know. / The… Times together. your on my mind, / i love you more / than you will know, time spent in an elevator I will carve across my forehead / “I LOVE ALL THE PRETTY TECHNICOLOR / WHIRLWIND PEOPLE” / and parade around and through / a st… ‘Knight (Errant)’ I bore witness to the storm. / Herein my best expenditures are made. / My dreams swirl about the incessant march of my waking days. By orde… Pleasured And Spent She moves to the sound of percussive rhyme, / Drifting and lifting her torso with mine. / I’ve called to the wild; I’ve picked up her scent… time spent running underwater the days pass / each like a labor pain / never knowing / how much closer / are we to the end / of the waiting / each day’s struggle /… Time Spent With Dad Times growing up as a child / Some good and some bad / But I wouldn’t trade anything / For those times spent with dad the third time spent with you what a strange place to find my mind / beneath the stars with you. / this is the house i grew up in / now abandoned. / here we steal away o… Spent. Maybe I overstepped my bounds / Released the trigger too soon / But, God / I tried How I Spent My Summer Vacations I still associate July with roller coasters, sno-cones, nausea and depressing songs. Traditions I’ve passed on to my own children. spent hrs on izzy gumbo’s “single cl… got it, finally, ‘’ is the time to drink tea and talk of many things’’, chinese proverb / used in love is a very sp…

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